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18 Mar 2008

Thumbs up to wheat free

oh yes this is riding just fine with me.
So far.
Am of course missing pasta and delicious, soft Warburtons bread like crazy but with rice cakes and gluten free pitta bread as a substitute, I am coping far better into day 2 than I anticipated.
I even bought some of this £1.79 a packet (!!!!)

I first used it to coat my cod before I dunked it in egg and then cornflakes for my breadcrumb free tea. As Mark had lifted Kiev's from the freezer this afternoon, I felt bereft of a crumby coating becuase I couldn't partake for the BREADcrumbs. So those wanting an alternative for wheat free coatings - cornflakes are your answer. So much tastier, crunchier and they never go soggy if you fry in hot oil.

And then I made some fairy cakes to satisfy that carbohydrate fix. The mix just wasn't coming along that nicely, it looked curdled and greasy. I added the zest of one clementine to try and destroy any impending yuk and banged the whole mixture (complete with baking powder for it to rise) and waited and excruciating 13 minutes and 30 seconds for them to cook. I gave the cakies 5 minutes to cool before I peeled back the casing and inspected the composition. They smelled the same and looked the same and the proof was in the eating. I considered holding my nose to quench any disgusting flavours but braved the elements and tucked in.


OMG - they is LUSH. They taste EXACTLY the same.

My wheat free dalliance is turning into a bit of a success. I mean, I have never professed Im a bad cook. I just don't cook. Mark does. But I have to say that I love this new experience because my complacency has driven me into a bored stupor. Feeling further adventurous I then made my cakies into a bit of a spesh pud (jaffa cakes no less). Recipe for quick jaffa's

1. Take one tablespoon of apricot jam and the juice of one clementine and place in a dessert bowl. For ease, heat in microwave for 20 seconds and then mix thoroughly.

2. Then melt 4 squares of dark chocolate in the microwave(and believe me Sainsbury and Tescos own basics choc at only 24p a bar is so much nicer for cooking. My sister swears by it and she is a cool cookster).
**Tip for melting choc in Mic without burning it. Melt 4 squares of choc for 50 seconds on warm, then stir. Place back in Mic for another 50 seconds on warm and then stir again. Do it one last tome for 50 seconds and it will have melted enough to pour (and it won't be scolding hot neither!).

3. Place two cakies on the hot apricot liquid and then run liquefied choc on top.Mark didnt even know the difference and believe me, Mark is a food snob.

I. am. Martha. Stewart!

Anyway... what else did I do today? Aaaah yes. I went to another spin class. I was ill with breathlessness afterwards and couldn't walk. I felt I had been kicked in the butt with steel toe capped boots. Those spin cycle seats are like razor blades and barbed wire. But in a sick and twisted way I felt good. Probably as I was feeling virtuous and smug that I had beaten myself up physically. I then came home just constantly thinking wheat free, wheat free, wheat free. So I go over in my head hmmmmmmmmm Weetabix replaced by oatibix, porridge (erm, reserved on that score), rice cakes (which I love), normal rice, lots of potatoes (you forget about spuds when pasta is so delicious and easier to cook), thank god choc is not ruled out, eat as much fruit and veg (of course, they is not wheat, dummy) and oat bars similar to flapjacks. Im coping. Really coping and yes, its only day 2 but believe me I am normally so weak in the presence of white bread!

And now - fluffy little cakies. Just need bread recipes and ones that don't taste like something from an ICI chemical plant.

And lastly, today,I finished a layout that I am teaching at Olympia. Ive got a sneak of a wee element I am loving right now. Little flowers made from just strips of paper, or in this case - Vellum. This layout is lathered with tiny touches with lashing of paint and PINKNESS.

You can imagine Ellie features heavily on this one!

Finally I have to big up Roz who raised a whopping £260 towards our fundraising. Suzanne auctioned Roz off at their recent Luxurious Angels retreat and Roz managed to sell herself twice at the leisure of two wonderful donations of £100 each. Roz has now to become a slave for a day eat each of the ladies houses. How wonderful is that? Thank you so much xx

And now these. These are a 500mb collab digi kit made by a number of AMAZING contributors and will be released this weekend at Divine Digital, N4D and Heather Manning's store. All proceeds go to Ellies Fund. I dont quite know how to measure how delighted we are. Belle loves the colours - they remind her of Refreshers sweeties. I just bloody love it anyway.

All of that in one swoop.... its wicked!


Kauanoe said...

Best wishes on the wheat free endeavor. I have been wheat free (have a food allergy) now in May will begin my 3rd year. I found after two months I no longer craved the pasta or the breads. It is difficult to find foods but it also allows for lots of creativity in the kitchen since now a days most everything in it has wheat flour.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Yay! You made it past day one! LOL

I want to go home and try the jaffa cake thingy too now! Thanks for sharing that little gem with us!

I will look out the meatball recipe for you I PROMISE! Was going to bring it to work today but I forgot - DUH!

That kit is bloody gorgousness itself - want it! Gonna have it too! I also want a pack of Refreshers now you've put the idea into my head - are they wheat free? Can I have them?


Charlotte said...

During my Big Weekend Clearout I so nearly chucked out my thousand year old vellum but I just couldn't do it, hoorah for that 'cause your flower is so pretty!

Jen said...

OOh lush kits. I'll have to grab me one of them. As for your recipe, sounds DIVINE! I deffo use basics stuff when I can. Some things aren't the same, such as baked beans (I can only stomach Heinz) but most things are just as good in basic. As for porridge, trying to eat GI I have it every morning. I put 28g in a bowl, swish enough cold milk on it so it's floating in the stuff and then zap about 2 mins in the microwave on medium (not sure of the power, but I turn it down from max power). It's delish and just creamy and cooked but not stodgy like wallpaper paste. It's trial and error. I also zap some frozen berries and chuck them on there too, or let them defrost in the fridge overnight so they are ready in the morning. Try it - you CAN get used to it. I think Ready Brek would be ok too, it's oats only finely milled so less GI-friendly. It's still better than sugary wheat cereal. Well done you on going to the gym.... I admire you!

Anonymous said...

You'll be as slim as me soon - we'll be a couple of babes on the beach in Santa Tomas Good luck for Saturday from the Leesey's - we're thinking of you Ellie -would have loved to have come to cheer you on but Jack has county cricket training.

Karen xxxxx

Brook said...

Homemade Jaffas! You in the UK don't realize how lucky you are to be able to get them. Getting real Jaffa cakes is so hard here in Texas. I think I will certainly try this! My niece and SIL are wheat and glutten free as well. I'm waiting to see how they do before I commit.
The kit is just too sweet as well!

Cazzy said...

Kirstie, you can get rice pasta!

The best sort I have ever found is a make called Rizopia, and it comes in all the usual shapes including lasagne sheets, it is great!

I actually imported a pasta making machine but my efforts haven't been good, buying it is easier!

Anonymous said...

I've been wheat-free for 5 years now! It took a while to get used to - this nutritionist told me it takes 3 months to actually get rid of the cravings.

Don't waste your money on those shop-bought breads though, they are like cardboard and bloody expensive! I make things like corn bread and pao de quiejo, both delish!


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