Ladies Camera Club

17 May 2008

On the road

Last week myself, Clare Curd..... (below, although she is trying to imitate Sir Alan Sugar)and a number of good fun troops from DO HO headed out to the masses to launch the new Papermania lines as well as introducing their clientele to Doodlebug and Basic Grey.
We started off in Taunton then Bournemouth and then Coventry spending a night in each place. The camaraderie with these people is immense. Hard slog, demo's and sales pitches by day and then by night....holy moly. Its laughing gas and winding down in prep for the next day. Bouncing off Clare's energy, Emma's giggles and Beck's infinite might not to mention each of the territorial team is enough to exhaust all your laughing gas and in place, cough so hard that you think your innards my be upchucked.
Oh I do love to laugh. This girl makes being on the road so much fun. Honestly, the two of us are dangerous with access to You Tube's coolest archives of Victoria Woods and even (dare I say it.......Chubby Brown)
We were set loose amongst the racks at DO HO and my radar sniffed out the BG aisle within 2 seconds. I was int here like Flynn (what does that saying mean... do you use that?). I took chunks out of the stamps and chomps out of the paper. If your store ends up with supplies and teeth marks - they are mine. Oh do mind the dayglo jackets we are wearing - not good for the complexion or those with photo phobia.
Its such therapy to enjoy a chuckle and it's even better to see other people laugh too. Sue Lawson, pictured here (white top) with Clare couldn't even keep her cola contained. Clare had been talking about dogs when Sue had just taken a sip of coke and at the same time realised what Clare was talking about. Out came the coke from all orifices and laughter ensued outside Maccy Yaccy Donalds. Now, call me old fashioned but coke is not meant to come out of your nose. Only its what I heard in a song by Grand Master Flash way back in the 80's. I am talking coley cokey and not the powder stuff.
Talking of Maccy Yaccy, Clare ate her burger incognito. I think she looks so much younger with that on her head.
The new Papermania line is just a breath of fresh air. the matching embellies are superb and judging by the clients reaction, its a real knee jerk in the right direction. I can't tell you how lovely the new stamps and felt roll's are.
Doodlebug never fails to impress and the best thing I love about this collection is the flocking tubs. Used rather like glitter, the flock feels luxurious and dreamy.
Even Kev gives it a thumbs up. Kev looks after the south of the country and Im certain he has his own secret stash to craft with between events. And who can blame him - its Doodlebug.
Andrew, the head of shed, was in fair spirits by the end of the first day but then he hadn't really clagged on to the fact we were about to raid the BG and DB stands to wallpaper the hotel room with.
Basic Grey was a hit with the clients who saw the attraction instantly. It's not £1.00 a sheet unless your retailer has upped his margins. The RRP on BG is 60p a sheet. With Euphoria being launched in July, its going to be a collection pack to lift your summer spirits. And I hated it when I saw it online and yet in the flesh.........deeeeeeeeeeeelish.
I stood all day and demo'd the cropadile and big bite (which I call the bad boy!).... its such a thrill to see the reaction of shop owners who see the beauty in its simple crunching style. We R Memory Keepers have these lil nifty chunky gromlets which I think will fare better on jeans, Jackets and bags as well as pages and cards. Loving these tools so much.Clare demo's a ton of new papermania lines and one of my favvo cards was this lil baby. She really does make some corkers.Clare and I here trying to take a self portrait with a 50mm lens. Not good even with your arm stretched out at full length, in a dark room and on a low entry DSLR thus making it almost 85mm. Still, it was worth a couple of giggles.I am on the road all of next week too and I have managed to recharge my laughing gas in prep for jaunts to Huddersfield, Cambridge and Lingfield. We are joined the following week by Bexter in Edinburgh to wrap the events up ... which will mean trudging back home with memories of a supercoolio roadshow.
And home to Ellie and Eddy who Im sure I will miss a ton.


twinkletoe said...

Is Andrew single??????????????

verabear said...

WOW, sounds like tons of fun and what fabulous products!

karen said...

Is Edinburgh ready for you?
After all the Fringe is not until August!
I look forward to you convincing me that decopage is hot :p
It should be a fun day out for us old craft wifies. Will I need to pack my sandwiches and flask?

Brook said...

It looks like you had the time of your life. I love working with my friends. We always have such a blast! We LOLPIOP!

Pam said...

Sounds like you're having a ball with this DO job!

Becks said...

Twinkletoe... you made Andrew's year ;)

made on the farm said...

Great products, looks like you had loads of fun!!

Anonymous said...

well i'm not happy. not once was the brilliance of me mentioned there.



Anonymous said...

unbeievable. not one mention!



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