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8 Feb 2008

Time zoned

**Note - Apron Auction is at £35, see the post below for more details)
I have been to Cali49A before and didnt suffer with any lag. But Im sat here at 5 minutes 8 in the morning and Im spacing out. Already had a birthday celebratory muffin for breakfast (must book a double seat on the way back to cater for my corn syrup infused food fest whilst here).
I woke up to what felt like a barrage of emails from the BBC, CBS, ITV and various independent tv documentry companies wanting to look further into the fundraising. But honestly? You couldnt orchestrate these last few days chain of events even if you tried. Its snowballed and gotten bigger and whilst Im out here and fast asleep, Mark gets call after call after call at home. He doesnt want to fight off Company X to satisfy Company Y. And again, we wish to stress that its a GOOD thing that awareness is being raised. Ive received so many lovely emails from parents across the globe with regards to their children being let down by their health care systems and left to "get on with it". Hearing the words "get over it" is something I have experienced only last November (not from a medical professional, I may add). Hearing those words is like being shot in the head and being fed to the lions of life. It hurts. It has given myself the support which has been lacking over the years because there is no support for a child who has no diagnosis.
So on to tday. We have arrived pre-CHA so I think today we are just getting used to the surroundings. Its a beautiful sunny day and the rest of the team have nipped to Target whilst I finish replying to important emails and baby sit for Michelles lil boy - Sammuel. He is fast asleep and wont be escaping my camera, I can tell you. Im looking forward to falling asleep as we go out for a walk this afternoon. I know its going to happen. My body is really confused and perhaps I can put that down to being 37 (read as 27) years old. IM OLD. Gah!
Here I am - OLD, 37 (yikes), no make up - sleepless (I think). Miss you Ellie xx

Miss you mark, Miss you Belle.......... am hunting down your favourite goodies for you whilst here.
Toodle ooooooo xx


Denise said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to You! You don't look a day over 27, so you go right ahead and claim that age.

Thrilled at all the barrage of attention you have received in regard to your fundraiser. You have clearly touched many and you can count me among the many.

Enjoy your time in CA. Glad to have you in the States!

Rach said...

Happy happy birthday xxx

honeybee said...

You look like a teen to me! Seriously, I wished I looked half that good after an oversees flight.

I am thrilled about all of the attention on Ellie. I pray that her condition is finally diagnosed.

SuzyB said...

Happy Birthday Quirky Kirky!!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday!!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday!

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty you are certainly not old as I am the same age as you!!

Brook said...

Hippo Birdie Doe Ewe
Hippo Birdie Doe Ewe
Hippo Birdie Deer Kirsty
Hippo Birdie Doe Ewe

Glee-scrap said...

WELCOME to California, and Happy Birthday! It's great that Belle's raising money AND awareness for her cause. I love hearing her voice in her video...she's so sweet!

Di said...

Hope you have a fab time and had a fab Birthday! x

Sam said...

LORDY - you are at CHA and having a birthday, I would give my EYE TEETH to go there, in fact I would be so excited I would faint!!!

Have a great time and happy birthday for yesterday dudey!!!

Monkee Maker said...

I hope you had a great birthday - and hells bells - I'd love to look as fresh as you do with full make-up and the works!

Just to let you know that I'm just about to Paypal you £387.00 which was the total number of raffle tickets that I sold last week. I really hope it will help with Ellie's fund, and it's great to see that you've raised so much in such a short space of time.

Best wishes to you all.



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