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3 Jan 2008

Human snot machine

Yukky poo plops.
Not dying and feeling-sorry-for-me kind of ill.
Just "have not got time to be ill" ill - you know the sort.
So in the midst of dying today we got to spend precious time with my bro and his wife, Keriola, before they departed for home. This meant more time on the Wii, lounging about a little and then dismantling the christmas decks (sniff sniff). It amazing how huge the lounge feels now and how bare the walls look. And whilst Im at it - did you know that Marks and Sparks are taking your christmas cards for recycling and proceeds go towards the rain forest? Im going to recycle ours except for the beautiful hand made ones that I received from so many lovely people.
I managed to haul out my camera for a little photo taking between snots and took this of my bro....... its just a little ironic, don't you think? Its also a lil dark.... yeeeeeeeks.
Took some of Belle before she went to the flicks with Mark to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. She wasn't in the mood at first (are they ever?) and then she warmed up to it and I managed to get some shots with her eyes open and this cracking little giggle too
I used my new hoody, which I have to say WAS not my invention but I did see a picture online of something similar ages ago. I can't give credit to the right person, unfortch, but I know that my version is not the same. In addition, there are other little contraptions that you can add to your speedlites and one that includes something made from a coke bottle and a star bucks latte bubble lid. The lengths we got to, to save a few bucks, huh?
Whilst the dudes were at the cinema, I took a lil nap to recouperate and woke up to watch "how to look good naked". I love this programme. I have to say that I look fabulous naked (in a dark room of course)!!! I am so full of cold and ILL (thought Id remind you) that I ened up crying watching it. See, I need to get well! Did you see it tonight. Twas good.
And finally I got back into the swing of Her Space My Space today which has been almost a year since Anita and I started it. Our new year start begins with the word White and as I wasn't feeling up to taking pictures of the miniscule trickle of snow, the next best thing was the lavvy roll (perfectly scrunched from a convenience ripping moment from the Belle meister).
There are a bunch of regulars of take part every day to our one worded prompts, would love to see you there too.

Going to go and finish dying in bed now. I need to get well for tomorrow as


Shannon said...

Ok, you and I are hurting! I am getting ready to take a bath with some muscle soaks. Than I am off to snuggle in my warm pajama bottoms and my 3 layers of bedding. I am not ill though. I am withdrawling from anti-depressants. Good if this is what prescriptions drug is like to withdrawl from I am never ever doing illegal ones.
Hope you get better soon and I hope your visit with your brother went well. He is very good looking!

Brook said...

love the picts! So sorry you are feeling sickly! Try some chicken noodle soup. Dh makes me some when I'm under the weather and it always does the trick!

Cath said...

LOL at your "I look fabulous naked" its a bit like my "Im only 8 and a half stone" I get on the scales and when it gets to 8 1/2 I get off again!!! Easy.

Hope you are up and at em again soon.

Louise said...

I'm ill too, i have the stomach upset that is doing the rounds - sheer delight! I've had a play with home made diffusers following your post yesterday -

jill said...

her space my sapce...loved that challenge and now i can't remember why i stopped. i'll check it out again today.

Jan said...

It was impossible to resist coming to read a post entitled "Human Snot Machine." Love your sense of humor!

Rachael said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Belle looks gorgeous in those pics. In answer to your question about the perfume no it's not as strong. Take care and wrap up well.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the open invite to take part in your challenge blog .... I've recently joined in and it seems like a nice place to be :)

I hope you survived the night and are feeling more like it today!

Great shot of your bro .... I like a swarthy man .... and cute ones of Belle too.

amber jane said...

((hugs)) Hunny bee nothing worse than feeling Icky poo - hope it goes soon xxx

mamaluke said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Cold's are such yucky things. I always hit the good honey and lemon, always makes me feel better. Anyway, the reason I'm leaving a comment is that was stocking the large pegs you're after, I've just checked and they're out of stock. Might be worth ringing them and finding out when they'll get more in. I think they're fab too!

Roz said...

Oh Sweety, hope your snot pile is running out. watch out for soggy package arriving in post, sending you lemsip with hunny. Mwahahahaha

socialbutterfly said...

*lol* just my taste of humor!! ;) get well soon!!

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