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27 Apr 2008

Studio Calico May Kit

Going live tonight at Midnight Kentucky USA time is 5am in the UK. And if you order an add on, you get a free mini kit next month. Wowsers.
I am so late with my sneaks too :(
Having got back from Lar Vegar last week and catching up with work left little time for this months kit. However I did manage 4 layouts, 3 cards, an altered tin and a minibook. And I have so much kit left over for other yummy moments of creativity. I only have 4 sneaks though - the rest Ill post tomorrow as a full picture.
I felt so inspired to finish off all my kit after going out for a meal with Mark and Ellie. Yesterday was, officially, Marks last day in the Army. Twenty Two years is a long stint in the armed forces. Not a lot of people complete a full stint. And at the ripe age of 41 he is no write off neither. He has a number of job interviews in our local region which we are keeping our fingers crossed about. He did spy a job in Indian Springs, Las Vegas which is suited to the trade he carried out in the Army. I mean, how freaking cool would it be to have a chance like that? But then all we have to think about to put us off is medical bills. As Ellie has a load of consultations every single month (4 this month alone at Alderhey) - it just wouldn't compute. We gauged the huge cost of medicals whilst we were out there against the service we receive here and its hard to decide which is best. Expensive efficiency in the US or poor but free service in the UK? I feel too weak to compare.
Whilst we were at the various appointments in Las Vegas I took my camera to journal the tension. I shot Mark and Ellie at a few hospitals and Mark captured this. It pretty much weighs up the anxiety.
Belle waiting in Dr Grimes office. We waited a loooooooooooooong time to see him. He was a great Doctor.
Yep, nerves and anxiety affected us all!
Its hard to convey whats going through our minds
But when you get to meet great Doctors who talk to you through thw whole process and involve you intheir thoughts and suggestions... it makes the world a smilier place.
You see this cream below? In the Uk you get that for FREE when they draw your blood for FREE. In the US, we paid $44 for that. It was excellent becuase Belle didnt even feel the needle go in when they came to draw. WE gave the excess tube to Scott's team so that families in his clinic could also benefit from the magic.
This is her face before the blood session. She was so frightened but when the bloods were over, she was relieved beyond compare. Because not only was that her last appointment but she didnt feel the needle and she still talks about her reliefe now!
Whilst sifting through a number of pictures this afternoon, I smiled as I remembered the Dentons. Both Ruth and Scott made out trip so comfortable. Ruth's house was so welcoming with hot baked yummies every time we came. The dogs (those pesky yet poochyful weiners) were such a joy to have around that we are considering buying a miniature Daschund. Here are a few photos from the Fab Dentons residence.
Apple pie, straight out of the oven. YUM.
Belle snoozling with her beloved Daisy.
Mark and his buddy, Rusty.
Our wonderful new freinds - Scott and Ruth. They will be forever in our hearts.
Ruth and I... love this woman. Funny, creative, loving and kind xx
Im off to go an create a little bit feeling the need to make pretties (despite making 23 layouts this past week alone). Am feeling more geared up after I spent the afternoon here yesterday. I have this urge to make so many little things with this range of papers too, which I bought from their shop. K&Co have come on leaps and bounds from their hey day and with papers this juicy, my archive of Ellie pictures are going to get a good airing tonight.
Dawns studio is a hive of shoppers and fans from all over the country who come to take lessons, be inspired, shop and chat. Ms Bibby rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in with all the shops goings on top of impromptu time with customers who want photographs or advice on how particular cards are constructed. There are no airs or graces around this cosy studio which made my afternoon so pleasant and indeed fly by. I am going to be teaching scrapbooking classes in May and July so if you live near Church (next to Accrington) and want to take a class with me, check out the itinerary there (might not be updated as yet). Paula Pascual is teaching soon and I'm dying to pop over and meet her. Anyhoo, having spied AC Thickers and every colour Ranger dabbers in store, I might have to pop back for some more shopping too ;)
PS: Did you watch Britain's Got Talent last night? Our favourite was this. Fabulous, hope they win!

Belle got dead bouncy on the sofa and giggled her way through it. Im going to show her this you tube clip later, she will be so excited.


Terebene said...

I think you have a misperception (OK, can't spell it) of US health care. Most everyone has health care insurance through their employers. We only pay a small copay for a visit - not the whole cost, like you had to. If Mark worked over here, you would just want to make sure his job had good health coverage to get what you need.

Julie said...

Your sneak peeks are incredible! Can't wait to see the whole thing!
Good luck with DH's job search.

I wanted to leave you a note letting you know I used your alpha. LOVE it! You can see it here

Anonymous said...

Funny video! I was surprised to see Simon on that show too... he must be pretty busy.

I just wanted to point out that "free" healthcare doesn't exist. Taxes increase with a socialized healthcare system and service decreases.

Only citizens who are employed and paying income taxes would end up getting the bill for socialized medicine.

It is a bad idea for the US or any country.

Anonymous said...

You know I would imagine that if your dear hubby did get the job in Indian Springs you would get great medical insurance for your family. The thing I worry about is Belle being able to handle the heat. I am a LasVegas native, and 110 degrees in the shade is enough to do the best of us in. I am so happy for you guys though.
Jillian Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Healthcare isn't "free". Taxpayers carry an incredible burden to provide healthcare for everyone in socialized countries. The quality of care is greatly diminished.

Socialized medicine is a bad idea for the US.

Jenny said...

Just caught your blog through recommendation and I'm in tears here. What a lovely place to visit, your account of your daughter's trials and tribulations are heart warming and your photos are stunning. I will be visiting again to catch up.
Love to you and your family.
Jenny XXX

Jenga said...

My dad is getting a miniature "sausage dog" in a few weeks. I didn't realise they cost so much!!! :o :o

Lovely pic of Ellie with the pooch :)

Taniwha said...

Oh wow Kirsty, thank you so much for posting the sneeks! I as sitting there on the couch this morning, all bleary eyed and sleepy and I thought I'd just check your blog before I got dressed for work, and you reminded me it's add-on day! So I hauled my butt over to calico-land and nabbed 2 of them little suckers! Yay! So thanks hun, if it weren't for you, I would have missed out!

Great pics too as always :)

Anonymous said...

My husband is also retired military,(USCG) Please be careful when choosing other health care options. Your family could lose out on a lot of benefits your family is entitled too. The miltary insurance (Tricare which we have) could quickly become your secondary insurance if your not careful. You will be paying a lot more out of pocket, if that happens and the government would be off the hook for you medical expenses, which is suppose to be a benefit of retirement. One of our children is special needs, although we see him as perfect. He goes to therapy very often and the military insurance is covering 75% of it, the other 25% copay is covered by a supplemental insurance plan. Be careful in the wording insurance companies use to describe their plans. We use Tricare just for medical, not dental, or vision. Those we receive through his current employer. I haven't read much of your blog, but did see the pictures of you sitting in the hospital. A familiar scene for us a few months back. Hope I haven't over steps my boundaries, I just couldn't stay silent. Tammy

bevs97 said...

Oh dear Kirsty, you seem to have struck a nerve! I have to say that even with my misgivings about politics (I feel much as you do), I do love the NHS. I know it has let you down at times, but most of the time it is very good. The wards aren't pretty and the nurses are overworked, but it does usually work. With a child with medical issues, I'd be very uncomfortable having to rely on health insurance.

and there I go getting almost political....


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