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20 Feb 2008

Straight A's

Who would have thought it?
Who would have bloomin well thought it whatsoever?

This lil nibble here got rave reviews from every single one of her teachers tonight. Although she is working towards a lower level than your average 12 year old, she got straight A's in all her assesments and efforts. Both Mark and I were flabbergasted. And pleased. And if you could have bottled the pride in her face, it would power a whole county for 5 years. Unfortch this lil nibble also has a cold and despite being offered some time off school, she was adammant that its to school she went. Talk about keen!

Been able to take a break from the mayhem of late to sift through my photo's at CHA. This was the stall of My Little Shoe Box - it was so elegant and girly. I went to chat with the owner and was seated on little stools with perfectly delightful cushions and bon bons for treats. Im hoping to do some work for them - they will set the cosy corners of scrapping alight, Im sure.

I also fell in love with a new exhibitor called Raspberry from the land of Oz.

Now everyone is raving about Pink Paislee being the boldest of new exhibits and it is a fab range. However, they got the ravest of reviews because they are from the US and had pre-destined designers toshowcase their products. But I like the underdog/unsung heroes in a contest and the little quiet corners of a show always have hidden gems. It tends to be "who shouts loudest" rules the day and I think these abbies got overlooked, quite shamelessly. But this corner of scrapdom has a gorgous range of papers. You must seek them out.

Whilst out in CHA I got to share a room with Emilie who works for Scrapbookmate. Ive never met anyone so organised for her years, so concise and dedicated too. I took some pictures of her whilst waiting in the carpark one afternoon. The light was perfect to showcase those amazing blue eyes. Typically a french beauty who couldnt avoid my camera. I mean, you just can't bypass beauty when you see it. I was so happy to take these for her :)

Mark and I have spent a lot of time together this past week and spent hours chatting on this sofa and catching up with Shameless - right through to season 4. Am gutted that Kev and Veronica are not in it anymore. Hate that Fiona and Stever left in season 2 as well. And from what I see of the current series (season 5) - its all about the maguires and they suck. Still love the gallaghers storylines but I hate the violence they portray. But i did get a whisper that Kev and "V" are making an appearnce this season. Hopefully it will pick up. Do you watch it?

And finally - those worried about the producers questions in my last blog entry. We are fine with the questions and so was Ellie. Its part of the documentry to get a better picture of what makes Ellie "Ellie". She is very very thin and yet eats so well. She is currently 36 lbs (2 stones and 8lbs) and should weigh 6 stones (Ave 12 year old weight). The whole point of the documentry is to follow her story to the US medical side of life, to reflect the pain of a child who cannot be "fixed" and to explain to those teens toying with the size zero phenomena that although Ellie is a size zero (infact she is much less - she is age 7 clothing), its a size she has no control of. Those teens messing with their bodies have a CHOICE to try being a size zero. Belle does not have that choice but is regularly judged because of it.

So that is where we are at. But don't worry - all is well in the Wiseman household :) And Belle says its ok to post her thin pictures because she thinks it will help others like her.


Jillian said...

Wow Kristy, I just can't say how happy I am that all of this money has been raised for Ellie! It is shocking to hear just how tiny she is, my six year old son weighs 42lb, and my 3year old 32. I hope and pray that the doctors here will atleast be able to give a name to Ellies pain and ailments. There is something about being able to give it a name that makes it a little easier to deal with.
God bless

Brook said...

I love the picts...sounds like things are going well...My Sam feels a kinship with Ellie. We are working on these weight and height issues. Clothing is a toughy. Too tall for the clothes that fit. He would wear todler clothes if they were long enough, but I am certainly not going to suggest it to my BIG boy. So we invest in belts. I often remove tags so he won't worry about the size.

Kari °O° said...

I am truly in awe of you & your family. I hope everything goes well for her & she is able to bring awareness to others. And hopefully she won't have to deal with too much more ignorance like those boys while you were ar the duckpond & she had to use her seat. *hugs*

Kari °O° said...

Oh geez...CONGRATS on those awesome grades Belle!!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!

Ginny said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile, not sure if I have ever commented or not. I just wanted to add that I really feel for your daughter. While never that thin, I was always a very thin kid. My mom would have teachers/principals talking to her about me having an eating disorder, we would always get looks/stares & questions. I always ate very well, just never gained the wait. When I was pregnant, the doctors would beg me to eat, I would tell the what I did eat & the would think I was lying. I was always made fun of for having "chicken legs" & it was hard keeping friends because they were jealous of how thin I was. It was a hard thing & when I would try to explain that people would just laugh it off. How could it be terrible to be thin? So good luck to your daughter & your family! I hope to be able to see the documentary, I'm in US, will it be played here as well?

Sherry said...

Wow. She's smart, considerate, and gracious too. Keeping you all in my prayers.

SuzyB said...

Wooooo hooooooooooo oodles of kisses and well dones to Ellie!! xxxxxx

Mireille said...

dont you just love "my little shoebox"..
awesome.. so great you got to see there new stuff..
remember the mini album and the wall deco I send in when I applied for SBM? .. that's MLS too =)
awesome.. can't wait to see their new stuff!

nightwolflayouts said...

wOOt!!!!! that is awesome news.
The digi kit is coming along well & the contributions so far are amazing!

BTW you've been tagged ;) Visit my blog 4 details :)

tjc designs Blog said...

Good on Ellie, I think we could all take inspiration and perspective from her to sometimes sit back and take stock of the world and our influence on it,although she goes through pain on a daily basis and teasing as a course of daily routine she can still think of helping others! I wish everyones heart was as generous as hers x

tjc designs Blog said...

Good on Ellie, I think we could all take inspiration and perspective from her to sometimes sit back and take stock of the world and our influence on it,although she goes through pain on a daily basis and teasing as a course of daily routine she can still think of helping others! I wish everyones heart was as generous as hers x

Jen said...

So glad Ellie's ok with it. She has a WISE head on her shoulders! (geddit, geddit? Wise, you know, like your name??? Sorry, I do that to Claire all the time and she's like "ok mum, I get it *yawn*") Anyway, can't wait to see how it goes. Here's big hugs to you all while it's all going on. Gorgeous pics of CHA, Emilie's gorge face and eyes, and your FAB hair, daaaaarling!. Lubs ya :)

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