Ladies Camera Club

26 Feb 2008


Ok, I have some rather groovacious raffle prizes coming in right now so you want to make note of this (and this is not everything yet!). I have a big, massive and humongous thanks to the UK stash shops who are taking part in the raffle. Please show your support by paying them a lil visit. Each one has something just for you (and me!).
**Gorge page kit from Scrummy Stash Cafe
**Box of Bazzll form Scrap Magic
**Goodies to the value of £20 from Scrapshed
** Fancy Pants Clear stamps from Make The Moment Last
**Jenny Cocks has donated a lovely box of papers from her own amazing line.
**Laura Fiore has donated an awful lot of beautiful stash from her own collection. All totally current and gorgeous.
**Dont forget to go and bid at some reet lil beauties over here at Bubbly Funk
Plus we have stash donated from Heather (as mentioned last week) and from ScrappyDo's.
There are prizes being donated all the time so that by the end of March there will be one humongous prize available to one winner - wherever in the world they shall live. For the past two years it was a competition based prize giving I have run on my blog but this time - EVERYONE has a chance.
The tickets will work on Paypal Transaction codes that both mark and I will monitor, print out and allow belle to pick a winner. The tickets will be £2 each and will be on sale from 1st March.
I had a lovely email from Mark winter and Deanne who collectively raised almost £100 at their local slimming world event - just for belle. Its so kind that people who you dont know (but want to know) just feel so energised into raising money like that.
Speedy Hire UK are a massive rental company hiring out building things (I don't know the word, Im a girl!!). Their offices local to us at Haydock have organised a company sponsorship for belle walk on the 22nd March. Im so very fortunate that the press (as much as I hated the tabloid side of it) and my blog has reached out to so much positivity.
So for all of the above - so far.... thank you a gazillion mcwillion trick trillion.
Talking of the sponsored walk, it turns out we have to raise a risk assessment plan as its on public ground. Now I know how serious this tuff is but the worst you can suffer is a little scratch off a bramble or maybe the 6 legged, horn billed ducky puss might make its rare appearance and eat all the ramblers in its wake. If any of you want to come (you are a. very welcome and b. bear in mind its easter saturday) but we would love numbers so that our risk assessment covers the insurance. Polava!
And here are some little picaroo's of my weekend at my bro and sissy's.
My sister might kill me for putting up a picture of her - but you can only see a bit of her head and I do happen to love this picture. I can't for the life of me remember when we actually had a proper picture taken together. So this is a treasure of all treasures.
This is my bro. I made him stand here and will give him this picture for his first album cover. that is, if he ever makes an album. He is not even a musician or a singer. But I want this to be his album cover cos it looks "album covery".
Is my sister in law trying to tell us something? Ok, she was looking through this book at my sisters house. We played a game of choosing our next childs name by suggesting a page number and then a number from down the list. Mine was Garth. I mean - as if. Garth? But we cant have more children so we will let this one go.
My sisters kids. Im respecting my sissy's wishes by not showing their faces. My nephew, H, is so funny. Really, he is.
And this is my niece, C. Isnt she just cosy? I love lil nibblets like this, bending down and exploring, rummaging and poking.
Ma belle a roo. In charge of the GPS and clearly hating the erm, bright light (it was overcast!)

We geocached around their sweet village and mark got a lil pee'd off at not being able to find one key point. It turns out I was standing on it - the bridge. How we laughed. NOT!

How many traditional butchers use dividing little shrubberies like this? I lubs tradish butchers and this one only serves meat farmed from a radius of 10 miles. Bring back to tradish butchers!

And finally we had to give Ellie a bit of a tough decision of lates. She is not capable of looking after her guineas (they are too fast and fidgety for her and Mark and I have got to the point where we are looking after those two adorable pigsters ... even though Im allergic). We told her that she could keep them but must look after them properly or give them away to someone who can give them the devotion and hands on huggables. She knew we had got fed up of cleaning them and feeding them for her so she said she owuld give them away. It broke her heart in a way because she loves them from outside the cage but won't venture in there to pick them up. So we have two well fed and looked after guinea pigsters complete with home and all food and vitamins etc looking for a home for FREE. If you live in the Wigan area do let me know if you want them. We thought we had a home for them a few weeks back but that fell through.

Marks buddy rang us up last week to offer Belle a pet that she could manage and one that would live with her for a long time. It was thoughtful in a way because he knows how much Belle is fascinated with animals. Its a Herman Tortoise (complete with licence for all those who are hot on this kind of stuff) and he will live for 100 years or so. A friend for life and more manageable, pick-up-able and moreover - SLOW! We have thought of Speedy, Shelly and Zoom for names. Wonder if you could suggest any for us?

**As I finished off this blog post we had an earth tremor (12.58am) and I swear to god, Im sleeping with one eye open tonight. I am shaken, if you pardon the pun. In the wake of discussing our epic 5 seconds of wobbliness over at UKS, I made this overlay. And, if it wasn't for our amazing wobbleful madness (remember, the UK rarely have tremors) - you wouldn't have an overlay!

Get her HERE


Deanne said...

Thank you for mentioning us on your blog Kirsty.
Regarding the tortoise - may sound strange but I proper shivered!!! eek, i have no idea what this phobia is called (i have googled it but cant find it) but i have a real bad phobia with anything shelllike!!! tortoise, turtle terrapin - eek, i proper cant breathe and start to hyperventilate when i see one!! even on tv lol
weird i know x

Deanne said...

felt the tremor too kirsty...
woke me up and scared me beyond belief!!!!!
im still blooming shaking now!!!!!

manicstamper said...

Oh phew..........I'm not going mad....there was an earth tremor. no likey.

Fab pics of your weekend.

Brook said...

What a lot of planning. I am so sorry about the upcoming loss of the Gpigs! My boys rat Mrs. Snappy recently passed and my boys were devestated. A turtle is an awesome pet. The school teacher in me must remind you to always wash your hands after handling turtles.

Bernadette said...

Hi Kirsty
Thanks for the yummy overlay. Where in the UK are you? We had a tremor here too, In Yorkshire, at about 1.30 am. Boy was it scary. I thought our building was going to collapse! It's a bit worrying isn't it?

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Maria said...

I bid £25 for the cushion and wish you the bestest of luck.

Beautiful cushion but can I have Rena too ..... please!!!

Rae said...

So glad Im not going mad. I woke up freaking out and Dave tried to tell me it was the washing machine (downstairs in the garage on the otherside of the house!) Whatever! wish I could offer the lil fellas a home but some of my family are VERY allergic!

DawnMarch said...

I love your photos and have really enjoyed reading your blog! said...

Hi There -I so enjoy your posts and love to read about Ellie....not to mention the freebies you go generously give us...Thanks and keep posting.

PS - I think it's album covery too...the one of your have him take up an instrument bec it would be such a waste of a great photo!!!!

Sherry said...

Zoom and Flash seem really good names to me... esp. with her Mum's talent for photography...

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your family and happenings,but am wondering if your little girl will understand her tortoise sleeping all winter?I heard that winter is so warm that you have to put them in a fridge to make sure they stay asleep and not wake up early and starve.Hope this isnt too much of a downer but better safe than sorry.

Davinie said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful are to geocache in! How funny that you were doing that... we just talked about going on a hunt the other day!

Glenda said...

Thank you for the template. I love yours

Heather said...

I'm so glad the auction is raking in the prizes. Our fabulous sponsors on UKS really do come up trumps :)

fgeegf said...

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