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6 Jan 2008

Tolerance being tested

I took belle and myself out of this germ infested pit to blow the stink out of my soul, put some pinkness in belles cheeks and feed the birds. I brought the cameras with us to get close with some wildlife (belle is begging for a new screen savers and animals are what she likes best). We, of course, ventured over to our favourite reserve at the 3 Sisters park. This meant taking the pushchair as belle can't quite manage distances over 100 metres at the best of times. Nothing new to us really, the pushchair is part of Belle lil life.
I took some great shots but a lot were in soft focus because of the poor winter light. My zoom lens is not exactly fast (given F5.6 at the longest range - it was pants to say the least). I did manage to grab a few sweet shots to remind me of how life was so kind until 5 minutes after the last picture.

Just as I was strolling into the car park with Ellie there were two boys taking off their wellies at the back of their parents cars. The screwed up their faces as they realised that Belle was probably a bit too big for a pushchair. Now these boys looked old enough to realise that Maclaren Strollers in belles size are not actually toddler pushchairs (belles is a prescribed chair less conspicious than a wheelchair which I refuse to have just yet). They nudged each other and laughed like little horned devils. Well, my defence mechanisms came throttling through the heavens and I had to clamp my teeth over my tongue to tell them to stop being so mean. I tried with all my might and passed with flying colours as I didn't say a word or even acknowledge that they were there. I have learned through my own daughter that I CAN tolerate ignorance. When I chose this word to feature in my resolutions I knew I'd have a problem with other people's ignorance. I just wasn't expecting it so soon after 1st January.

Soon after belle and I had driven away from these sorry souls I asked her how she felt and she said she felt nothing. She said she didn't feel good nor bad - she said she felt normal.

And really, she is.

With ruby red rosebud lips on top.

Give me a slightly fragile sweetheart over devil horned ignorance anyday.

Finally, I wanted to pass my condolences on the Christine whose darling husband Eric lost his fight for life yesterday afternoon. Christine has been documenting erics final days with us on her blog and as much as we all knew this day would come, Im finding it hard to accept.

Know you were loved Christine for he lives on through Ethan


Nicole said...

Kirsty, i've dealt with meanies in the not so distant past as are just heartless sometimes.

my heart goes out to Christine as well...


casey boyd said...

Great photos of your outing! Way to exercise some tolerance, don't know that I would have done as good.
Oh and you can spy my Dennis Quaid any time;)

Erin said...

I think she looks awfully cute in her McClaren personally! Hang in there!

Sinead said...

Grrr...intolerance ticks me off! I'm glad that Belle doesn't let it bother her. Stupid people suck! ;)

Barb said...

Beautiful. She is beautiful, Kirsty!

Brook said...

This is a daily fight for me at school every day. I will not tolerate this form of pettiness in my class. Bless Belle. What a mature little spirit she has!

rani said...

lovely pics. so sorry about your friends husband. peace

blue said...

I have been lurking on your blog for a while now, but have felt the need to leave a comment this once. As the parent of a child with a disability I have been through these challenges on a daily basis over the years. Just remember that you have grown in so many ways, ways that 'normal' people with 'normal' children/siblings/ families will never know or even try to understand. You can tolerate the ignorance easily knowing that you are evolving to a higher place of humanity that they don't have the benefit of insight into. You are a strong brave and incredibly resilient woman, don't let ignorance waver your focus on a daily basis, because I know that this is what we struggle with sometimes from one five minute session to the next. Keep finding that strength that I know you have...and sometimes when you don't feel so strong just tell the buggers off!!!

china59 said...

I don't know how you managed it.
I know for sure that you did the right thing. But I just couldn't have. I think I'd have beaten the crap out of the poor b*st*rds. Which is wrong. I must blame these anger management pbs of mine, but just reading what you wrote makes me sick !

Anyway, I'm glad Belle is a lot more sensible and grown up than I am, and that she didn't let herself be hurt by their behaviour.

VintageGirlatHeart said...

she is truly an angel and those red little lips oh my......
so happy that you were out and about breathing in the fresh air and sorry that you had to deal with ignorance:(.
i love the pictures you take of her!!
thanks also for sharing Christine's news, I have been following her blog and will continue to pray for her..

Shannon said...

Oh Kirsty you are such a strong lady. I would have given those boys a piece of my mind. But lately I've been giving everyone a piece.
Great shots of Belle and all her beauty!
How sad for your friend. I popped over to her website and read and cried and cried and cried. Thanks for sharing the delicate way of life.

Magpie said...

Kids around 10-13 are terribly insecure, and therefore tend to be horribly cruel to anyone who's the least bit different in their eyes. But I've noticed as my oldest kids have gone through high school (ages 14-18 here) that they make a turnaround and their grinchy hearts seem to grow 10 sizes in a short while. So if you and Belle can hold out and practice that tolerance a bit longer, I really think the other kids are likely to come to see that they owe everyone they meet a lot more love and courtesy.

That said, I don't know how you managed to keep your lips pressed together yesterday. When my kids' feelings are getting hurt right in front of my eyes, it's often all I can do not to begin crying on the spot. My heart goes out to you!

Anilu Magloire said...

Good for you, K! You are one strong mama :)
Love pics you got. LOVE!!

Kristi said...

it is a shame about the rude boys! ignorance is very difficult to tolerate :(

Jules said...

Those are great photos!

Great words for Christine.

a very tired mommy said...

as Scrappy Doo would say.... "Lemme at 'em, I'll splat 'em!"

oooh, the mean kiddos. But am so proud of your tolerance. I would have gone kung fu on the little nerds!

Michelle said...

...hugs to your friend Christine! That's heartbreaking...=(

I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog today...gorgeous pictures frok the park!

Kerry said...

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks so much for your kind comment about my snaps .... I wish I did have the "eye", the equipment and the motivation to do more.

Wow, what a moving post this was .... your tolerance, your daughter's maturity in one so young and such sad news about your friend.

Being the knit-freak that I am, I love Belle's blanket .... did you make it? (for knit-freak read knit-nerd)


Amelie said...

you're amazing, i don't know if i could ever cope so well with other peoples ignorance when it came to my daughter!
that second picture of belle is pure bliss... like winter fairy searching

Anonymous said...

(1) Great photos as always!

(2) So impressed with your
attitude about those rude boys--you're a better person that I could be!


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