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8 May 2008

New things

If we all had a sheet of every new line of scrap paper for just one launch at CHA - we would have enough papers to scrap all of our own albums in one go and fill a slack handful of cropper hoppers to boot.
Seriously, we would.
That's not counting the matching card stock, the chipboard, ribbons, brads etc etc. Just where would we store it all?
In light of this product overload I have had to stop buying paper because I literally have too much. The past 4 times that I have been in the states on business I have taken whatever was offered and additionally I bought extra at incredibly lower prices simply because I could. So, now, if I feel I **need** a new paper I have to stop and seriously think "will I use it or am I buying it because its pretty?". And that's where my decision lies. I can't tell you how difficult it is not to go online to my favourite UK shops and plop some paper in my virtual shopping basket these days. But I am so spoilt for choice that I can never, ever make the right decision. I'd rather somebody do it for me - thats why I love kits, like Studio Calico.

So its a good job I'm welcoming the launch of July's paper from the funky re branded Papermania range with papers sure to set both the card making and scrap booking world alight. I was fortunate to take samples yesterday and wondered all the way home where I would put it. Instead I'm going to use it on the roadshows over the next few weeks to share with hundreds of retailers and I'm going to really enjoy hacking into it. As much as I love my BG and Doodlebug, this new line of goodies is also going to take an equal amount of loving. And even though I'm showing slight snippets below and even though its not EVERY new product, I feel their new line deserves applause. DO have listened to the demands of both the novice and advanced scrapper and have produced scrummy papers in brilliant colours on fantastic heavy weight 160gsm paper. There are printed TRANSPARENCIES too with co-ordinating stamps, felt roll, felt ribbon, card stock stickers and matching inks to match the entire range perfectly.
When I saw the range on the displays at DO yesterday I could have easily been standing at CHA amongst other prestige leaders in the industry because I feel its that good. The other girls who viewed the stock were completely stunned at the displays which brings a new buzz to this often picky industry. And I know you know what I mean.

Amongst the pre-launch there are also premium brand announcements to take the scrap world to another exciting level. Core-dinations. Freakin about time. Card stock with a twist or should I say "core". Every colour cardstock (there are 80 odd in the first batch launch) has its main colour and a lighter core so that when you distress, rub, scratch, sand and rip it - a fabulous lighter shade will magically transform the card stock into something a lil bit special. We all got to fiddle with it yesterday and I can see endless possibilities.

We also got to trial the We R Memory Keepers Big Bite. Now I was not impressed with it at CHA because I thought "Yup, an industrial cropadile with no handles. Its a massive stapler. Its a rip". Whoopee doo. But as a massive cropadile user and often frustrated with only being to punch away the mere edges of my 12x12, this bugger goes and reaches the centre of the page and attaches those goodies you love so much without breaking into a sweat. It means you can work it one handedly on a flat surface for a better purchase whilst maneuvering your card stock on a steady and level surface for a crisp and clean finish. I was sold. It goes to proove that you have to try before you buy. I think suppliers should make it law!
DO have also partnered with Clearsnap - those bloody marvellous peeps of the Colorbox range of inks that we all love to edge with let alone stamp with. The entire range will be available soon with custom ordered secret inky things coming our way soon. Im an inky girl on many many occasions so Im not going to say it was a bad idea, am I?!!

There are other partnerships and exciting things coming our way which makes me so glad to come and join DO. Being some of the first to try new products would be the dream job of many people but for me its about understanding the background of a business and enjoying the creative side of life in the same breath. Its also about meeting hundreds of other crafters who just want to get down and dirty and craft. Through my very own lil peepers, that's what this industry should be about - sharing, enjoying, laughing, encouraging, inspiring, learning and teaching. The fact we all get a but high on sniffing our stash supply is only a small reason why I love it so much. Oh, and the chocolate and cakes at crops too.

Besides having a nightmare choosing new papers, I had no problems snagging these lil gems tonight at The Range in Wigan. We paid a visit to go and buy Eddy (our new Pup) some little bits and pieces for his bed and treat time. When we had done that I sidled up to the craft section which was brimming with oodles of little trinkets. Including these little douche bags. the Hug stamp is from Anita's stamps and cost £1.99. I suppose I could ask for anything by Anitas from DO but I really don't want to start taking liberty's, so I bought this as it will have a million uses.
Now these little monkies by Studio G are a crazy, bonkers, silly and quite selfishly smugly only 99p a box. Yes, you heard that - 99p a box. All those delish lil stamps in one teeny box for 99p. I bet you all clear the shelves this weekend. Dammit - now that is some commission I should be on!
These little clear Studio G stamps were also 99p a pack. WTF?
So we gets home - hot, sticky and feeling zingy from a non typical May day and in the drive I spot this dude. Its not often you see these in these parts, these are typically beach side butterflies. I didn't have chance to focus and faff with settings so this is my best shot and I love him. I called him George and then he flew away forever.And finally, whilst its getting summery fun around here, I made these to mark the beginning of a wonderful season of my favvo fruits with a meringue nest, some cussy and a couple of those juicy red numbers. SLURPO.Im off to bed, that was a looooooooong blog entry and I don't know about you but if you are still awake - you deserve a certificate.


Brook said...

I love all the goodies on the blog today! I too have had to be very selective with my paper. I have made a resolution not to hoard any longer.

mandy said...

Wow, I really agree about the new DO products, those stickers could easily have been made by AC, the papers look a little HOTP and hey lots of people like HOTP so thats got to be good too hasn't it, I'll reserve judgement till I see them in the flesh but thats only because they're seasonal and I am in no mood to think about Christmas in May, LOL!!

Ali said...

Hi Kirsty - I noticed that you use the phrase 'douche bag' - this is a douche bag - Is this really what you meant, LOL?

manicstamper said...

Ooooooooh you are in so much trouble young lady.......I shall be pointing my hubby in your direction when he wants to know why we have a house full of Core-dinations card and nothing in the!!! I want it all!!!

D@nielle said...

Love all those stamps !

fgeegf said...

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