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16 Mar 2008

An utterly fowl day

I'm not lying - it was just fowl.
Tee hee.
As part of our lil family "guess where we are going" secret weekend plans, Mark chose our day out for this weekend and we headed out to Martin Mere. Its a stark contrast to the Science and Industry museum that I chose a few weeks back and this trip called to be wrapped up. It was, to coin a phrase - flippin freezing. It was quite a pricey entrance fee too (£8 adults and £4 kids) to just go and look at "ducks and swans" (and the odd beaver - I kid you not) but seeing as there is a lot of work to be done with conservation and breeding, you kind of have to swallow the cost and weigh up the entertainment value. Which was, erm, lacking. Lol. From Belles point of view I think after your first 5 breeds of duckies, they all pale into insignificance. And even though I photographically catalogued every breed for my new wild fowl collection (you know, just in case we have a nuclear war next week and all wildlife - as we know it - are wiped out. I will therefore have a record of every species of duckies for my memoirs).

I feel absolutely dreadful that we didn't LOVE it but we had a ton of fresh air drenching our lungs, the cold pinking out cheeks and we did lots of talking. I think the best part of the day was sitting in this fabbo little hide eating our lunch with the sun warming our bones through the glass.
A new meaning to Foie Gras??
Sunny little corners to brighten the mood
All wrapped up and bearing the chill on our cheeks
This lil swan got a wee bit close for my liking but I love how shiny his eyes ere!
Ok - money may not grow on trees but feathers do! I know it
On the way round the park we did encounter the beaver section but they were not coming out today. As you can imagine its far too cold for any sort of beaver activity, especially in captivity (!). Im glad to see that they feed them British Apples complete with stickers.
And what probably saved the entire day was the pink flamingo's brightening up my little eyes. I love these birdies so much so that Im inspired to make some digi papers including them.I was delighted at the end of our fowl walk to come across one of my fave little friends... this wee robin. He got so close to me, I wanted to pick him up but his nerves got the better of him and he allowed me to snap a couple of pics which polished up the fowl act of ducky boredom. Well anyway, Mark was happy as he had routed out 3 geocaches on the way back, Belle got a little gift for herself from the gift shop (a toy beaver of all things) and I bought the Sunday Telegraph (which as you know is 3 weeks worth of reading material).
We got home at 4 and belle had fallen asleep on the way back. She promptly went up to bed for a snoozles and I jumped on the sofa with a blanket to nod off 40 winks. 2 hours later Mark woke us both up to get on with the tea (Ellie was introduced to garlic mussels which she LOVED - hooray) before Dancing on Ice - wasn't it frippin brilliant? I cried like a baby because of the excitement, it was such a good nights telly followed by a new series of Gavin and Stacey on BBC3. I love a good laugh - belly busting ones at that. So that wrapped up the day perfectly.
My cheeks are still pink, I have a hovel of a scraproom to finish tidying, a wheat free diet to fret over and an hour at the gym every day this week. I reckon the mercies of yesterdays fowls are a walk in the park in comparison.



maz said...

Is that a fuzzy duck? You are qwackers girl, no doubt. Re. your question... yes the images were ripped from the pages of Vogue which Robyn gave me when she'd finished reading it. So I ripped and glued and tied it up with ribbon and gave it back to her!

Sherry said...

Wow. I am awed by all the different species of ducks! And how beautiful the pictures are. Thanks for sharing!

Brook said...

I love the pictures of your outing! It is our spring break and it has rained non stop! We need a break so we can get out and play!

Jen said...

Quackers :) I love all the pictures, and that dear little robin, aw, my fave little feathered friend. Amazing swan pic!

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