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3 Dec 2007

What a difference 2 days make

48 little hours.

Sing with me............. "and the difference is YOU!" Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa
We have had a super duper weekend putting up the decs, crimbo shopping, visit from bro, a loooooooooooong phone call from sister (it was GOOd to talk), office upheaval, maketh of things, taking of photos etc etc. Christmas really did start on the 1st December and I can't measure the feeling of waking up on a dark morning and putting the tree lights on. I stare at my tree for ever as the baubles twinkle and mesmerise me as I wrap up in a cosy blanket and sip tea. Little Belle "eye's" up the chocolate, carefully mapping her way up the tree and mentally devouring each one (she can have one a day and bless her, she does try but you can see the "might" in her eyes). Mark sits with his arms folded and breathing "Ba Humbug" to his invisible friends!!! ;)
Here is the super flash scorched picture of his spinning the tree whilst I fed the lights around the branches. I hate flash photography but sometimes its the only option.

And here is our tree and all 300 baubles. Ive another set of 12 to buy (as per annual tradition but I cant get hold of the teardrop shaped ones in red ANYWHERE - can anyone help?)

Now these next set of pictures are a sight to behold. Ellie has her eyes open! Isnt she beautiful? Tombstone, toothy smiles and squished up eyes make mommy a very happy person.

This is Belle negotiating stepping stones in Manchester city centre. She has NEVER done anything like this before and had the reassurance from Pappi to guide her over the cracks. She was busting to do it so we let her.

This area of manchester is so pretty with tudor buildings and the Manchester eye mixed into new build architecture (Im not a fan of new build to be honest). Its also near the Bravissimo shop (should anyone be interested!)

It was around this area I found this shop here.Having experienced its flagship shop in Gay Paree last year, I was hoping they would open a shop in the UK. Lo and behold they have opened several and Belle was more delighted than I. So many funkadoodle objects for around the home, belle and I spent an age in here as I tried to discreetly take photo's without getting caught. Its a shop I could live in, you know?

Going by train, we thought we be so much easier on parking. It only cost £7.29 for a day return for all of us but we didn't factor in LOTS of bags of shopping and the fact we had to change trains and the fact trains were half an hour apart at one point. Still it gave us time to talk and play stupid games and for Mark to do the favourite trick of pretending to chuck Belle on the tracks (as you do - or don't!) whilst I have heart failure and threaten to have him flogged. Am still considering having him flogged. Why do men think its funny to pretend to do something like that and think its funny when its actually not funny and puts you in a mood. Then they wonder why you are in a mood and then you tell them and it all gets ugly and you file for divorce, segregatw qho gets what (Im having the lightening seeds album mark - just be warned!!!) and have done with it all. Or is it me???!! LOL.

We came home to toast up in our cosy nest with a Chinese, strike that, mono sodium glutomate fuelled plastic - but it saved the effort of cooking and also - I had blisters on my feet (no kidding!). And then Sunday was just as perfect. My bro came down to see us as Mark and he had managed to snaffle tickets to the Liverpool match. He arrived a little early which gave belle the perfect excuse to show off some of her birthday money spending spree. We managed to tackle TK Max (I know - how frikkin brave were we?). Love that shop and if you have any wits about you - you can plum for some good stuff early. Belle spied a 3D snakes and ladders number and I tell you what, its such good fun.

You work your way up only to fall at the snakes mouth and your ball dillies and dallies along a maze to cut you back through the game. Sometimes if you hit a "lucky" snake, you end up being dropped right down the board only to pick up a ladder to go further ahead from whence you came. Sounds complicated (or Im explaining it rather long windedly?). All we know is that its good fun. Leigh was desperate to get on the Wii so we had to make him a Mii but the funny thing is, he looks more like Enqrique Iglasias than my brother - complete with beauty spot (which actually my bro has. Well. Perhaps not a beauty spot, more like grumpy brother spot).

Then off they trot to the match (whilst I finished off my hovel of a scrap room. Why is it that you pull something out and intend to replace the supplies but end up rearranging the whole layout of your stash thus taking 4 hours to do soemthing which shoul have only taken 20 minutes?), Liverpool stuff - strike that - TROUNCE Bolton 4-0, come home for a victory Mexican and a round of Top Gear. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


Taniwha said...

Sounds fab hun, a great weekend! I've always wanted to go shopping in Manchester, I must check out trains from here to there, but maybe after Xmas!

Jenga said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend :) I have been hoping to get into Manchester with my kids but the weather has been pants! Where is that fab shop!!! Is it near the big wheel??


Amelie said...

those are the most gorgeous pictures of ellie!

Hullabaloo said...

Oh your weekend looks just fab!! Love that picture of Belle- you really have got the prettiest little girl!
I haven't started on my Christmas preparations as my house looks like someone has stirred it with a stick (need to do MUCH tisying first!!)and Max in his quest to make the perfect card has created a button explosion in my living room!
Our tree will go up on Saturday after we visit Santa and choose a new decoration each.
Love Octopus.
And how BIG is your telly!!!!!!!

Pol said...

Love the Manc pics - we are off for our Christmas shopping day there this Saturday.
Of course the last time my DS B trie dthe stepping stones he fell in and we had to get a whole new outfit from NEXT....

Scrappy Nina said...

I think - but am not totally sure - that I saw red teardrop ones on sale seperately at John Lewis - - there - if you want another 90 to go with them!!!

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