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22 Feb 2008

Toni & Guy & James

**Bidding on the cushion below stands at £20**
Had the luxuriant opportunity to have my hair done with my birthday money today - at Toni & Guy's. Ive NEVER had my hair coiffured in such an elite hairdressers before but my hair was in such a state from over bleaching last year that only the best hairdessers in town could sort it out. Much to my expense though - was hoping to buy new scrap supplies over the course of the year with my spends.
I once went to Toni & Guy's before in Salisbury some 6 years ago. I was trying to grow out some black I had coloured in my hair. I approached the shop with in trepidation because it always seemed to me that you had to be beautiful to even get a whiff of a consultation. Its generally an "it" kind of dressery and I knew with certainty that I was out of my depth. I thought to myself "sod it" and entered the perfectly clean cut image of a dressery knowing full well that I'd be scuppered to the back of the joint in fear of bringing the place into disrepute. I asked the girl at the fancy lectern if I could have a colour consultation with a dresser because I needed to bleed the black out and introduce some new highlights. Well, I might as well have spoken in Swahili and worn a big scab on my head for the sheer look of horror on her face. She eyed me both up and down and screwed her face up in a repugnant display of disdain and answered "WE DON'T DO BLACK. WE DON'T TOUCH BLACK. WE CAN'T LIFT BLACK".
What a cow.
Clearly my 5 foot 2 inch stance was nothing in comparison to the lithe, 6 foot modelesque type clientele sitting there being pampered to their every whim. I couldn't believe she thought I was so chavvy and ugly. So putting my past fear of Toni & Guy aside today, I went to have the old bleach lopped out, new warmer tones put in and a swish new cut.
James, my dresser for the day was as camp as delightful can be. I LOVE CAMP MEN! He was so over-the-top-fabulous with the "limp wrist and little finger curling" action at every slight move and over exaggerated dressing my hair when blow drying it in 6,000 different directions. He lifted and wafted and parted my hair with such feminine flamboyancy - I almost wet myself laughing because it was just brilliantly gorgeous. I also love how camp guys always hang on to their pronunciation of the letter "S" in every word they use. its like a god given gay right to really ham that letter "S" out. LOVE IT. And James did a fab job (she says, as she swishes her head in james-like over exaggerated fashion).


Carol said...

oh my god! that cushion is just absolutely stunning! what a talented hunni she is :)

Love the new hairstyle Kirsty - think even my mop has gone beyond even Toni & Guys magic fingers! LOL

Jo said...

It's gorg Kirsty!You look a million dollars. :)

Mell said...

Loving your new hair Kirsty it really looks kool

Hils said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
HosieMosie said...

Loving the new do!!

Reminds me how much mine is needing some attention...its been over a year LOL

Net said...

Oooo Kirthty! That looksssss tho thuper duper! Thwishy doo dahs!

Debs said...

Its the way you tell it!! I'm sure i've p'd myself!! :0
You look gorgeous as ever luv...:D (pay me later ok!! :D)

Glee-scrap said...

You look SMASHING!

paper.minx said...

your hair looks LOVELY :)

Brook said...

Who is that HOT MOMMA! Hair looks FABOO!

Scrapdolly said...

Love the new hair cut - tres posh

looks fabby

Helen said...

look at you!!! fab do hun....

Sinead said...

I love it, Kirsty! You look terrific!

Roz said...

loving the new hair.

kerry lynn said...

yes he did!!

Gigi said...

oooh look at you gorgeous!!!
i think i need to see james for the afternoon :)

loved seeing you in CA!
hope next time we can sit & chat & have a cuppa :)



cannycrafter said...

Just lovin' the hair Kirsty!

Amelie said...

i love it!
i mistakingly got mine cut at the academy here in spain and i look like something out of the 80s. its depressing haha. but it did only cost 6 euros. serves me right ;)

Rae said...

ooohhhhh! It looks fab!!!! ;-D

Terrie B x said...

wow very nicey indeedy Kirsty:)x

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