Ladies Camera Club

4 Jan 2008


So we continue to re-decorate the house on top of me being ILL.
Have I mentioned that at all, this week, to you?
I say "we" but I have to credit to Mark for lifting and shifting whilst I just point and go "ug" for yes and "blech" for no. We took great delight in making use of cut price bedroom sliding wardrobe doors in the sale at Homebase with an extra 10% off the lot to boot. This meant a shift in colour options from lime and choc to caramel and choc - still, they are equally edible and that's what counts. We (as in just Mark but "we" all the same) have had to shift all our belongings out of our bedroom into the kitchen dining area as the game of chess continues on hunting out more space. Our mattress is on the floor, there is furniture piled in every spare room plus Belles bedroom furniture, bed and carpet has still NOt arrived. The house is literally upside down. As I have chosen "tolerance" to be my word of 2008, I think Im bearing up. I feel like celebratin!
This afternoon saw me beaten to death so I took a retreat to bed to sweat out the last of this stinking bronchial flu (its obviously the most serious kind becuase, as I have stated before, I am really really ill. Look.....>> ugh, blech, ouch, yicky wicky woo). Mark woke me up for my Bangers and Mash tea (not dinner, we are northern trollops who say what we like and we like what we bloody well say) and in the process of waking up he noted that all my hair had stuck to my neck and face. I really HAD sweated the damn thing out. I topped up the sweat-out with a bath and I feel GREAT. However, Im having trouble hacking up the last of the lung butter but I suspect that endless cups of tea and swigs of Benylyn (YUCK) will clear that out.
On my web travels this avvo I had some further delight to hear my necklace is ready. Let me tell you the story behind this baby. I initially wanted this but at $298, I felt it was a tad hideous to be adorning my neck with such expensive bling.
Beautiful it is really but I had a better idea. I just happen to know a very very talented jewellery maker, Anilu, who fashioned me an "even betterer" necklace inspired by the original and will work on commissions in superfast time (like 2 days!!). As I am a silver lover anyway, I asked her to switch the chain colour, shorten it by half and make it more personal to me and here is what she made me.
She made this for me at an agreeable fraction of the cost (do check out her ETSY shop) and a note to Mark: You are buying me it for my b'day! Im skipping a happy dance in my snot infested personal circle!
And finally, Her Space My Space gathers new year momentum with new members, old members and good freinds alike. Todays word was Perfume and here is my contribution.
Do join Anita and I as we tempt you to push your creative levels to the max and share your passion with photography.


Denise said...

Kirsty, I love your perfume photo. The angle of the shot is wonderful! I also adore the necklace that Angilu made you. What a great husband you have for getting you it for your birthday. LOL!

Barb said...

Anilu amazes me!
Off to check out the site you suggested.

jules said...

Kirsty, is there an wasy way to view everyones photos?

I started my photos yesterday, but still need to post to my blog, but other than using newsgator, I dont know a fast way to see everyone elses posts.

Brook said...

The photo is beautiful! So is that fantastic bling! I hope you are on the mend soon!

socialbutterfly said...

this is really a wonderful necklace!! i will check her shop!! ;)

em said...

First, I am in LOVE with your necklace! I might have to commission Anilu myself! And your photo of the day is great! Awesome perspective and I love that you included the corresponding word. :)

Anilu Magloire said...

I am so glad you liked your "Kristi" necklace!
I love the idea for the pictures!!

Here's some info for you, since I don't think you have e-mail, right?


Your necklace is ready. The price came down to $62 plus shipping.
I didn't use double chains cause I would've had to use finer chain (which I don't have) and I only did 3 bead links instead of 5, because of the 18" length.

I just have to figure out the shipping to England and I'll send you the invoice when you're ready, OK?

I need your Paypal e-mail and mailing address.

Thank you so so so much!!


est26 said...

Beautiful Necklace, The original is an incredible price, I may have a go at making one as I love the colour combo

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