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29 May 2008

His first walk

I can't begin to describe just how much this lil fella means to us.
He is just so loving and protective of us and we love him right back.
And today we were "allowed" to take him for his first walk because you "can" when they have been jabbed (and indeed chipped) effectively.
So with a back pack full of treats, poopy bags (nice), a camcorder and my trusty camera we head off to the Three Sisters park nearby. Unbeknown to us there was a fun day event there which meant lots to see for all of us. Sadly belle missed out on all the action as she is at my momma's house being spoiled rotten by Granny and Grandad (sniff sniff, miss you lil lady bug... pic below was taken on Monday afternoon as we kissed goodbye for a few days).
As for Eddy? He was so excited - his tail wagged the whole walk and it was lovely to be greeted by other walkers who wanted to make a fuss of him. And by the end of the walk we had reached the area of most of the fun day activities and absolutely everyone we walked by wanted to make a fuss of him. He was timid at first but triumphed over his fears after the 60th belly rub! This german shepherd pup (two weeks older than Eddy) goes to show how teeny weeny our mini Dachs is! There were so many things to admire on our jaunt including lots of gorgeous summery nature. There were a ton of buttercups out and the odd aqualegia (I thought it was strange to see them out in the wild) and this thingy below....only my friend Maz might be able to tell me what it is. She is a real horticulturist who even knows the latin names for every plant that exists.
We are so proud of his behaviour and how he dealt with new sights, smells and sounds. In fact, judging by the amount of tail wagging, we reckon this lil fella is going to be enjoying many walks or at least, until his lil legs can take no more.
This is Eddy and I on Sunday night at my Momma's house. And yes he really does sleep on my chest or shoulder. He enjoys being that close to us and the trouble is.... we allow it! Its cuddles for all the gang in our house.
After the walk I went home to start back into my normal routine. Being away from home for such a long time on the road was great fun but it is a shock to the system not being within arms reach of the ones or the things you love. I guess Ms Clare Curd was the closest thing to "feeling home" as she is just the best fun to be with. I absolutely adore that girl - she rawks! Our last stint in Edinburgh was fabulous and although tinged with a lil sadness because it was the last one, it was also glimmering with the most friendliest retailers I have ever met. From the tips of Middlesborough to the ends of Peterhead and as far west as Cork in Eire, those people were so accommodating to talk with. And most specially of all I finally got the chance to get to know Beckie Dreyer. Ive kind of known Beckie for almost 18 months but have never had the opportunity of talking to her at length. Its nice to share an affinity with someone who not only adores their family but also have a fun sense of humour and a passion for scrapping. Her layouts are always so thoughtful with touches of lovely extras - Ive loved her style for a long time.
So what else? Hmmmmmmm? Oh yes.......
Yesterday I had an email from Sheila practically begging for another overlay and whilst chattying to Belle on the phone this avvy I had a little play and brought her (and YOU!) this. She is called Entwined

You can grab her Here
And finally check out this lil miss!
As you know she really can't bear flash photography because it hurts her eyes so she improvised for me at my momma on Sunday night!

And with that, I must go to bed and snooze all my cares away. Ive a long trip ahead of this weekend to shoot Jo's wedding, shoot another Jo on Sunday and spend some lovely time with my gorgeous Kiwi friend Lousie Burton in Chepstow. Im prepared for drivers butt cramp but not for the pining of my tribe who I will, as ever, miss dearly xx

Toodle ooooooo xxxx


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

est26 said...

Fabulous Pics Kirsty and that little doggie is just sooooo cute, I hope you don`t mind but I posted one of your layouts on my blog, found it in an old mag and cut it out for future use, anyway used it for inspiration for a page of my own. Love all your work btw you are one talented chick xxxx

manicstamper said...

Awwwww......he looks so teeny and he is just sooooo scrumptious. I just turn into a big gooey mess faced with puppy dog eyes like those.

twinsmom1 said...

cute pictures!! Thank you for the overlay. I love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great overlay, but especially for the sharing of your experiences through some great photos! I love Eddy and would certainly have given him another bellyrub! Lercy

est26 said...

Hey Kirsty
Thanks for your comment that was real sweet, hey if you ever fancy coffee and muffins and a bit of scrapping in Warrington...Just bring your camera ;)xxx

kath said...

Just love that little puppy dog - he is so cute and hey there is nothing wrong with cuddles and letting him sleep on you - he must be missing his other Momma, so you are now his new Momma. Pop over to my blog to see my boy who was once a puppy dog but is now 2 years old - I must admit he is a little bigger than Eddie.
Love catching up with your blog when I can.

Kelly said...

aghhhhh eddy is such a cutie pie xoxoxoxo

give him a big hug from me, i do love little dogs xoxo

Ann_Ominous said...

Thanks for the freebie.

OK now, you've got a cutie new puppy.... when do we start getting doggie overlays and other freebies?? ;-)

Stefani said...

Thanks for another great overlay! Your dog is absolutely adorable!! And what a great improvisation on your daughter's part for the picture! :) Thanks again and have a great weekend!

pj said...

I love your overlays, thanks for sharing

Kate said...

Nice to see you have been responsible and waited to take Eddy walkies till after jabs. Bit gross but did you know that if you pick a code word and say it when he pees after not too long he will pee when you say the word. Really useful for long journeys or when you need him to be quick - just be careful what word you pick to avoid accidents!!

Brook said...

The pictures are outstanding. We love our new pup too!

Kate said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Love the dog and the little Belle dolly. She's lovely Mama!!

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.
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