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10 Mar 2008


I nipped down to Bristol on Thursday en route to Chepstow with a further destination of Bickersleigh (Devon) planned for Friday. It was great to catch up with Mandy Parr before we headed to a class fronted by CD Muckosky at the Chepstow Pink Croppers fabulous event.
This was doubly fabulous for me because not only was it the first quality class I had paid for but it was also a class held my one serious teacher with a whole lot of heart. Quite simply, CD is a true artist and so very nice. I'm delighted I took the opportunity to take one of her classes. To say she had to re-do the whole project again, you wouldn't have thought it - her project was perfect (can you believe her original class got stolen in Holland?). Mind blowing stuff. My project isn't finished yet so I can't share it but it was simply the best class investment I have ever experienced (even compared to one of my own ;))
I spent the evening with both Mandy and Cleo (who incidentally has a very scrumptious kit club and I had to buy her latest offering - you will LOVE it). Cleo also kindly donated a kit for the raffle (added to which lies a MiMi tote donated by Ifa. A completely huge Mimi tote - how awesome?). On the way back to Bristol we called at a chippy for some incredibly well deserved lard. YUM.
The next day I set sail back to Chepstow to meet with Maz of whom I would be going down to Devon with (in convoy, of course). Both Maz and I filled her estate car with just our scrap supplies and en route we even had to find room for a Mark and Sparks lard run. I had planned to finish off a mini book (which I find hard to do at the best of times) plus some layouts and cards. I brought a ton of things I thought I might need and used a possible 5% of what I brought.
On the way we stopped of for Coffee at the local cafe in a real cosy corner of the village before venturing off to the house of all houses! This is the view from outside "said cosy coffee house". And this 500 year old farmhouse is set down a valley with hills of perpendicular proportions. I could have abseiled down much more calmly than being in the ultra careful 1st gear of Maz. She was very good at coping with the descent despite the threat of going butt over bosom and as we turned the corner we were met with relief that the house was more magnificent than we could have ever imagined.
But the kitchen was where we spent of the time because the huge table fit 9 of us comfortably with all our stash, nibbles and drinks.
It was such a pleasant weekend of very lovely friends who came to scrap. No discussion about this and that - just scrapping and happiness. It was so refreshing.
I took time-outs to mooch around the house taking snaps of the rustic and country style charm of the farmhouse's interior and garden - here are my favourites......
It almost broke my heart to leave but looking back it was worth the pain of going back to reality! I got back late last night after a very loooooooong journey and then up early for an arduous trek to Alderhey hospital with Belle for Endocrinology (hormones to you and I). Poor little Belle was frightful of the prospect of blood taking but thankfully none today. On our way back from her appointment, we spent a short while in Liverpool snapping up some books and chocolate to calm little Belles nerves. She enjoyed her mooch around Waterstones and I grabbed a wonderful book about Marilyn Monroe and a book by Arabella Weir, wrote sometime ago called "Does my bum look big in this?". My sister and I read this to each other on holiday in Ibiza some years ago and its "wet yourself" funny. I also meant to pick up a book called "A thousand splendid suns" which the girls at the retreat raved about. Think I will Amazon that one and make do with some positive thinking books I have on the go. They are keeping me afloat - for want of a better word.
Going to go now and stroke my Basic Grey. I have a collection pack of each release plus all of the new BG stamps sent from Design Objectives. Besides being very lucky to have this I also think I should have a word with the man upstairs to give me an extra 5 hours in a day.
Big loves xx


maz said...

Super photos Kirst, especially the Chaenomeles japonica!
My car still smells of clutch fluid after going up that hill again! 4wd next time, or less stash...

Kate said...

Love the shot of the window with the roses outside. Definitely think I need to find myself one of these breaks!
Totally understand about the blood tests thing, I go into meltdown myself let alone taking the kids!

Caron said...

Hi Kirsty, I just wanted to say that Ellie is so lucky to have you as a mum. You make a scary trip to the hospital into something memorable for other reasons and it is a real gift to be worried, but not pass that worry on.
I've been following Ellie's story on yoru blog - how do you get raffle tickets - some of the prizes look gorgeous and it is a really good cause - no-one should ever be told to "go away and put up with it" - there are always new medical advances and always something new you can look at. If you don't have hope for a better life then what is there - and doctors of all people should believe that.
Thank you for doing a blog - always cheers me up !
Caron xox

Caron said...

Oooh - forgot to say - did Ellie see David Attenborough's Life in Cold Blood ? I think it was the last or last but one episode - lots of turtles and tortoises etc - very very cute babies hatching etc. Worth a look if it gets repeated.
Caron xox

Roz said...

you sure do get a lot done in a weekend, Sounds like you had a brilliant time, can't wait to see your class that you did with CD.

Terrie B x said...

oooh this looks sooo lovely...looks like you had a great time:)

paper.minx said...

wow, that looks like a blast. what a quaint place. i've got to get something going like that in my area.

i wanted to comment and say, i do so enjoy your blog. i love your cute little way of writing and the sentiments you use make me smile. thanks for the lovely entries and inspiration.

cannycrafter said...

Sounds like you had a well deserved fab time! Would love to get some of the raffle tickets for stash!! Luv Caroline x

LOUSY said...

Missing you lots this week- what a laugh we had. Been sad all week I corrupted my memory card and have lost all my photos. You making fairy cakes ... oh no ... So we have to do it again

Love Lousy x

fgeegf said...
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