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13 Feb 2008


Just got back and am too tired to upload pictures. Had a poo poo journey home due to flight being delayed and missing connecting flight to Manchester to Heathrow. I would normally sit and ride out the nightmare hadnt I needed the lavvy and subsequently not being able to use one for 30 minutes (thank god for pelvic floor exercises). Every obstacle we could have met, we met! Am laughing about it now but at the time I was within an inch of stabbing my eyes out with the wheels of my suitcase. Had it not been for watching an awesome inflight movie (Things we lost in the fire with Halle Berry.... god damn brilliantly edgy film) I think I would have died of bad breathness from the guy sitting next door to me who CONSTANTLY complained about EVERYTHING at 50 decibels.
CHA was awesome.
Knackering, if Im honest. Trudging 8 square miles of paper lushness was a dream come true and bumping into those who inspire you is a brucey bonus (that includes Miss AE - my defining moment. Call it what you will but that woman is a hunk of lovely). I will add pictures tomorrow of my fave things at the show including a little fab company who have been about for 2 years called My Little Shoe Box (Asian Marigold is gorgous but not all the new lines are on there). I didnt care much for last years line but this year - STREWTH! So cottagey and neat.
Obv love BG new releases (Check our Archaic and the lil dinosaurs ... I dont have boys but I just love it) but not as much as Scenic Route - love Scenic Route so much right now (and Vicky Boutins work is my superrific favvo).
My freinds over at Maya Road and Fontwerks outshone the chipboard and stamp market (aside from our very own delish Banana Frog who debuted in the new manufacturers hall - was showing support to the British girls down there and waved the lil union jack for them).
Am most disappointed with 7 Gypsies as they didnt have anything majorly new but then again their stuff is timeless (so shut up, kirsty).
Sassafraslass is a company I have baulked over in the past but kind of lubbed their new line with a lickability factor of 9 out of 10.
W R Memory Keepers is a fond fave of mine and came up trumps as did Fancy Pants.
Have to say that Chatterbox's new line is tipping the balance in the most GORGE favour whilst Heidi Swapps new line didn't exactly thrill me. But top marks to their stand and Heidi's entourage sporting matching outfits with pink gum ball freebies and glitter pink lippo.
Teresa Collins also debuted with a great line of papers (which I have to say I did NOT like the look of on line. But IRL they are scrummy loo laa).
Rusty Picks is a line im not particularly fond of neither BUT!!! They have Coluring-in ranges this season which will give prima paintables a run for their money.
Talking of Prima I still have a strong dislike for their papers (and paintables) but I ADORE everything else. Prima's felts and lace paper runners, flowers and bling is what they do best. And Kenny is such the darling of the whole stand.
American Crafts started off (years ago) as a rather graphic, blocky style range of papers. But this year they are going great guns especially with Thickers - I think Thickers saved AC.
Love Elsie lines are more muted than I imagined and not as grand as her entree's of last years launch but I have to give her top trumps for the embossed papers and accessories. Plus her super sweet nature lends itself to the whole personaility of her lines. Elsie let me stow some stuff away in her fabbo kitchen stand in exchange for english chocolate. She is my first love and she gets a big thumbs up for her energy and charm.
Doodlebug is a fruity and fun as ever - as a lover of all things fun and bright they certainly know how to throw a party.
K&Co is not loved by all but I happen to love thier absolute attention to embellishment details and colour co-ord. God save K&Co and all that sail with her.
Did not like one Karen Foster release at all :(
Making Memories are launching a new die cutting machine which is bloody marvellous. Its electric, portable and cuts on the paper rather than running paper through it. Its called The Slice... look out for it in June.
Tim Holtz brings grunge joy to the artisans. Long may he reign. LOVE the Tim-meister.
Creative Imaginations surpass themselves with their bare elements range complete with jewellery you can scrap on. LOVE IT. Karen Russell's curtain call this year is a stunning range of delightful papers that will end up in my craft supplies (for sure!).
Pink Paislee debuted this deason with a huge attraction and I can see why. Going to see lots of this, me thinks.
Raspberry and Paper Trunk also debuted with yummy lines to cater for all palettes.
And finally Hambly. If it wasnt for Hambly Id hang up my herma and start knitting. Loving Hambly, loving Alisons vision and they are my super true love of the acetate and sticker world.
Crafting aside..........
So I finally get home to a hot bath and candles by my supersweet hubs. We have a lot to talk about and whilst Belle is at Momma's, talk is what we must do. Making the decision to publicise a sponsored event has gone banana's and we are in receipt of so many things we need to sort out to make show there isnt a circus made of such a simple call for help. There are two or three mistruths in the tabloids which we need to clarify and we also felt it necessary to express our disdain toward the local press selling out to The Manchester Evening news who then further sold the story to EVERY UK tabloid with our knowledge. We want to tell you that we have not received ONE penny for this story although we will contact the MEN to request that they might make a donation to Ellies fund. We have taken up the offer of telling Belles story to a leading womens magazine with 100% proceeds going to Ellies fund and we are in talks with 8 independant tv documentry companies who want to document Belle's journey to Nevada (that is something we are most interested as we DO NOT received a penny but they raise the profile of children with undiagnosed conditions, the lack of support they and their families receive, reaching out to other families in order to half any burdens etc). GMTV and CBS (USA) have been in contact to raise this issue on daytime tv. I don't think we are so keen to do that to be honest. Its a lot of work for a 5 minute slot. Belle's life is worth more than 5 minutes of "fame". Her life story up to the age of 12 could fill a book let alone 5 minutes with the rather delightful Phil and Fern (love these guys). But, who knows what these people can do for us although if they want to help then we are here to listen. You just can't imagine what its like to have people WANT to listen to you.

Going now, eyes weigh a ton and I have super clean sheets to dive in to. Oh yeah.


Catriona MacGregor said...

I have my new valentine's kit up (as of today!) at PDW and have pledged to donate all the proceeds from sales during the rest of Feb and March.
So glad you had fun at CHA. Someday I'll go...maybe if it ever gets to Seattle. ;-)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Glad you had a fabby, even if knackeroonying time at the CHA. Good to be home again though, I bet!

Great news on the fund - make sure you get those tabloids to cough up loads to help your gorgeous Belle! They can more than afford to.

We all know that you have only her best interests at heart, bugger what the nasty press peeps say. They'll do anything to sell their rags regardless of who they hurt.

Take care

Sam said...

SOOOO nice to have you back in Blighty. I am also WELL jealous of your trip to CHA, but so good to hear your views on all the scrummo stuff there.

Fingers crossed for all the media stuff for Belle, steel yourself for the "gits" known as the UK media, good job you are savvy enough to spot the "baddies" Give the MEN a kick up the bum!!! A documentary would be great for raising awareness, good luck and lots of love to the 3 of you xxxx

Ami said...

Your descriptions crack me up! Call me on the phone...please!!! I would love to have a chat with you!
So happy that Belle will be getting the help that she needs and hopefully a diagnosis!!!
Reading your blog makes me feel as if I have known you for ever!
Be well - you and all of yours!

Helen said...

Welcome home! :D

All that stash sounds wonderful.Very envious i am,tho not of that horrific journey!


Jessica said...

oh my goodness kirsty! how did you ever manage to write this blog? i would have said screw it, and hit the bed. lol. i'm glad you had a great time at CHA and i'm even more thrilled to hear that more opportunities are arising to get your daughter's story out.


Anonymous said...

What A blog for someone jet lagged!!
You've given me loads of things to look up on tinternet to see wether I like them !!
Its so good to see all this interest in Belles appeal & I hope the decisons you make are valueable to her cause. The "paps" work in mysterious ways but T.v coverage would be great. Good luck with all of it. & it looks like the fund raising could go alot lot higher.

kaz said...

What a blog for someone soo jet lagged!!!
I will take on board {ha ha} what u have said about products & look on tinernet myself for my opions!!
Loads of interest in Elle cause -weel done-Hope all goes well when deciding who to use. Looks like funds will increase my loads. Best of luck to u allxx

Scrappy Nina said...

Welcome Home Kirsty!!

I wish they sold 'strength' in the M&S Food Hall coz I'd be buying you a huge big family sized portion and sending it your way!! I know you have it in you to make your own - but sometimes wouldn't it just be nice if you could top up with a dose of "shop bought" when you need that extra boost? Anyway - they don't sell it so you'll just have to make do with my message of hope and strength across the super-highway - but think on - it's not 'just' strength - it's 'Nina' strength!!
There - admit it - you're feeling better already!!! :-)

joanne (spagirl) said...

hi kirsty!! glad to see you are home safe and sound! love the cha updates!! i can't believe the tabloids... how can they turn something like that?? for cha... miss photogenic!! the SC pics are awesome!! you take care and see you later!

Giselle said...

Thanks for a great stash update, despite your jet-lag. Can't wait to hear more :)

And such fantastic news that you've surpassed your target amount for Belle - wonderful news!!! :)

Taniwha said...

Hey hunny bunny, good to have you back! I'm so glad you've raised so much money, its just brilliant! And I still haven't even donated yet, I am slack, I will do it asap!

And where's my bloody photo of the new Hambly? Come on, show me :)

Brook said...

I am so glad that you had an awesome time! I know that Belle is glad to see you!

Terrie B x said...

Just simply fantabulous....:)x
glad you had agreat time cant wait to see all the new Designs out:)

Mireille said...

sweetie thank you for the super duper CHA "novel"..
read it and held my breath while reading!
feel like I have been there.. just a little now =)

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