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21 Apr 2008

Two posts in one day..... how novel

Ive been sifting through a ton of photos today and thought we might share some of our day trip to the Hoover Dam. People might not realise this but its not far from Las Vegas and once you are half way across it - you are in Arizona.
The whole area was rocky, stark, hot and deserted. Nevada only has 2 major cities - Reno and Las Vegas. Its ridiculously hot in jun/july/aug and whilst we were there, it was just right. I loved the journey to the Hoover Dam. Plus the fact I got to strike off Arizona from the States I have visited. Not that I will ever visit them all, of course. But still.

This is mark and Ellie on the Nevada side of the DamIts quite a sight.
Well ok, a body of water looks just like the next but the history that went into building this was awesome. Thousands of men and women worked 24 hours a day for 5 whole years through storm, hail and blazing sunshine to build this baby. Many lives were lost and the height is something to behold.You see all that white rock, below?
That's where the water levels sat for years and years until recently.
If I were an American citizen, I'd send this picture to the Bush administration and show them what the greenhouse effects are doing to the Dam. Its diminishing before your very eyes. The fact that 5,000 people a month move to Vegas doesn't help the falling water levels neither but still - with no hard winters creating eventual running water from the hills, this dam is on its way out to a drought. The greenhouse is affecting our very own country, too.... so shall we wait until there is no water left before we do anything about it?
I don't know why I like this picture below - I guess I like the form and the shadows. This is a bridge over the "once used overflow" of the dam.
Obviously it will NEVER be used again. :(My babies is Arizona! Note the nice background and composition of the photo (MARK!)Because mark sets me up in the most awkward compositions.
So here is my tip. When you want to get a lot of nice scenery in the background, get your subject to stand to the left or right of the view finder so that the landscape sweeps from their side so that you can enjoy the subject and appreciate sweeping landscape. unlike this one where Mark has banged me in the middle, in lots of shade with a brick wall cutting off the scene. man, that guy needs lessons! Give him his due, he managed to capture the new Hoover Dam Bypass-in-progress behind my left shoulder. Go mark.
Ok - he made an effort on this one. I think he is tuned into the rule of thirds that I seem to grab the most of!
We didn't want to stay inside all the time we were in Nevada because the wait between appointments got a little boring. And as much as we loved the Las Vegas Strip, we spent very little time there in comparison to trekking for geo caches at various locations around the bowl. Plus it meant more to us to spend time at the Denton's house playing with this little lady - Daisy. She is one of 3 Daschunds that they own. Ellie is BESOTTED with her. They became firm friends and belle sure does miss this little poochy.
And lastly, before we went to pay our first visit to the Dentons, I made these two necklaces for Ruth and Sarah. Having bought the beads from the Olympia show the week before, I wanted to have a go at making some simple pieces. I have absolutely no patience to do this as a full time hobby but I enjoyed what I made. I have enough to make myself a few more little bits but seriously? It **could** become a pass time if I could deal with the head pin bending thingy.
tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-that's all folks xx


Ruth said...

I miss you like crazy!!! Daisy is a sad little wiener dog as Ellie is no longer here to sit and love on her.(or use her as an arm rest)
Love the photos and again I say that WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!!

nancypinct said...

Love all the news - keep it coming!You pictures from the dam are really nice - I was not aware of the water level going down that much. I love the lesson on photos too, hee,hee! Belle looks lovely in her hello kitty hat! I really enjoyed the utube boy that had the high voice. Keep us posted on how he does, please! Thanks!

Deanne said...

Good morning wisemans, what fantastic photos. I too find jewellery making too fiddly, but those are gorgeous Kirsty, master of all trades eh.
hugs x

Anonymous said...

I love my necklace!!! Make that necklaces! You are amazing!


Zoe said...

Fab photos, looks like you had some fun between appointments! That drop is water level at the Dam is shocking!! and really quite frightening.

Great jewellery (head pin bending comes with practice)! x

makeyesup said...

Thanks for the tour of Hoover Dam, been there a couple of times and always awed by its magnificence.

Polly said...

I've been working flat out and only just caught up with all your news. You made me cry laydee! I'm so happy you have some answers, even if it has taken too long.
I am happy someone listened to you. I am amazed how super cool and calm you are over the whole thing.
You are one brave and strong laydee!

Caroline said...

Lovely to see your photos hun, and glad you had a successful trip!!..x

Brook said...

I love your pictures. The pictures really don't show how awesome a site it truly is. It is beyond mammoth! Great necklaces!

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