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29 Feb 2008

Lucy Lightening

The look on belles face when she saw Lucy Lightening, yest, was immense.
A pet that works at her speed, a pet she can handle - a lil herman tortoise.
Within in an hour of setting up her vivarium and heat pad, Belle and Mark took a walk (YES! No pushchair... I KNOW!!!) to grab some fresh dandelion greens. Belle worked hard to walk the distance to go into greener areas of our housing estate and pay particular attention to the areas which had not been sprayed with council insecticide. She was so bubbly about the whole affair. Lucy was a tad grumpy due to her 230 mile trip up north and hid all night under her hay house.
She is not at the true age for hibernation and no - you don't keep them in the fridge! They need warmth and UV light during the day and heat during the night. Put it this way, Lucy will be pampered beyond all requirements and we want to pass a huge thanks to Marks bud, Daz for handling the tortoise transaction for Belle.
What was even more fabulous yest was the best news we had had in 6 flaming years.
Guess what Ellie got after the 3rd attempt of trying?
Just bloody well guess what?
Well being failed twice in the past 6 years for something we knew she deserved cut us to the bone.
But 3rd time lucky for her and she has finally got her Statement of Education. Can you adam and eve it?
A statement of education recognises a child's disability and special needs - officially and with strict observation. What we think failed her in the past was the ill advise of the primary school she previously attended. We ought to be very cross with them for wasting 6 years of valuable loss of care. But in recent weeks Ive been shrugging off the past and ignorance. It still burns deep in the core of my body and I can feel ripples of rage at times but to be honest, isnt it better strike up a kilowatt of happiness for the future as opposed to living in your own bitterness of the past - all dark and gloomy and miserable?
Talking of which.....
Ive been reading a blummin marvellous book of late. And I feel there are a number of people I could recommend this book to - both those that dwell on the misery of the past and those who have learned to deal with the misery of their past. No w don't get me wrong becuase I don't mean misery as in poor, unloved family backgrounds. I mean people who inflict their miserableness upon all they meet. You know that feeling when you absorb the hate and anger of a situtaion which then manifests itself in you so that you allow it to evolve into something that turns you too into something miserable? I personally feel I have been that spong becuase Im affected that way. I personally don't think I am a miserable person. Look -> :)
This book allowed me to recognise and how to steer away from what was causing me to feel so low and so worthless. It showed me how you can deflect negativity and how you can discover whats eating you. It allows you analyse the power of people and that hierarchy, nobility, hostility and integrity within others means nothing without the power of understanding. It allows you to feel you can stand shoulder to shoulder with every walk of life because at the end of the day we are human. Nothing sets you apart from anyone else when it all boils down to carbon and frequency (bear with me, its get less baffling). You just THINK it does. Its amazing. I demand you read it. It only 33p at amazon right now - here!!! Don't let the title put you off, it isn't all about "how to make friends and influence people". It's about (not so deep)psychology and the study of the good and bad in people. It allows you to become a better person especially if you, like me, suffer with a very low self esteem.
I was talking to two people yesterday. Both from very different backgrounds, both with their own issues but both very lovely. Through both of their life stories they remain so positive. Its nice to be surrounded by that, don't you think? I told them both about this book, because if anything slips in their life - its a book you would like to fall on. Its even better than The Secret. And I thought was the bestest. I really did. And this book was written 70 years ago and its principles are still valid today. That's because time and tide can change no inner core of a human beings psychology. Even if they are affected by something so great, the mind can wind down to the principles of this book. And you have to tell me when you have read it and share your views. You just have to.
**Alights orange box**
So anyway - goodness comes this way by a number of wonderful donations, topping up a substantial pile of yummo.
**Anna Moore sent a £20 Paperarts voucher (paper arts is always top in the newest supplies)
**Sara Berry sent her debut kit from her club over here at Story of my Life - USA
**A local car car company in Wigan rang us up on Weds to declare that they had raised £350 for belle on the back of one of their lads doing the Liverpool half marathon on Sunday. I couldn't breath for the total shock of such a wonderful gesture until he almost killed me yesterday when he said that they had actually topped it up to £1000. We go next week to pick up the cheque so I will report all of that delight next week :)
**And Debbie, over HERE has offered to an online album making class for £6. All of your £6 will go to belle fund raiser which I think is very selfless of Debbie to offer. I spoke with Debbie for like 36 hours on the phone and her genuine and kind nature shone through the parting black clouds of tabloid hell a few weeks back. It was very refreshing to feel the bubble nature of her persona over the phone.
We are so grateful to the raffle prizes coming in, bit by bit..... with heartfelt thanks
PS: Don't forget mothers day on Sunday which comes a bit flipping earlier than normal. Obviously down to Easter and obv a commercial strategy in my estimation. Can the two not be on the same day? Sheeeeeesh.


Charlotte said...

That is the best blummin pet ever!
I love reading the stories of people's fundraising, they give me happy goosebumps xxx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Those photos brought back some fab memories of my childhood Kirsty!!

I was brought up with tortoises. Mum used to grow 'ice plant' (some kind of succulent) in the garden which they lurved to munch on!

I'll have to see if I can find out the real name for the plant.

Beware though, they can dig their way out of a garden. We often played 'hunt the tortoise!' LOL

Jane said...

Damn, I paid £8 with my book tokens for THAT book today - I'm in chapter 2 and already it's made a difference - look, I'm commenting on your blog LOL LOL

I'm all geared up for chocolate & pear pudding a la Nigella Express, so don't let me down or I'll have to eat it all myself!

Jen said...

A huge welcome to Lucy Lightning :) Hope she and Ellie enjoy a very long life together. And YAY to the statement! How fantastic. And yes, you are so right: do not let the past eat you up inside. What's done is done. I have heard of that book, but not read it, but I swear by a course by Jack Canfield I bought 20 years ago called "Self Esteem and Peak Performance". It's still available on his website, if you google him. He's one of the contributors to The Secret actually, and I have listened to his voice for years and years and it's thanks to him that my self-esteem is not in my boots any more. One day, I shall teach self-esteem classes to teenagers, I really will. That's my destiny in life. To think that so many people go through life feeling like sh.t because of what other people have said/done to them hurts me to the core. So there you are. Now you know MY secret LOL! Keep smiling :)

Sam said...

I just spent 33p I hope it is worth it otherwise I am coming to raid your stash/have my photo taken and hope i look like a godess!!! LOL I wish!! Bring the Botox with you xxx

casey boyd said...

Hey you busy girl...check out my comment on 2/26..I made a couple bids....let me know.

Pol said...

A statement of last. Can't believe it has taken so long. If ever there should have been a straight forward application it should haave been for Belle. Hopefully this will make a big difference.

Sam said...

so I go online and order THAT BOOK.............clearing out our cellar this afternoon, what do I find but the very same book --aaaaarrrgggh!! You got yourself another raffle prize! I'll send it on when it arrives - DOH!

Cazzy said...

How wonderful, a tortoise! I used to have 3, but gave them away when I was pregnant as I was worried about germs! In hindsight that was silly but they went to a wonderful home where the people had tortoises already and built them a little bungalow with ramp in the garden!

I have put a surprise on my blog for you, hope you don't mind!

Brook said...

I am so happy for Belle and her new pet. I'm also glad that things are looking up for her at school!

Rachel said...

Sam - that is just toooooo funneeeee But how many times have we all done things like that!!!

Sounds like the Fundraising is going a storm!! Well done and I hope you get lots of fuzzies from it all too


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