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30 Apr 2008

Look at this loot!

Many prizes have been donated tohelp raise money for Ellies fund and plenty more have arrived since the last showcase of prizes. The raffle closes tomorrow at midday and will be drawn at about 9pm tomorrow night.
Literally hundreds of tickets have been sold. Honestly, mark and I thought we owuld only sell up to 100 - to say we are delighted is not far fromt he truth. Some buyers are trying your luck with one ticket and one lady bought a staggering 20!. I have printed out all the names and dates of tickets and will put them in a bloody large box so that we can pick just one winner. It only takes one ticket to win so good luck to all of you.
So since the last announcement........
First off - Bev at Banana Frog sent in a generous amount of stamps - enough to keep you busy for months on end.
Imagine That sent in a lovely kitCleos Undomesticated kits have donated a superb prize (have you seen her kits - wicked!)Lori sent in two beautiful and I mean beautiful hand decorated tins and hand made jewellery - completely lush.Danielle Slingerland sent in this DVD - its basically a guys view on scrapping is very very funnyCarolynUk (UKS) sent in a lovely piece of jewellery from her party ware range Mandy Parr sent in a bundle of absolutely lishus things (slurp).
And The Scrapbook Shop will send an entire quickutz cutting machine with an alphabet (WOOOOT!)To see some more prizes go and have a looksie at this post here, here and here.

Now the vote debate the other day was like a real taboo subj but my next exhibit has somewhat major controversial issues. I did a swap last week with Jackie who bought her Tilda stamp at a craft fair during the height of a craft hypertension purchase deficit disorder. She made it quite public that it was a mistake but I was tempted to swap it out of her hands for a play-it-safe page kit put together out of my own stash. The beloved Tilda stamp (or Moomin as Jackie so likes to call it). These wee stamps kind of freaked me out because of their curious, expressionless faces. So as I had craft club tonight, I thought Id try playing with one. The girls loved her but did worry about having no smile. Note the word smile and not mouth. I love kids! I did enjoy colouring her in with my watercolour pens and fiddling with the harlequin background not to mention the fab papers from K&Co. Infact, I made another one whilst the kids had thier break during the lesson. Ssssshhhhhh!
So after I had made the card, photographed it and cropped it - I thought I'd try drawing expressions on her face in photoshop. Belle loved her with a mouth and she said she would draw one on her Tilda's a little later.
I know the hype over these Tilda's is somewhat 50/50 in the likability stakes (oooh watch me get smacked for this (as is the fashion these days - yawn)) but weirdly enough, there is something frightfully lovable about that little moomin.
E-bay here I come ;)
And finally - a layout made during extra time tonight (Liverpool match tonight). I couldnt look, I just couldnt. And Benitez says "Torres had a hamstring injury" - which I think is total cacka poo pants. That Rafa guy has togo, he has made a number of crappo decisions this season. And good riddance when he does. Pooey.
Oh, sorry - the layout is called Torres (after our hero)
and you can get the little blighter right ............................................................................................................HERE


Arty Party NI said...

Hi Kirsty, sorry that Liverpool lost tonight (I'm a Spurs fan by the way), but they did put up a good fight. Listen I was wanting to purchase some tickets for the raffle but can't find the link - PLEASE HELP as you have some prizes up for grabs and it's a brilliant cause. If you could enter my name in for, let's see, £5.00 worth I will pay you via paypal to where ever it goes to. I would love to win something as I have only one luck and that's NO LUCK. Please contact me at my blog and I will be in contact then to pay. Karen

Arty Party NI said...

D'oh it's me again, Karen. Found the link for the raffle and bought a couple of tickets. Hope you raise the £5k your looking for, hope I win something. Have fun tomorrow Ellie picking the winners. Juse a wee note to you Ellie, keep smiling, keep laughing and keep giving as God will give you everything that you want. God Bless you all , Karen

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

AnGeL said...

I agree with you about Rafa! They seriously need to get rid. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but my son and daughter are. Seriously, why take off your only goal scorer??? Thanks for the freebie xxxx

Debsg said...

I'm a Blackburn Rovers' fan but I so wanted Liverpool to win last night. Couldn't believe it when he took Torres off! Awesome player.

Shannon said...

I would love to bid but not sure if I can living in the States!

Glenda said...

Love your templates. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing your latest overlay. You are so kind to share your creations with us. Also, I really like the computer generated faces that you made on your stamped girl. : )

Karen said...

Thank you very much for this overlay. Fortunately I am not that much into soccer and definitely not a fan of Bayern München, so I am just mildly p****d that Munich lost against Petersburg tonight (0:4!!! arrrgh), but I know what the mood around here will be if our local team will actually lose their place in premier league at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Love this overlay, specially because of Torres, he's brilliant. My kids and I really were hoping for the Liverpool to win, it will be next time. Thanks so much:)


Anonymous said...


If you like I can send you some of my Magnolia images stamped in stayzon for you and Belle to have a play with, until you get your own lol.

Let me know


TracieB xx

Cazzy said...

I agree so much about Tilda and the mouth, I hate her without, she looks like an alien!

I have always said it on forums too!

Anonymous said...

Rafa is no divvy.... torres had a pulled hamstring!!!!. your not going to sacrifice 1 player when the squad should be good enough to continue... and his replacement did score!!!... chicks and football... like gordon brown.... no idea! PBB

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