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31 Jan 2008

We don't know what to say

but they response to this has been overwhelming. Overwhelming to the point of several outbursts of tears. For good and bad reasons if I am honest. But even from the bad came good so what am I moaning for?
We have reached £1032 as I type ($2000) with donations ranging form a wonderful £2 to a breathtaking £100. I will be going through all the donations today to thank you all personally and I will try my hardest to plough through the many gorgous emails I have received. Even Elie had a few yesterday - she felt so important. Well, she is isnt she?
I have had many offers of hand made mini books to jewellery to handmade aprons to artwork being donated for the grand raffle of all grand raffles (opeThis is not including some samples of new release donations from CHA (which I will collect personally). Maya Road have got some stuff together too! SO FAST! There are people out there organising stamp sales from their own stash to whip rounds at work. I also believe Radio Leeds gave this a shout out - but that is to be confirmed. Radio Leeds? So random and so GOOD!.
At this rate we will be able to register the charity for GOOD which really puts me at ease. Not sure if you are aware but you cannot register a charity until you have raised over £5000 ($10,000 or there abouts). I cannot even register Ellies fund in a "just giving" webpage as you cannot collect for one single person on there. Both Mark and I felt that was so important to point out. And of course we want to make an expenditure list made available to all the donators, should any of them wish to view how we have spent the money (when we do spend it of course).
If you missed what I am talking about - please go to the post below. I will film Ellies progress as we go along and get her to thank you all for everything so far via YOUTUBE clip. I would also like to point out that Ellie practiced what she wanted to say on yesterdays clip but spoke in her usual sweet and shy way - the lines "thank you dearly" we not rehearsed at all.... that wee girl makes me laugh.
Be back soon xx


Carol said...

just done my £20.00 hun. Was really easy and simple to do.

You go Ellie :)


Polly said...

Well done! You deserve it!!! Your DD deserves more than she is getting here, thats for sure. I hope that somewhere someone holds the answers you want and deserve.

I didn't think of the whole stash thing. I will make a few mini books if you'd like to add into the raffle/for mini prizes...? I have four jacobs ladder kits (all bits/instructions etc...) from a past crop too that i'd happily post to you if you want them. I am letting you know that I am willing to do everything I can to support your little sweetie. Any links/blinkies going i'll pop one on my blog.

Love to you all xxx

TROUT said...

CRIKEY WHAT A GREAT TOTAL SO FAR - I am amazed and in awe from all the donations and lovely thoughtful comments you have received. I sold 3 cards last night and the money has been donated. Hope to sell a lot more.

Hugs to you all
Donna aka Lazy trout

Shannon said...

That video touched me so much!! My daughter, who is 9 yrs old, want to be her e-pal, it touched her too! She thinks your daughter is great!

Tammy Dunlap said...

HEllO. I made a small donation to your little sweeties cause. It was not much but I wanted to help with what I could. You have always been so generous with your wonderful freebies so it is then least I could do. I sure hope they can help her. I completely understand how you must feel with all this. My 10 year old has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy and uses a power wheelchair full time. It is so hard to watch your children deal with such things at such a young age. I will continually check your blog to see how things are going with your beautiful little Belle.

Deanne said...

the video was just gorgeous, bless her.
i made a small donation and am thinking of other ways to raise funds too.
my slimming world consultant said she'll happily have a raffle evening there too, so i better get me thinking cap on.
i'll let you know more later xxx

Jillian said...

oh Kristy I am so very happy for your family. One day and all those donations, looks like great things ahead for your little doll baby.

ger76 said...

Great news hun!! Hope you don't mind I've added your info to my facebook & on my blog, sent you an email Good luck with it all xxx

cannycrafter said...

Hi Kirsty, have made a donation and was trying to post Ellies video clip on my blog, but it was a bit tricky, so have posted it as a link and also linked to here to read the background and to Ellies site for the donations to be given. Will mention it on my forum too. Hope everything works out well for you and Ellie, she is so cute, how lucky your are to have her! Keep fighting for her! Caroline xx

Nick said...

Just added my little donation-wish it could have been more, good luck Belle.
Kirsty-her joints look hypermobile(over extending) in the pictures, have they mentioned ths as part of her diagnosis?
If you want more info give me a yell-I help with the Hypermobility association

Terrie B x said...

Hi Kirsty,I`v popped a link to Belles appeal on my blog in the hope that every little helps....
I will make a donation it wont be masses but it all helps.I will pass the info to anyone I know...
in order to spread the word.
Good luck withyour wishes:)x

Jen said...

Wow, wow, wow! You'll get there in no time at all. So excited for you all, but of course espesh for Elle la Belle. Love ya :)

Brook said...

I'm so excited for you and your family. When I wrote my $750 check yesterday for my son's testing, I was overwhelmed. I know that you had to be overwhelmed when you saw the huge amount you needed. I think all children should have a chance to be the best they can be. Belle is a lucky gal! She has awesome parents and friends. See all those freebies that you made really paid off you have great friends everywhere who have just fallen in love with you and Belle.

leann said...

Go Ellie!
I've just added my li'l donation {sorry it can't be more!} & I'll add a link on my blog too :)
Hugs to you all x

Michelle said...

Hello Kirsty,
My name is Riley and im 4. My mummy told me all about Ellie and I watched her video. I'd like to give the money from my money box to her. We are going to count it tonight and my mummy will send it to you.
from Riley

I hope that all goes well for Ellie and she finally gets the treatment she deserves. I'l be sending paypal payment this evening. All the best,
Mich xx

Janna said...


I read the story of your daughter on and I searched for your blog. My roommate suffers from symptoms that are almost EXACTLY like your daughter's. She is 30 years old and weighs 62 lbs. She was diagnosed at around 1 year of age to have severe rheumatoid arthritis. I am wondering if perhaps Ellie may have the same thing? Please contact me if you're interested in knowing more... maybe I could have you contact my roommate.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious daughter...

God bless & take care,
Janna K.
(Holland, Michigan - USA)

Janna said...

One more thing... if you need my e-mail address, it is:

Rosie said...

I shall be wholeheartedly supporting you & Belle - good luck to you all. My DH founded his own charitable organisation last year and I sympathise with you re the whole charities commission forms and rigmarole. It's very frustrating, isn't it?
Chin up!
Rosie from Devon xxx

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