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19 Mar 2008

Making cards

I just have enough time to make cards at the mo - all very quick and simple and as I have a string of birthdays coming up, I have got into cardy action. This card I made doubled as my post for HSMS (which, incidentally, was the word "peg"). I used some funky little die cuts I received from DO as part of the X-cut line. Its so much fun playing with these shapes - makes me want to go shopping! And this card is for the Marie Curie Campaign using a specially designed stamp at Design Objectives. I am not the worlds bestest stamper and I am not a fan of this type of design. But I somehow managed to free the look I was after and became triumphant with a spring-like card to donate for raising funds. I also received a most stupendous donation for the raffle from Ali at Clever Cuts. Their perfect lines of acrylic shapes and stamps are a million miles ahead of when I first got to know Ali a number of years ago. I have watched her business turn into a little minefield of creative explosions - I love how devoted she is to her business, not to mention her dog, Levi. Their clear stamps are the BEST value for money and you can spy her donation below which has a value of £60. Thank you so so much Ali xx
In addition I got my Studio Calico kit today. There is this one piece of paper I just cannot cut into - its just too dee-lish. I think the other Dt girls are having this issue - its so slurpy lish, Im not coping with the fact that I have to use it. Dammit. I was feeling blue because of it coming a little later than usual and when I heard the doorbell go this afternoon I knew what it was. I wanted to catalogue this event to relay how flaming cuckoo I get over deliveries . With that box I got my rolling tote from DO - perfectly timed to travel to London next week (on the train - can you believe it... I LOVE TRAINS and ones that require no changes en route).
I am going to get me a small bottle of plonk and enjoy having a wee beverage (cos I is not driving). What, with my tote on my left, my bag on the right and a tray of dark chocolates on my lap - I can sit back and just think for 3 hours. Oh for crying out loud Kirsty, its only a bloody train ride!
Belle's walk takes place in saturday. She is looking forward to the pitt stops more than anything. I promised her that we would take a whole bag of treats to reward any distance she can manage although she has had some practice to be able to cope. We have a fairly cool number of people coming including my Bro and Sis (to say I am delighted is an understatement), My in Laws, a bunch of friends and their kids - including Suzy B, Traci, Carmel and Jane plus a group of people from Speedy Hire who have done a little sponsor for Belle in their Office at Haydock. There are tea's and cakes at our house for afters so if you are in the Wigan area on Saturday, do join us but let me know if you are coming (so I can cater effectively). I am sad my parents cannot come but they are on a holiday which was pre-booked well before this fund raising. **miss you momma and pappa**
We have also booked our trip this week to Nevada and suffice to say we have very little time to feel prepared for it. If I am completely honest, I wish the whole thing wasn't happening - there has been a lot of tears shed over the whole thing and lots of dark clouds. I even had to ring the DLA this week to inform them of some creepy events as some little nasty gremlin appeared through the cracks only a few weeks back. Lots of behind the scene stuff which would make you a little nauseous - you know? My heart is pounding too fast to cope with how quick it has come around. Not only do we have to change flights once each way (not good, let me tell you that) but we are up in the air with the media. I hate not knowing enough and I hate having too much info to digest. I know that sounds bonkers but I like everything in order and when its not it drives me banana's. Not being in control is bloody awful, isn't it? Through its all I have to try and not lose sight of the beauty of this trip, which as you know is part and parcel of the entire affair. As much as I hate this saying its true - you have to break a few eggs to make an omlette. Pffffft, that really does aggravate me.
We have arranged to stop in a Condo as its far cheaper than $300 a night in a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. We chose this because its better value for money, guaranteed ground floor for access, is on the edge of the desert (and therefore away from the hustle and bustle of the strip). We also chose it as we hate being confined to one room. At least we have access to a kitchen to cook healthy meals instead of eating junk out. And yes, I could have waited to go wheat free after this trip but I am determined to feel better now than wait any much longer! We each have our own room and bathroom, a lounge, dining area, kitchen and patio. I think there is going to be decent heat in the high 70's where we can chill between appointments (Belle does love the warm sun on her back and the beauty of a private patio is that nobody stares at her like they do when we are around a public pool). We have also researched the best places to go for FREE so that we will not be completely depressed between hospital trips. These include the Bellagio Fountains and Circus Circus events at various themed hotels. We have a trip to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam planned plus the M&M factory for Belle.
Belle has Gastro, Cardiology, Genetics and Paediatrics on the cards which costs an absolute fortune so we are INCREDIBLY grateful to all the sponsorship that you have helped to support.
Lest we be eternally blessed by this happening at all despite the balance of horrors.
Belle is so much looking forward to the approach of JFK airport (where we have to change and is actually a pain in the rectum). We experienced the approach of the New York city silhouette back in 2004 and it took my breath away. You cannot begin to imagine how enthralling that view is. We would have loved to have made an overnight stop in NY for Belle to visit the Central Park zoo but we are at the mercy of time and of course the amazing opportunity of devoting the purpose of our American trip to the Physicians who will see to her :) Another time perhaps, New York is too special never to be left off her list until its checked off.
Talking of Media (as mentioned above) I was in communications with a TV production company today. Whilst the conversation I had was pretty much private we did discuss how hard hitting some documentaries can be and I will never forget The Dying Rooms (38 minute video, please look at it if you ever get the chance) which I watched a few years back and it haunts me to this day. Documentaries like this are bloody awful but also profound in the way they can drill a hole in your heart, thus creating this incessant ache to remind you that shit like this happens - even as you read this blog entry and leave it to go and make a cup of tea or click on a link to something else. I was also recently stifled by another documentary called Bulgaria's Abandoned Children (about 50 minutes) which I often think about and feel powerless to do anything about. I did discuss this video last year and I felt as useless then as I did now.
It frustrates me that I am just this crappy number in a gigantic crowd but I do suffer badly with these incredible thoughts and feelings about such atrocities - why can't I do anything significant or profound or indeed pioneering? Why do I get the feeling that I cannot penetrate the minds of other people to wake up to this awful reality? And the reason why I can't do this is that people have a choice of whether the want to listen or not. And yes, that's fine to a point. I guess lots of people are not passionate about giving a damn or like me, feeling as if they wouldn't be able to do enough to make a difference. Sometimes and I mean this sincerely, sometimes I just hate this sadness I feel from it all.
I am not one of these people that will turn a blind eye to anything. Its like I have to feed my mind whether I will like the outcome or not. I even forced myself to watch a film about the genocide of Sarajevo during the Balkan war the other week knowing that I would hate watching how ethnic cleansing was carried out. Its like the "don't touch, wet paint" theory - you know you shouldn't touch but you do, just in case. Why do you think we punish ourselves like this?
Ok, didn't mean to rant but I feel so much better up heaving this heavy feeling I have on my chest and bringing it out into the open.
I am an aquarius - I am affected like that!!
Something to think about when you get a minute, if anything.

**also, one last thing. If any of you are or know anyone married/had children to soldiers who served in the gulf post 1991 (not from 2005) can you please email me at my address on the left panel - thanks**


Brook said...

I love the cards! Simply Faboo!

bettyann said...

Peace to you and your family as you get ready for your journey...Hope it is all that you can wish for..You are a strong and brave person..It is better to care than not care at all...that is the lesson we all have to learn...compassion and love take care breath in and

Carol said...

Kirsty, sometimes you posts are so profound that i can't find good enough words to respond - amazing

So, instead of reading and running i'll sign in but can't leave any words good enough :)

greyparrot said...

gotta tell you...Jasmine watched Ellies video after she overheard me talking to her Mum about Belle. She wants to be Ellies friend, and wishes that one day she can meet her (how cute for a 7 year old lol) She is desperate to do something to help, she decided she wanted to send ALL her worldly savings (she doesn't get pocket money as a regular thing, and when she does she chooses to save it up) This is the grand sum of about £3. The other day her Grandad (on fathers side, who she doesn't see very often) gave her £2 to buy some sweets, and she very politely thanked him, but asked if, instead, he would mind if she put it towards Belles fund! *wub* Instead of her sending all her money, I told her that you had achieved the aimed sum now, and perhaps we could do something else just for ellie. So as a compromise, is there a series of books or puzzle books etc, something that Ellie particularly likes so jas can send her a lil gift to help occupy her on the flight?
Oh and loving the latest raffle gifties- some of those stamps are designed by my own fair hands lol ;)

Rach said...

Hi Kirsty,

We might drop by on Saturday to cheer you along if we can manage it but no cakes for us. Where abouts are you doing it and at what time.
Love Rach x

cannycrafter said...

I love how you can take all this DO stuff and work your magic on it! I have such a lot to learn!!! Hope it goes well on Saturday! Will be thinking of you!
Caroline x

Jen said...

Well, darling, all I can say is we are behind you all the way. All the damn way! Sorry about having to break eggs and all that, but to think they could put a finger on what is ailing Belle is like the sun coming out from the clouds. I do hope it all goes smoothly for you, that she doesn't have to be poked and pricked too much, and that the change of planes etc isn't too much of a drag. Lots of love to all of you xxx

Hazel said...

all the best for the walk! I hope the sun shines for you or at least the rain stays away. all the best for the upcoming trip too and really hope you get some answers.

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Anonymous said...

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