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15 Mar 2008

De - everything

I have this bizarre nesting instinct for reasons other than being preggo.
Im de-cluttering like crazy and as of Monday I am detoxing. Well, not the starve-yourself-senseless detox... just pumping my body with a ton of fruit and nice stuff to sort out the sluggy.
I thought about giving up wheat before crimbo and have been studying how the hell I am going to cope without bread. My saving grace has come by the form of Kello's amazing yummo marmite flavoured rice cakes and get this - dark Belgian coated rice cakes. Jeeez, they are frikking awesome and will make up for the fact I have to give up jaffa cakes. I pretty much have to kiss good bye to pasta too. But the alternatives are so much tastier albeit a little bit more pricey. For instance, I bought some wheat free bread yesterday and its a real tiny loaf and cost £1.74 (that's $3.39 or €2.44!!). It scares the hell out of me that the bread has a shelf life of 4 months and is best eaten toasted. Yeah, I know.
My lump in my chest still exists and I've become so sluggish in the past year that the only way to battle it is through cutting out wheat. Its amazing the amount of emails we have had about testing Ellie for Coeliac recently that its become a bit of challenge for myself too. People claim their lives and health has changed dramatically from cutting out wheat. And as I am on a health drive I have also gone back to the gym. I did my first spin class in 18 months on Friday and boy, does it feel like I have been sat on a razor blade all night. I am in agony. However, feeling virtuous overrides any pain or mercy of wheat free diets for the time being.
On the de-clutter front I charged my scrap room and filled 13 Sainsbury's bags with a shed load of "things I was saving for a rainy day" for our local playgroup and a couple of belles friends. I kept lots of packaging and wall paper samples thinking Id use them some day. My magpie manner really gets too much but I can't help loving pretty pretties. But I feel so much better now that my room has room to breathe and take delivery of the lovely new things I have been receiving from Design Objectives. I am teaching at Twisted Thread at the end of the month at Olympia and DO kindly supplied me with some fabulous products as I teach 8 classes over 4 days. Im even being put up in this little gem HERE. Kensington is an old haunt of mine. I used to live in Notting Hill in the early 90's, just off Bayswater Road. Its a stones throw from Portabello Market and Knightsbridge - great nights out and memories from those days will stay with me forever.
On the matter of de-cluttering I also attacked the kitchen cupboards and chucked out medicines from 1994 (!!), sauces two years out of date and baking stuff from the Victorian era (it would seem). Ellies sweety cupboard, which was overflowing from last years Halloween, got a good turf out too and other than resorting to bleaching the kitchen to within an inch of its life, id say our house is now feeling decisively lighter, cleaner and happier.
I also got around to taking pictures of projects that have come back from Magazines lately. These projects were for Q&C magazine where I have been entrusted to look after the photography side of card making. I think the whole idea is to streamline cardmakers into scrapbooking and I love completing the commissions for them. Q&C and Crafts Beautiful are a wonderful set of magazines focusing on lots of colour. I have just designed 15 papers for their next supplement - I am so excited because products design is something Im desperate to get into.
I had a flaming nightmare with these papers. I bought these a while before the project went to print. And as projects go to print the supplies have to be current. And seeing as the shift in scrap supplies changes as quick as the wind direction - I was severely hacked off that these papers were nowhere to be found in the UK. I would love to buy more of these Heidi Grace papers - do you have any? These two cards are so simple but I just love the colours.
I Made this pocket mini album for my bag. The photo's that it contains are my most treasured photo of Ellie and although there is no journalling, the photo just bring tears to my eyes.
And then this Joy Triptych thingy. Again, this current bare essential from creative obsessions was nowhere to be found in any uk shops to list in the supplies for the mag. I know this item is still current but UK shops seem to buy a little bit, sell it and move on to the next new thing. I don't blame them really, us scrapbookers seem to want the latest and greatest thing. This stands up but was a pig to photo, so its laying down and currently resides in Marks office.
I altered this little sailing boat that I bought for £2 at Internacionale. Its one of my favourite little objects in the house right now - we really do "sail this ship together". Pretty Pretty.
And this desk cube was a magazine project. I love these cubes for a desktop or telephone table. And the subject is such a sweety xxThis is the cover of an 8 page book which I received from studio calico to cover. It has taken an exhausting 30 hours to finish because I just wanted it to be perfect for my family. Every page contains left overs from every kit I have received from them and is my way of ensuring every product I use is benefiting their kindness and my shelf for display. The kits I receive are so generous that I keep absolutely everything to one side to use for helping to market their amazing kit club - so whilst I covet this book for my own selfish satisfaction, it was also created the images to give back my thanks to their vision. I will share the rest of the book when I have added a few more key pictures.
And finally some work I did at the retreat last week. I made 2 layouts and a few cards. Ive always made cards from scraps of my layouts and hopefully it might spark off using the same trick too. Its so easy to make a quick card whilst you have all your scraps on the table. that way you build up a bank of cards to give either in an emergency or for the year head. And if you leave them blank, you can use them as thank you's and "just a note's" as and when required.
Look - fiskars lace edging punch. I knew my cardmaking tool of 2003 would make a comeback!
Quick cards made from scrapbooking scraps make me happy. I even dragged out a sizzix die from 200 years ago to finish it off.A lil layout also featuring photos I used for the sub above. These photo arse also some of my favourite from last year.I made the next layout using papers I had won at the Two Peas greet in Anaheim. The colours just went so perfect with the colours in the photo - the girl in the lane. I hand cut that birdy. Birdies make me happy.
And all the while I was beavering about the house like a woman possessed, this little lady surfed her favourite sites, including National Geographic for Kids. She is such a dolly.And here is my SPS for Her Space My Space. Ive been intermittently joining in lately, which is bothering me a little as I love the feeling over this site. The girls are so much fun and support each other so nicely. Our private lives right now consists of hospitals, admin and research and my daily efforts have been lacking. I'll be back to full speed after Nevada, that is for sure :)

Ok - looking back at this post I think I am turning into Martha Stewart.... food, house keeping and projects for the home - laugh out very loud. Ciao xx


Deanne said...

wow kirsty
i was overwhelmed by all of that creativity and cleanliness - lol
gorgeous projects every single one of them. its 7.18am and i feel i have the bug to create right now - sadly off to do a 5 mile crazy hat walk!!! in the rain!!!!! What am I doing... lol x

Carol said...

so when are you coming over to start my place kirsty LOL

I just bought my raffle ticket :)..thinking i have to go back for another after seeing all that gorgeousness :)

Jenny said...

Some lovely work there Kirsty - especially loved the graphic style white card with the three firework style embellishments. And you're typo of 'arse' instead of 'are' made me chuckle as well haha.


Kate said...

Check out Holland & Barrett for scrummy wheat free Jaffa cakes (I'll send you some if you can't get hold of them but don't try Tesco's version they're yuck!).

QVC stock some lovely Heidi Grace kits but I don't think they have the one you are after. I was sent some Heidi Grace for a Fiskateers project and it amazes me that it is so much more delish than all the pictures you see of it.

Charlotte said...

Love love love all those layouts xxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous works of art there Kirsty - so inspirational!
Thanks for your generosity in sharing it all with us.

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Anonymous said...

wow, love all the stuff you've made!!! :) xoxo eef

cannycrafter said...

Lovin' the work as usual and what is wrong with being a Martha Stewart????
Caroline x
P.S. My mum has a great recipe for ground rice & almond cake with no flour and for treats there is a squidgy choc log in one of Delias books!!! Sorry being naughty!!!

Jen said...

Great post as usual Ms Kirsty. I always read your blog, and it cheers me up to see all your creative gorgeousness. Pop over to my blog to see some pics that Claire took of the OH. Album covers anyone? They are amazing, even though I just put small thumbnails up... I'm so proud of my girl - she got her eye from me and my grandpa but the lighting skills she's learnt at college put me to shame :)

Jen said...

Oh yes, love me some Kallo - 2.5 syns on Slimming World. Yum! Loving all your creations too. I've got no inspiration myself...

Close To Home said...

Martha Stewart YES YOU ARE! LOL! I loved this post of yours. It is soo inspirational. That little pocket book album with no journaling is so sweet. That sail boat project is fantastic FANTASTIC!!!! Can't wait to see more SC sneaks of yours ;-)
I entered myself in the raffle...more glad to be able to add to your funds.

Brook said...

Can I just say that your work is absolutely lovely! I am just in awe!

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