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22 Jan 2008

Dark, Dank Days

Pooey - I hate January.

I hate January more than I hate brussel sprouts and that means its A LOT.

Brussel sprouts are the kind of devilish poison that any smug mother can bestow upon their child's Christmas dinner. You wouldn't think that a lil green veggie could ruin Christmas or indeed your life. But it does and it kind of still haunts me to this very day. They say that a sprout is for Christmas not for life. I say a sprout desecrates christmas and your life. And so does January (Sick and tied of you hanging on me - to quote a line from a song!)

Its dark, wet, miserable and makes me feel that way.

Look, its turned me into a reet miserbale cow -> :( :( :( :(

Now there is a sad looking collection of unhappy smileys.

I have not get up and go - I just want to vegetate under a lil blanket and go to sleep until March (Ok, might wake up for my birthday in Feb so I can open all 3 of my cards). Yesterday I had so many plans to get stuff finished off but after our carpet was installed, the daylight diminished underneath the black of the rain so I snuggled up on the sofa and waited for Belle to finish school. I didn't feel ill or anything but I just felt lethargic and ugh ... I don't know. There was no decent light for HSMS picture taking neither. It truly was a waste of a day.

When I woke up and felt the slight breeze of being human, I went to inspect the carpet even though the carpet man had left some 4 hours previous. I really love how our room has come together after carefully choosing colours. I originally wanted chocolate brown and mint, then that changed to caramel and chocolate but now - erm....its caramelly cream. FOOD! lol.

Ive yet to make the curtains which is a big job for me as Im a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing. My friend Jane who is into some serious interior design (she recently took a 2 week opportunity to work with Kelly Hoppen) and designs show home interiors has given me some fab ideas for my window dressing so that's the next biggy thingy for me to attack. Thanks Jane :)

Almost finished my months quota at Studio Calico. I managed to make all my layouts over at my Momma's which I loved. I love scrapping with other people and when I'm home (in my room on my own) - I don't know, I just struggle. I think its because I like company so much and being with momma meant it gave me chance to chat and laugh whilst I cut and stick. The kit this month is so clever, I didn't have trouble with it at all.

Finally I have that list of all the female generations dating back to 1755 that I was going to share. I'm working on collating some pictures ( I think we have up to the year 1837). This is so exciting and I cant wait to scrap them :) So starting with my daughter we have:

Ellenor Wiseman 1995

Kirsty Kinroy 1971 (me!)

Hazel Reed 1948 (Mum)

Irene Stones 1924 (Grandmother) - one of 12 children!!!

Alice Metcalfe 1889 (Great Grandmother)

Sarah Ann Wild 1860 (Great Great Grandmother) - Sarah was just that - WILD!!

Dorothy Perritt 1837 (Great Great Great Grandmother)

Margaret Ord 1813 (Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Dorothy Hawkins 1787 (Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Dorothy King 1755 (Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother)

Its down and thanks to the Latter Day saints registers that we are able to trace our family history so effectively, hence the Mormon religion being quite prominent in the success of Scrapbooking as it is today. Good stuff.

Whilst at my parents this weekend, my Dad drove me around all the houses he grew up in around Bridlington. Its weird that they have lived there this past 10 years and that I have never been to see dad's old homes. I got some shots to make into a little keepsake for him but interestingly when he lived at no46 Horsforth Avenue, we could still make out that my Grandmother - Barbara Kinroy, had inscribed her initials into the brick work. So cool! When I got home belle said to me "You like taking a trip down memory lane, don't you?". I love that she noticed that but I love the fact she knew what Memory Lane meant. She suprises me all the time, that sweet girl of mine.G

oing to get off this darn computer and get on with some work. Not that I am in the mood for doing any but its what keeps the cogs turning :)


Marina said...

what is wrong with sprouts they are lovely but swede that is another thing i hate it with a passion my mum still made me eat it up to a few years ago and i was 40 last year (mothers). I know how you feel about scrapbooking by yourself i feel like that, I need people around me, that is probably why i have not done anything on my blog for 4 months but that is going to change very soon (hahaha). I also wanted to say what a beautiful daughter you have you must be very proud of her. Marina :~)

Sam said...

totally weird Kirsty, I have been inundated with family tree stuff in the last 3 weeks, lots of it has uncovered quite shocking stuff but fascinating too. I too have had major trips down memory lane lately including stuff from 20 years ago in my own past and 40 years ago in my Mum and Dads past. My Mum was called Hazel too xx

Glee-scrap said...

That is so cool that you have info and pictures so far back! I should do more with the geneology info that we have...but it's raining here, too, and I don't feel like it...:(
Cute what Belle said about "memory lane"! How is she liking school? Is her friendship that she developed at the beginning of the school year kept up?
Your bedroom looks DELICIOUS! LOL

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

We are a sprout-loving family Kirsty, and I just can't understand why anyone wouldn't love those li'l baby cabbages :D Even Holly can't get enough of them. It's a seasonal treat, I tell you! Try frying them halved, in butter, then stir into hot passta with crumbled stilton. MMMMM! (well, okay, hubby doesn't like it when I put stilton in things...). xxx

Caroline said...

You are not the only one to wish January gone! Roll on Spring and some sun I say.....

Rae said...

So fab that you have all that info about your ancestry at your disposal and have an appreciation of it too. I think its fascinating but I really do need to give some time to it. thanks for reminding me how much I wanted to ;-)

Brook said...

I too have been working on my family tree fun. My boys love it too! Like your Belle, my Sam is always telling me things that suprise me.Kids...gotta love em.

anita said...

OOoo...isn't personal history interesting!!!??!
loving your new house 'make-over' can't wait for a full blog 'reveal'!


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