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5 Mar 2008

100% DO-tat? Come on!

There is this niggling soupcon of scrap snobbery when it comes to brand names and yes, for a time, I could have well been a scrap snob (maybe I still am, who knows?). That was until my imagination ran riot one night almost 2 years ago. Since then, I have been happy to make pages from whatever was flat, pretty, rugged, niche, colourful and indeed dull. Its wonderful that entire lines of scrap products match so perfectly to clutch together on one perfectly fluid page - obviously at some considerable cost. But then there are scrap rogues who bang on a ripped piece of corrugated cardboard, a wooden lolly stick and a bit of ink onto a page and still claim its art. And it is.
Its subjective not a flaming competition!
Whatever floats your boat, babes.
There are no hard rules.
Just ignorance, I think.
Its a case of your everyday segregation of those who do, those who don't and those who rebel.

So when the Design Objectives work came my way I thought - "Cacka plop, am I going to have to resort to using gold peels offs and white edged stickers on my layouts? ".
Not at all.
In through my door came a box bursting at the seams filled with slurp, yum and scrum. It was all Design Objectives stuff including Papermania, X Cut and other such objects to re-acquaint myself with the "back to basic" gems. Included in there were FABULOUS chipboard letters, gorgeous papers, lush stamps, wee die cuts that are totally usable, ribbons, bling brads, glitter and paints. I knew I had to get a page made to prove to MYSELF that working with these products meant that I could change the scrap snob in me because when it all boils down the cost, time and effort - the hobby is about the photo's I'm scrapping and not how much I spent/products used on my page. Scrapping does not have to cost the earth and I think Design Objectives (worth a staggering hundrety million-ess) have cottoned on to the fair price side of the market so that card makers can make the easy transition to scrap booking without breaking the bank (read: husbands wallet - mwahahahahahahhaha). I'm not even going to feel ashamed that in the past I have gushed over a packet of fab brads at £1.45 a pack by Papermania and then smirked at my savings when I put down a packet of brads by Making Memories at £2.50 a pack (with even less quantities in). Doing the maths doesn't mean you are breaking any scrap snob law - you are simply cottoning on to the fact that you don't have to live on the back of US export and UK import ruin of even the basic of scrap supplies when you have it all on your door step.
Saying that, Im not resigned to the exclusive use of Design Objectives. I think I needed to voice my opinions of cut rate basics to add to our increasing newness of every CHA release. It's based on balance - I just don't have the readies for everything out there. Although you can count that Im snagging America Crafts newest thickers line, their papers and their rub on's. Not to mention Fancy Pants, Sassafraslass and Maya Road.
But for everything else, there is Mastercard, I mean Design Objectives.
**With reference to a wee mistruth, apparently it's only a small outlay to open an account with them, you know ;) That's all your Basic Grey in one scrap swoop for starters.
Was sorting through my pictures on my compact flash and found this from 4 weeks back. Its Belle with her two crafting buddies who come to our house every weds for a spot of creation. Belle is so dinky and is 4 months older than the tallest girl and is 8 months older than the girl on the left. In effect, belle is 12 and the other two are 11. Its amazing the height of belle compared to her peers. they do look after her as well which twitterpates my heart. We had the girls around tonight with an added extra, Beth. Beth is belles bestest friend in the whole wide world. The school paired them up because of the difficulties (Beth has Cerebral Palsy which affects her lower leg muscles, similar to Belle.) They have formed a deliciously strong friendship, my Belle talks incessantly about her and it was a treat to have Beth in our company tonight.
Forgot to share some piccies of our day out in Sunday. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. We thought we had to pay an entry fee and found out on arrival it was all free. And it was a thoroughly enjoyable day - something for everyone. Mark enjoyed the Air and Space section, Belle had a blast in the experiments corners and I just about exhausted myself around the textiles exhibits.
And this? WOW!

Its a jacket hand stitched from this stuff

Flipping ingenious. I just stared at this for EVER. it was the most cleverest thing I had ever seen.

On the way over to the Electrics exhibits, I spied this very WEIRD hotel through the old iron beams at the rail station crossing. The slight overhang of this Hilton hotel has been the talk of Manchester for a while now and it is weird because it makes me want to straighten it up and make it less freaky. I guess I like it in some sadistic fashion. It just caught me by surprise, I suppose :)

Im off to see Mandy Parr tomorrow and then its over to the Chepstow crop to see my weekend scrapping buddies before we set sail for Devon for a scrap escape. Bliss.


cannycrafter said...

Thank you Kirsty for being there today! Just when I needed you. This post was just what I neede to read, this morning in particular!!!

Kate said...

Banish the scrapping snobbery once and for all, let's see you get those peeloffs out and use them!!

A scraping retreat in Devon, sounds like just what I need ;)

Charlotte said...

Please send me those chipboard letters asap, George needs them (and a kiss from Belle) p.s. the picture of that hotel made my legs go funny!

CRAFTY KAZ said...

The Papermania range just gets better & better every time something new comes out. I must say i use it alot & simply love it.

love the girly pinky page scrummy

you blogg is pleaure to read & lots of luck with all fundraising & events for Belles cause.

Nick said...

love the mary jane layout- I'm on a spending ban this year to use all the stuff I accumulate and don't use-you are right, we don't always have to have the latest trnedy thing with the price tag to match!
and that thistledown jacket-wow!!!!

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