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7 Jan 2008

Me is loving Piccalilli but it make me siccalilli

So I got up late to sleep off, what I hoped was, the end of my lergy infestation. Mark got Belle ready for school AND - get this - brushed her hair.


And I slept right through it.

I hauled up my enormous booty at a luxurious 10am, had a little toast and a cup of tea then set about getting my life back in order. I took pictures for HSMS, I caught up with emails and assignments and I tidied around a little. I made a few cards for Quick and Crafty magazine using a bunch pf papers that I got from Charmed Cards and Crafts. Have you seen how much a slice of Wild Saffron papers costs? 36p!!!! K&Co have really got their act together - this range of papers are SCRUMSH! there is a sale at Charmed cards right now!
Come mid afternoon I got a little peckish and scoured the fridge for something to put between two slices of bread. I spied my favvo spreadable Piccalilli. How I love piccalilli. Mum, don't I love piccalilli?

And they make it spreadable now... no gory hidden chunks of cauliflower (BAWK) and whole gherkins (double blech). It's all nice lil minced pieces of veg in a mustardy sauce. Its the next best thing to fish finger sangers. Gives you whiffy breath, mind, but the total savoury burst gives your hunger a kick and a bigger kick off from the sweet tooth monster. Oh yeah. Only, now - a few hours later..... I feel ick. I have checked the date of the piccalilli and its still ok to eat. I just think now it was too soon to going back to strong flavours after the dreaded lergy. And now I keep getting those "vom" burps. The kind of which you cannot determine whether you are going to chuck up or suffer perpetual acid burps that emulate halitosis. I know it sounds crude but I also know you also have had the same kind of thing of late. Don't tell me you haven't.

So piccalilli is off the menu this week.Other news.


How did I deal with tolerance today? (other than saying no to the fridge when Piccalilli calls out my name).

I tolerated the Wifi going belly up without moaning and I tolerated Marko moaning at me because my christmas gifts were still on the dressing table, which incidentally, is being sold with all our other pieces of pine furniture (we have gone fitted, you know). Im quite sad about it really as the top draw of my dresser was used when Belle was a baby. It was an empty drawer that I lined with a pillow and lay her there when I sat to brush my hair after a shower or apply my makeup (oh the shame of a new momma wearing make up). She lay there so snug and watched me and I would peep at her between brushes and kiss her all the time. I loved that I could do that then. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. Obv can't do that now without her having a little moan and grouch.

Finally, I is drumming up a bit of support to get the gilrs (and boy!!!) back on track over at HSMS. Almost all the regs are back, Todays word was Fold and here is what I maded.The times I got into trouble for doing this in English Literature class (when I was supposed to be reading along to the BORINGNESS that was Macbeth....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) was unreal. As much as English language was my favvo subject, Im afraid literature was not! I was still obsessed with Enid Blyton and faced with the fact I had to read "proper" books like Animal Farm, 1984 and erm, Kez (!!!) just didn't cut it for me. Wouldn't it be great if we could have had books like Marian Keyes chick lits and Bridget Jones Diary? I'd like to meet Mr Nerd Pants who chooses the likes of Orson Wells for 14 year old kids who just want to grow up and be an air stewardess?

Anyway, gotta go. I have a complete (and unabridged version) of Twelfth Night in (latin) to read ;)... tee hee.


Jenn (scraprascal) said...

Lovely photo, I've never seen that before...and really, shouldn't it be obvious? Thanks for teaching me something new today! XOXO

Denise said...

Kirsty, I love your fold photo. It makes me all warm and happy! Take care. Now I have to go find out what in the heck Picalilly is. LOL!

Barb said...

That picture (the folded heart) is so stinkin' cool. Great stuff, Kirsty.

{that one girl} said...

I love chick lit too! Love the little page heart and I don't what that is in the first photo but it looks a bit weird (lol!) Great shots today.

Shannon said...

What is this piccilli thing you speak of? We have nothing like it here.
I though of you today! I got some of the $300 worth of scrapbooking items I ordered. Yippie!
Hope you feel better soon!

Ady said...

Hope you feel better soon...

Brook said...

Sorry you are sickly. Chicken soup is what you should be eating. I am so adicted to chick lit. I love it all! Hope you are on the mend soon!

rani said...

I want some piccalillii!!!!

Jen said...

i loved englash literature, mainly becuase they chose for us pride and prejudice, and therefore we had to watch the 6 hour bbc adaptation with colin firth! :D

joanna said...

Your photos are just so fabbo, Kirstles - I love the heart fold - brill. Sorry you're still feeling under the weather, darl - hope you're feeling better today xxx

Shannon said...

ok kirsty... i saw this on this site i visit everyday and thought of you. now I am clueless about it but i knew you would get it.

Shell said...

Gawd I haven't had piccalilli in yonks, I would go dig out the jar from the cupboard but I think the date might be up and as I have had the "vom burps" today it might be best to leave it alone!

em said...

Your fold photo is awesome. I love it. I want to steal your idea. ;)

As for that pickle should try egg nog. I feel as though it may taste better!!! ;)

Louise Woolford. said...

love your 'fold' shot for HS:MS its fab, dunno if i like the sounds of piccalilli.... but do I love fish finger sannys, with a lil bit of salad cream lol. I do hope you feel better soon.


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