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18 Feb 2008

Casting an eery glow

Winter sunsets are generally a flash in the pan but the last two nights have been wierd. At approx 5.15pm the light goes a grey-orange colour and it feels awful strange. I thought last night was a one off but it did it again tonight so I took some pics. Im not sure it conveys the right mood but it was wierd (is it me but does spelling "wierd" look wierd? I always thought it was "i before e"). So Im sharing my wierdness with you! Or is that weirdness?
Wanted to mention that out of almost 900 emails to reply to, I am getting there. I personally want to acknowledge every single one and it will be done. So do bear with me as I fit it inbetween the admin at this end and such like business. Whilst Im on the admin front, I wanted to list some of the prizes for the raffle - them being

*A box of goodies from Persephone (Heather) at UKS - lots of stash from when she used to run a fabbo scrap shop
*A beautiful 12x12 picture frame and some Elsie papers/fabric paper from Jo at ScrappyDo's
*Caroline over at Bubblyfunk is having an auction overe here and bidding closes early march.
*Kerry over here rasied a whopping £343 over here by raffling off some of her goodies
*Corinne Delis did a wonderful job of auctioning some of her beautiful things over at her groovacious blog.

And if all pledges come into effect, you have helped raised over £7,000. This money will reach various charities in addition to the trip to the USA. We want to mention (again) that all of this money is being banked in a trust fund account in Ellie's name and will be spent according to her medical needs in the US and further spread to charities in the UK :) Should anyone who donated to the fund wish to view transactions relating to the fund raising, we will be happy to oblige once the trip to Nevada has taken place (April 08).
We have a TV documentry company coming to visit Ellie tomorrow. They are keen to follow her story from birth to following us to Nevada. Im hoping that they will convey the story to a wider audience so that they cover four most important details:
a. To never give up on your loved ones even when you have been told there is nothing else that can be done.
b. To reach out to those who are in a similar position and offer support (of which has been lacking until recently).
c. To show how hard it is (even after banging you head against a brick wall and almost going over the edge of depression) that as a mother - you know you are right.
d. To prove to the ignorance of every single person we meet/have met that Ellie eats 6 times a day (and not 6 meals a day as miquoted in the press) and is not anorexic, is not a spastic, is not stupid, is not special - she is just different - with luscious, ruby rosebud lips. And sprinkles on top. With a cherry. And an extra squirt of cream. And perhaps a flake. Oh, and strawberry sauce.
Smiles :)


manicstamper said...

Oh no's not just you having the weird skies. The field at the back of us (which doesn't have any lights such as street lights near it)has looked as if it was floodlit for the last couple of nights. I find it really quite creepy and shut the curtains so I can't see!!!

Hope the money is coming in from the stamp raffle which is still going and should be until the end of the week at least.

Sinead said...

number 4 on your list is my favorite reason. ;) Good luck with the documentary meeting tomorrow! I'm thrilled to hear the terrific progress with all of this!

oh, and it's weird. ;) super cool pics, though!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Kirsty,

You can call me whatever you like - as long as it's not rude! Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... ahem .... please don't worry about calling me, I know you have loads on (plus I'm shy ;)

I need to Paypal you the last £15 that a couple of late people sent, which will make my raffle total £402.00. Didn't quite sell all 500 tickets but still pretty damned chuffed that a few knitted bits and bobs - and the inspiration that is your gorgeous girl, of course, could raise so much.

I hope it keeps on rolling in for you all.


mandy said...

Good luck with the Documentary, I really hope it helps :)

Bobs said...

Our sunsets have been very strange up here in NE Scotland too. Two nights ago, it was orangey-peachy, but yesterday it was almost like an orangey-green! Decidedly odd.

Brook said...

I think the documentary is a wonderful idea! I am so happy that you have let us intrude on your personal life. Thank you for sharing Belle with us.

Oh cool picts!

Caroline said...

Glad to help hun, and I hope the trip to Nevada gives you some definite answers and help. Exciting news about the documentary too!! Hugs to you all, Caroline xx

Jessica said...

you know what those photos remind me of? when i lived in sicily oooooh so long ago. sometimes the sky would turn orange b/c of sand storms from the sahara. Those were always eerie, especially in the evening when the sunlight was really intensified the colors.

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