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6 Dec 2007

She bakes

Belle's school timetable has rotated around to Cookery. Well, in MY day it was called cookery - now its called Home and Life skills. Good lord, it flipping cookery ok?!!! All these PC words are driving me round the bend!

She made these in school today but I term the words "she made" very loosely. Because of belle's poor fine motor skills it was suggested she take a packet cake mix :(:( They taste ok but not as fluffy and buttery as the real thing. That aside, she was ecstatic and happy and proud of herself even though she only got to crack the egg and spoon the mixture into the cups. I must admit she practically does the full monty at home almost on her own so I must inform the school she is actually more able than they think. Partly Im pretty steamed about it but partly I appreciate that Belle gets any help going her way. She didn't even get to decorate them in the lesson so when she brought them home, she splatted icing on the top and these delish lil iced gems on top. Im so proud of her interest in baking, I wonder if you have any "Ellie capable" recipes for her to try out?

Been sorting out photos today - both for clients and in my craft room. Im still shifting stuff about after buying more shelving. The space I have to find is like robbing peter to pay paul and I still have stuff unhoused. I have a LOT of outdated supplies that I cant bear to part with. I hold classes here every Weds and feel certain we will use the outdated stuff with them. I say outdated, I actually mean stuff I can't use for magazine work. You want to know how difficult it is using scrap supplies over 3 months old? It is a flaming nightmare. With mags you have to issue your work 3 months in advance for proofing and editing. You work to a script, its very unlikely you are let loose with an article that you suddenly make up. You select a relatively current line of supplies but at the time the article goes to print, the items are not available anymore and that is what crippling the industry. A constant replenishment of new stocks is good for those after the latest and greatest offering but a bit of a blow for the mags who publish work 3 months later and the line is outdated. I find it incredibly surreal and more often than not, frustrating.

So anyway, back to photos. I hold two photos in my office very dear of my Belle. This one here is both Mark's and my favourite of Belle when she was 2 and a half. We put some goggles on her and she giggled for hours. We were bent over laughing at her giggling as Belle was such a serious baby! This is one of my all time favourites.

This one here is of Belle on a rare visit home when she was hospitalised when she was 6 months old for a good few months.These were some of the darkest days for me as this was the beginning of her problems and being classed as "Failure to thrive" was not on my planned list of mothering. Mark was serving out in Cyprus at the time (also a scarey time as two of his mates got shot by some TurkishThis photo makes light of those dark days - she really was a pretty baby with the most kissable lips (in fact they still are kissy wissy woo woo). My little girl was a complete puzzle to all who met her but after a couple of moments contact, everyone fell in love with her calm nature and curious eyes.


Ami said...

Those are adorable pics.
We have a few pics of our kids that make us bust a gut whenever we see them.
Just thinking of them can crack us up.

Shannon said...

Kristy I knowq I ahve a ton of reciepes upstair in my stash. Let me take a look in the morning. I'll send you an email after sna them and send them to you. Hope they help.
I have them because Bradley has a few motor issues.

Rachael said...

Those cakes look yummy. I have an easy recipe for doughnut cupcakes here
and they are just to die for!!
Love Rach

Lousette said...

Such cute baby pictures, and the cupcakes look great.

I just have to share your frustration in the outdated stuff department. It also freaks me out that I constantly have to buy up to date product for the mags when I have so much that I haven't used (and still would love to use, but feel I can't because it looks too old).

Feeling your pain!

I hate how fast and trendy this industry can be.

Dianna said...

Your daughter is just so cute, bless her.

Pauline said...

Yummy recipe (be prepared for very sticky hands though!)


16 digestive biscuits
1 large tin of Nestle's Condensed milk
2 table spoons of shredded coconut
6 heaped table spoons of drinking chocolate or cocoa
shredded coconut, or sprinkles to cover

Crush the biscuit together until smooth
Mix the chocolate, coconut and crushed biscuits together in a bowl
Add the tinned milk
Combine them all together until you end up with a sticky dough
Put the mix in the fridge to cool and become less sticky to handle (around 10 mins)
Roll the dough into little balls, sprinkle with coconut and place in little paper cupcake cups
Keep in fridge to harden up (around 20 mins)

Pauline said...

This is another good one which does need some things to be melted in a pan but otherwise is quite easy I hope. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?!

Malteaser Cake
4oz Margarine
2tbsp Golden Syrup
8oz Milk Chocolate
approx 1/3 large packet of Digestive Biscuits, crushed
Lots of Malteasers (approx 2 big pkts)
200g White Chocolate

Melt margarine & syrup, add chocolate and stir till all melted and smooth. (Do not boil or burn!) Stir in biscuits to suitable consistency. Take off heat and add Malteasers. Spread into tin/baking tray and chill until set.
Cover in melted white chocolate and chill again. When set, cut into squares.

Jen said...

Aww very moving.... Anyway, here is a recipe for a cake that French kids make: Gâteau au yaourt (yoghurt cake)
· 1 pot of plain Yoghurt (we will use the pot as a measuring tool)
· 2 pots of flour
· 2 pots of sugar
· ½ pot of oil
· 3 eggs
· ½ sachet of chemical yeast (equivalent is baking powder – check the packet for amount)
· 1 packet of vanilla sugar (I have found vanilla sugar in the UK, but you could prob use a bit of vanilla essence instead).

Empty the yoghurt into a bowl, then wash out the yog pot to use to measure the other ingredients.

Using your yog pot, measure out 2 pots of flour, 2 pots of sugar, ½ pot of oil. Add 3 eggs, the baking powder and the vanilla.
At this point turn the oven on to heat, at thermostat 6-7 (200-220° C). Mix everything up with a whisk, until you get a smooth mixture
Grease your cake mould and pour in the mixture. You can use kitchen towel to grease the mould. Put it in the oven using oven gloves.
Cook for 30 minutes. If the top of the cake goes brown too quickly, you can cover it with some silver foil.
After 30 minutes the cake will be ready. Take out of the oven, still using your oven gloves.
That’s it! Your cake is ready to eat. Bon appétit!

Brook said...

When I was in school we called it homemaking. It is o neat to see how she has grown. She will be cooking up a storm.

Jen said...

Kirst - I forgot to say, the mixture will be quite runny - that's normal :) Enjoy all the recipes. I see they are all sweet ones LOL BTW this Christmas I have bought the ingredients to make peppermint creams and sugar mice (recipe for the latter is below). You'd prob have to whisk the egg whites for her, but she can do the shaping and stuff. It's great fun:
1 Egg White
450g (1lb) Icing Sugar
Food Colouring

Beat the egg white until frothy but not stiff.
Sieve the icing, adding enough to produce a fairly stiff mixture.
Add a few drops of the food colouring (flavourings can also be added at this stage if required).
Knead the mixture in to a firm paste and divide into 12 - 16 pieces.
Roll into oval shapes with making one end pointed to form a nose, pinch up two small pieces to produce ears.
Eyes can be formed using silver balls or currants, the tail can be made from string.
Place the mice onto parchment or silicon paper, place in a warm place to dry for 24 hours.
Store in an airtight container.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Have you tried your Belle with making Peppermint Creams? Egg white, icing sugar and some peppermint essence. You can also add a splash of green colouring too. Soooo easy to make, yummy and sweet too.

Email me if you want the recipe.

Cooking was Home Economics which then changed to Food and Nutrition at O and A level when I studied it

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