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22 Dec 2007

New friends to play with

Where has the time gone?
So much has happened since Thursday night and zero time to blog, scrap or read. All I have manage to do is nod, doze and snooze at every opportunity. One is feeling a cold coming on - how typical it happens at Christmas. All that and the fact Belles bedroom aint nowhere near finished. The carpet is delayed, furniture delayed etc etc yawn. Still, the woodwork and the walls are pinked up and she is happy.
Finally, the new DT over at Scrapbook Mate's blog has been announced.
Its all so exciting with wonderful, creative scrappers coming from Sweden to Germany to France to the Nederlands to the UK. And in answer to some queries of late, there were a ton of European entrants and surprisingly very few UK scrappers in comparison. However, there will be another opportunity for applicants next year as these DT spots last for 1 year. I encourage all of the British girls to apply for DT's everywhere; I see lots of talent on UKS. And I mean LOTS. I often think that most UK girls think they dont have any chance in DT but its clear that lots do.
I was invited to join the SBM DT Admin a number of weeks back to set up the blog of which I will administrate and was fortunate to be asked to join the DT as the coordinator as well. Believe me, that layout took 2 hours to make. I cannot, for the life of me understand where people think I chuck layouts together. I wish life was that simple. But there you go, truths up.
Ah well.... so anyway, the initial call for 10 DT members was just no mean feat, so a draft for 3 more scrappers was added to the mix to give a truly European flavour (times 14) of things to come. This will be my other DT aside to Studio Calico - two is just as much as I can handle right now!
The plan is to provide a new project everyday using a range of products from Scrapbook Mates stock from each of the team. Heidi has generously supplied fantastic kits to help kick start this new venture which I hope will flourish into a daily source of inspiration to knowledge thirsty scrappers all over Europe... if not the world!!! In addition to this I have been invited to teach at Scrapaganza next June. Now teaching is a job I love the most because of the social aspect but this event is ultra special as there is a superstar teacher coming to head the event. Anyone heard of erm, Donna Downey? Yeeeeeeehaaaaaa. She cometh to the masses to impart her scrappable yuminess to all who come alongside Karen Burniston and Vicki Boutin. Such a throng of mental creativity will no doubt provide enough energy to light the whole of Holland for 4 weeks, me thinks.
Aside from dealing with the aftermath of such an announcement we have been so busy with Birthday celebrations for Mark. Our cards to Mark this year made his day, he loves some colour ranges of papers but prefers the more masculine finish. Ok, that's obvious as he is a guy but the two girls in this house are pouring Oestrogen in his direction to try and at least get him to appreciate pink.

Anyhoo,we all went out to our favourite Chinese restaurant where flavour is key and not over ridden with mono sodium glutamate and salt. Belle practically ate a full adult portion of Chicken in Oyster sauce with noodles and didn't have room for this monster afterwards.
I also took pictures of the last of my dying flowers. As the wife of a serving soldier, just taking his retirement, you receive a bunch of flowers for your trouble. Now, hear me out without judgement on this. 12 years you kind of deal with the rigmarole of putting up and shutting up as a second class citizen as the "wife of". And for your credit in being this nobody, you receive a fabulous bunch of flowers, that in effect dies. I LOVE flowers but I hate that they die. I actually think a flaming medal would be more appropriate. Joking aside, its a shame we don't receive something with a little bit more shelf life for this accolade and, ok, taking photo's can be your lasting memory but flowers die. They just die. THEY DIE. It makes me sad.
So here is a tulip petal that looks like a heart. Now that's more like it. Happiness from a dying petal - you see, Im handling it!
And Belle played with this dying carnation as I was pratting with my ISO (its so dark here... is it dark at 1pm where you are lately?) She was talking to me also about how sad it is that flowers die. Thank god for Prima's, they last forever.

And finally did I mention Donna Downey is going to scrapaganza next June?


Anonymous said...

told you we would meet again! now I just have to book the scrap-a-ganza weekend. could you enlighten me what the dates are?


Terrie B x said...

" Merry Christmas "
Thanks for all your freebies & the wonderful inspiration:)

Sally said...

Have to say you did well to get a bunch of flowers!!!

After 33 years of service, Dick was not dined out of the mess nor did he receive any momento and I didn't get any flowers. It's what happens when you are medically discharged for sustaining injuries in the course of your duties!!!

Me????Cynical??? You bet your sweet life!!!

But on a sweeter note. I hope you all have a great Christmas together. Here's to a happy future with the family being together.

Leslie said...

Congrats on the new position; love what you did with your scraps!! The frog is just too cute!


Hullabaloo said...

Hi Kirsty!
Just popped by to wish you and your family the happiest of Christmases!
We're all very excited here - Max is on the laptop downstairs tracking Santa on the NORAD website and we're just waiting for his Dad to come home so we can go into Glasgow to see the lights, ride the carousel and have dinner. Hope you have loads of fun and frolics and enjy a fabulous day!

Hullabaloo said...

Hi Kirsty!
Just popped by to wish you and your family the happiest of Christmases!
We're all very excited here - Max is on the laptop downstairs tracking Santa on the NORAD website and we're just waiting for his Dad to come home so we can go into Glasgow to see the lights, ride the carousel and have dinner. Hope you have loads of fun and frolics and enjy a fabulous day!

Carol said...

a very well deserve congratulations hun.

I applied but didnt make it :(, oh well, there's always next year :)

A very happy christmas to you, Belle & Mark - i hope you all have a wonderful time.

I hate getting flowers - is just depresses me so much when they die :(

Pam said...

Congratulations on the DT Kirsty-Hopw you have a happy time at Christams and all the best for a happy and peaceful 2008

Helen said...

Congratulations on the DT - and the invitation to teach. Hopefully see you there!!!

Have a great Christmas

Brook said...

Great shots and congratulations! Color me impressed! I know you will do an awesome job!

Anart Island Studio said...

Oh wohh!!! Congratulations on the DT!!! Would have loved to join you on that one...well maybe at some other time...;-)
Wish you happy holidays!!


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