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2 Jan 2008

So many challenges

Wow - everyone in the whole scrapbooking world has gone cukoo la laaaaa.
52 weeks this, a layout a day that, word of this week the other. I really do wish I could play them all but I just cannot. I struggle with Her Space - My Space everyday as it is as I often get caught up with one thing or another (and believe me, its never cos I can't be arsed).
Ive spotted a weekly challenge that I might have a "go" at. I mean, I managed to manage (hee hee) whilst over on the UK dares a while back and yet, in stark contrast I often felt strained at coming up with something unique for the Design Collective and that was every 4 weeks (mainly because I wanted to be absolutely faultless in the delivery to the people paying for the classes).
So instead, Im just going to be inspired by what I see and when I see it.
And today I did just that. I had time to play before my brother arrived and I saw a lil idea over at Scrap in Style TV. Based on a layout titles "My Life Right Now", I had the perfect picture and the perfect quote to reflect that.
The hidden quote reads:
“The splendor of the rose
and the whiteness of the lily

do not rob the little violet

of it’s scent nor
the daisy
of its simple charm.

If every tiny flower wanted
be a rose, spring would
lose its loveliness.”

That quote sums me up... .. I feel like that little daisy. Its such a cheery little verse that Im going to thread that onto some fabric as a little keepsake to some of my close friends.
Talking of quotes, I had some delightful creature send me this before christmas (quite out of the blue). Its from the wizard of the bizarre yet comforting words of Dr Seuss and it reads:
"Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind". Isnt it jolly? Its like a riddle me ree but its so understandable and meaningful and true. Thank you to whoever sent me it becuase it made me do some thinking over the festive season. So much that you could never measure just how much.
I must find the time to collate all of these gorgeous verses, quotes and lyrics of mine into a little book and match the lines to a personal matter. Now there calls for a challenge in itself. But to be honest, I dont think I could commit to it religiously everyday, I really do have enough to do. So just a little plodder of a book will suffice.
From quotes I lead you to one little word. One of my favourite writers (and yes, I mean writer even though she scraps) is Ali Edwards. Her word for 2008 is Vitality. Whilst I promote any kind of wisdom and hope behind new years resolutions, I feel I can't add to any great literary excitement other than my choosing of the word "tolerance". There, I think that might be my word for 2008. But by tomorrow it might be hernia, uresis or heart attack (even though I know that is essentially two words but is in effect one act - so you can sort of let me off the hook here) because I laughed so hard tonight that I think I gave myself one of the three. Or in fact suffered all three. Whatever.
My bro and his wife arrived tonight for a lil new year visit and we played on the Wii and Buzz and then to the primitive art that was formerly enjoyed by so many hundreds of years ago - a board game. Shriek! Its called Absolute Balderdash and I have bored you to death with this before but anyway, to doubly make sure I kill you this time - I shall concur (does concur have 2 "r's"?). Damn it, I mean recur. Basically its a bluffing game but by the time you have a few rounds of it, you get to suss out who is behind each bluff and boy - do we laugh so hard. As I have a chest infection (for the millionth time) I really couldn't breathe nor catch my breath between each guffaw. And only got worse as I saw every ones faces turn pewse from laughter at me choking half to death. It's so unfair. No offers of resuscitation or a pat on the back to clear my throat. My family are hounds! Horns sprout from their heads with evil, red glints in their eyes matched to a mocking laughter. Pooey.
So now I finish up the days events with a blog entry, a happy first day (although