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5 Feb 2008

Auction at bottom of post - stands at £35 so far

I get my Momma on the phone asking me how everything is going round here, she knows how mad it is all getting.

So I tell her and then I thought I'd tell you too.
Its amazing that complete strangers want to help, its even better when a family pulls together - even from the darkest corners. It makes me smile and for belle - she wonders if the money will fit in the house and blow the roof off (thats what banks are for, baby). She overheard me saying to somebody on the phone that money is literally pouring into the fund but she just didnt hear right and she thinks it literally pouring. I mean she isnt daft or anything - just kiddies imagination!
What has touched us is the length that people have gone to and this is even funnier.

Kerry who joins us over at HSMS (which, I have to add has been hijacked this week) - well anyway, Kerry knits monkies and other knittery things for fun and for a wee hobby (her blog is called Monkee Maker). She has sorted out a load of her posessions and knitteries for sale and is currently raising £500 for Belle. I just can't believe she would do this for belle, really I can't. You can buy a raffle ticket over at her blog here if you like!! But Belle heard me talking to Mark yest about it and she got the story wrong and thought she was a lady that removed nits from monkies. I sprayed my apple juice the length of the kitchen when she mentioned this to me mid pancake flip tonight.
We received private donations in cheque pledges ranging from a lovely £5 to a mind blowing £250 which we will add up next week to add to the fund.
A lovely lady's husband is giving in a collection from work... I dont know them which is hard to fathom, but is so tearfully exciting and joyful at such generosity.
I spoke to a lady called Debbie today (well, for two hours so it was more of a life story between the two of us) who offered to make an album class to sell on her website with the proceeds going to Ellie.
Mark's ex Warrant Officers comittee proposed £100 at a mess meeting last night and it was unanimously voted in. Mark also received information about accessing further forces funding, which we forgot to address. The forces run both the British Legion and SSAFA which we could access as we both collectively have served 31 years in the armed forces. Again, we hit barriers on access like this becuase belle is a singale cause fundraising.
A fab Collab kit has been made by a bunch of amazing scrappers this week. Im just figuring a way to sell it via the trust fund. more about that soon :)
A lovely girl over at UKS is donating jewellery from her party plan.
A UKS girl from Wales is putting together a box of scrap supplies for the raffle which we will hold at the end of March. Once we receive all donations I can send links to their wonderful shops so you can eye up their spiffing candy!
And finally Lucy Lucy Lucy! She has made this for AUCTION - which goes live from NOW. Its starting at £1.00 (for Europeans paying in Euros, £1= approx 1.40 Euros and in Dollars £1= approx $1.80). This apron is completely hand made and embroidered with a natty little handmade scissor jacket, pockets and these gorgous birds and flowers. She says the pockets are full of love and hope. Sniff, that made me cry. So if you want to bid on it, cast a bid here on the comments section (I will keep all bids private and not publish them) and the highest bidder gets to bag the apron. Auction is over on 14th Feb when I get back. No email bids - sorry. Just bids by comments please :)
**Note I wont be here to administrate as quickly as Id like but Ill try and pop on and I'll keep a total of the apron auction as a sticky at the top of this page.

How lucky is our little girl to have such caring people as


Close To Home said...

My heart goes out to you.

What a beautiful apron. It is utterly LOVELY!

Debs said...

I'm glad its all coming together for Ellie! What did you expect when you've so readily helped so many others??! :) I've posted on my blog re the book we talked about...pop over when you get a min!
Love the pretty!!
Hugs to you all
Debs xx

Carol said...

oh dear, that post made me blub just a bit! :(

Aren't the majority of people just fantastic - exactly how people should be in my mind.

It restores my faith in the human race more than you know that there are people willing to go the extra mile to help out.

stef said...

its not us kirsty its all thanks to are an amazing mother, the way you write about your liitle girl ooozzzes love.

Craftybanshee said...

Glad the fundraising is going so well Kirsty. What a fabulous apron!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Kirsty, the collection from Will's work raised £37.44. It was collected from staff instead of them sending Christmas cards. We've rounded it up ourselves and have sent our donation through to you.

I will print out details of Ellie's trust to let them know where their money went. Good Luck with raising even more for your Belle.


Monica said...

Kirsty I ve finally managed to look further than my eyes and spoted how to make a donation, I sincerly hope that you will get to raise the money Belle needs. I m thinking of you all Hugs Monica xx

Brook said...

What a beauty! Bell is a lucky gal!

Catriona MacGregor said...

Hiya Kirsty!

I would like to donate a digiscrap kit for Ellie's cause. I am also posting the call on my blog. Hugs to your family from mine.

Catriona MacGregor
designing for Plain Digital Wrapper

Cazzy said...

Kirsty, I have donated £27 from my card sales. Normally I donate £1 per card to Tree Aid, but this time I had to donate the whole amount to help little Ellie get to the USA.

I have emailed the receipt and the links to the appeal and your blog to my friend who sold the cards so she can show the customers where it went!

I am sending you all my hope and love for Ellie, I hope you get your answers and a solution.

eef said...

Good luck with everything! xoxo eef

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