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25 Jan 2008

Scientist of the week!

That is my lil lady! She came out of school with a full beam.
I thought she was just displaying that "friday feeling".
So she edged closer to the car and I said "You look happy, sweets".
And she went "AHEM" whilst pointing to a yellow enamelled badge.
I scream "Oh. Em. Gee. How cool is that?"
And she replied "Oh. Em. Gee. I know!"
She got this for impressing the science teacher during their Float and Sink experiments. She put up her hand excitedly and said "Sir - did you know that oranges float but if you peel them, they sink?"
Well I didn't know that. He obv did, he's a god darn scientist!
But my daughter is a wee sponge of late cuz she got that info from the back of a caprisun juice pack only the other day!
I love the story of how she came to get the badge the best.
She said it like this.
"The teacher walked around the room saying he had the the Scientist of the week badge to give out to one brilliant child. I was praying really hard Mum, like you wouldn't believe. I really wanted it more than I ever wanted it and I knew I had a chance. I squeezed my eyes tight and he said that it was being awarded to Ellenor Wiseman. That's me! (no shit, Ellie!!) And then I let all my air out because I was holding my breath"
I heard that about 40 times tonight.
Then Mark gets home and he heard it 40 times too.
Just a lil ole yellow enamelled badge and we get this? PRICELESS!
Went to a charity shop yezzers to check out some books. Am loving charity shops for Sophie Kinsella's, Jodi Picoults and Marian Keyes at a quid a pick. I didn't come out with a book but Belle had herself armed with a dolphin figure for her collecsh and I snagged these Next jeans for £3.49 ......!!!!!I am between sizes so buying brand new jeans at £40 a pop don't make no sense. Mark thinks its minging to wear second hand clothes (and he is not generally a snob) but I don't care. Charity is charity and I need jeans. So these do the trick and real blingers, huh? Then I saw this Nine West designer bag for a measly 99p. Its hardly ever been used. So I gave it a new home. Am feeling virtuous at our total £5.40 spends :
Finally winally, Ive been tagged by sweet Rachel. I get tagged like a million times a week and just never get around to fulfilling the quest (soz!). But rach caught me in a tres good mood (as Im knee deep in balancing the books for my tax return so really - Im not in that much of a good mood). She wants me to name my top 5 songs and why. Well here they are:

Pretty Green Eyes by Ultrabeat (click here to hear it)

This is a ring tone on both Mark's and my phone. This is Mark's song that he thinks describes me (please try not to puke). We both LOVE this song more than life itself. Groovy funky beat that we cook together to and laugh our heads off into the bargain.

Im Alive by Celine Dion (click here to hear it)

This is mine and belles song. WE sing tis full blast in the car - its our feel good song. If ever I could make one record for HER Id probably screech my way through this one. This song is everything to both of us :)

Motorcycle Emptiness by The Manic Street Preachers (click here to hear it)

Im a TOTAL manic's fan. Im the best there is if fan clubs ever measured my love for them. I love love love love love love love love love them. And James, the lead looks fit as fudge in that video.

Mothers Pride by George Michael (click here to hear it)

Makes me cry everytime I think of it let alone hear it. I demand you listen to it (excuse the crappy intro). Its haunting and beautiful in the same breath

Don't stop believing by Journey (click here to hear it)

Whenever I go to America I always hear this song and I just LOVE it - so much Im busting that you go and listen to it. Its a song I heard years ago in the UK and forgot all about it until I went to America (and Ive been 5 times.... 6 if you count CHA this February!)

I could go on forever with my favvo songs but these ones pretty much cut the top 5. Im going to tag all you music loving dudes and link me back so i can go and check you out!



em said...

Love the story about your little scientist! So cute!

I LOVE Don't Stop Believing! Such a great song!!

Magpie said...

Love the story of the science badge! Okay, if Ellie's class studies geology, do a post about it, and I'll have my hubs tell me some factoids to put in the comments (he's a geologist). No one ever knows geology facts offhand, so she'd be a shoe-in to win it again!

Louise said...

I love to come on here especially on the days when i can 'feel' you being really happy (IYKWIM) todays read gives me that feeling. Don't you just love it when your child feels on top of the world!

Jo said...

Congrats Belle - you so deserved it!

Love Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella - have all their books - so good for reading in the bath or when I#m supposed to be working on an assignment.

Maz said...

What a great achievement for Belle. Bet she grew 3 inches that day. Fab.
And the music- I'll forgive you the Celine Dion 'cos I know how good it is to sing along with your daughter, but the other toons are fab. You are so in charge of the ipod on our w/e away (not Lousy) xxx

Marina said...

Oh I was so excited when reading todays post, ellie sounded just so excited and you as a parent must have been as well. I know when my children were younger I used to get excited about anything that they did and even now that they are older I still do(I am a sad mother).
Marina :~)

Marina said...

Forgot to tell you about my music, well I love so many different people from, take that, joss stone and at the moment Tom Baxter, oh yes and a young lad that is from the west country and who I saw in November and going to see again called Seth Lakeman he sings folk but with atitude. Marina :~)

joanne (spagirl) said...

wow!! congratulations ellie!!! cute and smart!! and, good buys for you kirsty... cute jeans, nice purse... all goes together so nicely!! :)

Kelly said...

well done ellie xxxxxx

and thanks for the call last night it was nice :):)

cannycrafter said...

Fantastic little scientist you have there!
Love that Celine Dion song-is my feel good song too - has lifted me up recently and now I always want to play it when I'm happy!

Brook said...

I'm so happy that Ellie had a beautiful day! It certainly is the the little things in life that make our babies the happiest!

Nick said...

Well done Belle!!!
and with you all the way on the charity shop bargains hun-who's to know anyway?

Jackie said...

nevr took you as a Journey fan, only because lots of people have never heard of them LOL

I have loads of their CDS arent they fab, thats one of my faves too.

Well done Ellie, fab badge and I didnt know that fact either x

Sinead said...

OMG I love that story!! It's terrific that she is getting to have some normal "brilliant" kid moments in the midst of all the other things she has to face. I bet you were super proud of her!

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