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28 Apr 2008

Not blind

but my eyes are very "dry and tired".
Mark and I went to the opticians today and we both needed new specs. The health of my eyes are not good (mmmmm working in a room with no daylight might add to that) and she said go and get your blood pressure checked.
She got that from looking in to my eyes?
Holy crap!
Apparently my vessels are inflamed and wobbly which indicates high blood pressure.
But I put that down to the anxiety of the past few weeks.
Good news is that I am not going blind and that my prescripsh is slightly lesser than last time.
On the other hand......
Mark is blind as a bat in his right eye.
Well, not exactly but when looking through his right eye he cannot see a damn thing and yet with two eyes open he can see me and an outline. So Im wider than I actually am through his eyes. And Im wide enough.
Belle had the orthodontist today too and needs to have a tooth extracted - yeeeeeeeeeks.
Either that or an expensive brace.
Apparently you don't get braces for free these days.
Just an added con to the means testing for dental treatment to go totally private. I think that will happen for sure. Talking of costings, yesterdays quote about costings was misinterpreted. I want to categorically state that although we effectively get all our hospital treatment for **free** in the uk, we are docked a sum from our wages at source. To my overseas readers, this is our national insurance contributions but is not as hefty as some overseas medical insurances. I guess we take for granted the services of the NHS - I double guess we suffer at the mercy of a poorly funded NHS at that. And that's not a hint for Gordon Brown to take more NI from our wages. I know he reads my blog. Laugh out loud.
oooh talking of Gordon - its polling day next week.
Now my next statement is going to really piss some of you off but frankly my lifes choices do not mould my ignorance entirely.
I am uneducated in the world of politics.
I really think that schools should brief children on the activities and consequences of voting and politics as a whole. That way I would feel confident in using my vote.
I just do not get it.
I maybe moderately educated, I do read an excellent daily (The Telegraph), I am articulate (although my spelling leaves a lot to be desired at times) and I can have a great debate with those who embrace two sides of the coin (basically I wont divulge in one sided opinions... I believe in give and take. I can't stand people who won't listen back).
But I just don't "get" why I should vote and who for. Unless I take years to study every party's referendums, look at their past promises and try to understand what has/had been delivered - I really don't think anyone deserves my vote unless each councillor comes to my door and practically lays his life out on my kitchen table and explains to me in depth what my vote will do for them and ultimately the country. I mean, I'm not going to vote for "Councillor A" just because he has a nice smile and drives a small 5 door hatchback.
For years I have studied elections with amusement as people cram the polling stations with their card in hope that their vote will count only to see so many disappointed faces. If I vote, I would want my vote to win. Its as simple as that - so why take the risk? I know it sounds barking but I have yet to see a Prime Minister deliver his promise. I have yet to feel the absolute urge to use my vote but the way I see it - this government is a farce and had he still been in office I **might** have voted Labour. I warmed to Tony Blair but he blew it the day the gulf war struck again.
OMG, this is arguably the worst topic I have touched on.
It hurts my head to think about it.
And before ye all fill my comments box with "damn you, bitch", I get stick from my brother in law and husband about the fact I have not yet voted.
And as much as I have to thank Emmeline Pankhurts and the suffragette movement, they didnt take into account that some of us just don't get it.
So there.

I'd like to share some Studio Calico work that I completed for May's kit.
Beautiful, Bright and sunny.
Made me feel happy to scrap these colours. I have a boy to scrap for one of the Sc girls but the papers didn't scream "boy" this month (Mable, dear, next months kits is SOOOOO boys colours.). So take a peek at my apparently "loud and garish" layouts. I LOVE THEM!
Lil cards made with leftovers:

A minibook made with one sheet of Collage Press journal cards used for pages. Decorated with the new ATC size hambly overlays and fab black core chipboard.This is one of my new favo layouts. I love the placement and colours so much.Maya Roads chipboard people make me laugh. I couldnt resist making this page for an album that I want to make about Mark and my early days. I say early days like we are 100 years old, dont i?LOVE LOVE LOVE Sassafrass papers (why did they drop the lass?). Im going to buy more of these papers... they are so playful and funky.And lastly - an overlay. She is called Iggledy-Piggledy.and you can get the little tinker HERE.

Have a good nights sleep.


Brook said...

All that worry over wonder you have high blood pressure. Stress brings on high blood pressure...You have been under some of that lately. It stinks getting old! My troop of 5 all got new glasses last month. Love the LOs! Really cute ATC!

Jen said...

Helloooo! I know what you mean about voting. I do, because I suppose if all of us thought our vote didn't count, then we might not like the result! But when the Labour guy came to the door the other day I said "er, Gordon's kind of spoiling it all for me" (let's not even mention Tony...) he reminded me this is a LOCAL election, so it's about local issues. Oh yes, well, then that changes everything. LOL. Hope you do cast your vote though. OR you could go and scribble on the ballot papers and that nullifies it, that way you are going to do your duty but you are voicing your discontent. Well, that's what the French do, anyhow! I suppose it's the same here *scratches head*. As for the job, I guess what the American commenters say is true - you'd only go if you got the right health cover, but boy, the heat might be a bit much to cope with!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Melissa said...

Thank you for the great overlay. Your scrapbook pages are SO colorful and pretty!!

Kristine said...

Today's post had me rolling on teh floor almost peeing my Depnds...LMAO!!!

Politicians really are full of shit....sad that THEY haven't discovered it yet...LOL

Anonymous said...

I recently found your wonderful site & am amazed at how stunning both your photography and scrapping layouts are!!

Also, and this probably sounds beyond corny, but your postings have touched me in so many ways. Your amazing attitude & honesty is truly inspiring and uplifting!! I have been dealing with undiagnosed chronic pain & over 25 doctors for the last 9 years and lately I just haven't been able to summon up my old self (if she still exists that is...) You deal with so much and just reading your posts have given me hope that I can learn to deal with everything as well as you.

I also just read your posting about your hubby's info on the job in Indian Springs. I live in Vegas and your worries about medical costs is truly justified! Our insurance is over $900 a month for my fiance & myself. In general our doctors suck here and a lot of doctors have left over their malpractice insurance premiums.

On top of that I had a very rare surgery in Boston last year and it was pre-approved by my insurance. 6 months later I received a bill for $20,000 which I am still trying to sort out with the insurance & Mas General in Boston.

On the other side of things our housing market is the worst in the U.S. so you could get a great deal on a home right now.

Anyway, sorry this was so long. If you have any questions about living in Vegas to help weigh in on your decision feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks again!

SherryD said...

Another beauty! Thanks Kirsty

Anonymous said...

You can cut the cost of your new specs and put the money toward braces.... really.
My old specs £180, lasted 2 years, broke.
My new specs, change from £40 for 2 pairs.
Get hold of your prescription and buy them online. Just google, but I used
and they were very good!
I have no link with any company. just a mum whose been through the braces and expensive specs thing. I have been forced to go private for dentistry, and 1 of my kids now cannot get a dentist. So much for improvement and choice in the NHS.

rae_j said...

Another lovely overlay - you are truly wonderful at these! Thanks Kirsty!

bevs97 said...

I know we have to pay NI, but our healthcare is free when it matters. When you are ill the last thing you need is to worry about paying bills. I've read to many message board posts from American's who are struggling with paying for healthcare.

I know the NHS failed you and Ellie, and I was appalled to read about the disinterested heart doctor, but I'll stick with the NHS.

I think I've almost gone political, and my political views are much like yours, so I'd best avoid that.


Petal said...

LOL actually you do get it! All you have to do is remember that the NHS is a Labour dream and you have already commented that you couldn't fathom moving to America because of high medical costs. I know the NHS wasn't able to help Ellie, unfortunately that is the truth of healthcare that happens to many patients all over the world regardless of belonging to an NHS Healthcare system.

I know some doctors in the NHS that I wouldn't let treat my worst enemy and I know some doctors in the NHS that I trust with my life and highly recommend to others as well. Same can also be said for doctors I know in the USA. Unfortunately, just because you are paying doesn't mean they are all good doctors - in fact with insurance the way it is in the US, US patients probably have less choice about who they see than people using the UK NHS - strange but true.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, I read your story of your struggles with UK healthcare, etc., and about sweet Belle.

I have very little money to help Belle. I did do something and I hope you don't mind - I gave a small overview and your bloger address to Barak Obama. I don't want this country's health care system to end up like the UK's. I fully support him (white/female 41) not the typical supporter.

I am hoping he can get Ellies story out so that you will be fully supported by the expenses when you are in the US or at least promote a countrywide fund to help Belle.

I hope I have not overstepped my bounds, but this is one American that appreciates all you give, your continued way to bring a smile to my face and the pictures of beautiful Belle!

Thanks for all you do to brighten others worlds, I just want to be able to do all I can to brighten your whole families life!


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Anonymous said...

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