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30 Dec 2007

I do not do "The Sales"....

... no matter how much money I may be saving.

Flippin heck, the queues in Debenhams were horrendous today. I left mark to it whilst I wandered off to "The Pier" to snap up yummy housey trinkets. I bought myself my Christmas presents from mark in Trafford Centre today. I hate him buying me something one minute and the next it being half price in the sales. I only bought a new Selphy printer (t'other one died the other day and they are invaluable), some hair tongs to curl my flowing tresses, some sockies etc. Belle on the other hand got a brand new coat from Debenhams which is brilliant as its one of the rare things that doesn't have fur on the hood. I can't stand fur on the hood on little girls coats. Why do they insist on putting it there? It serves "ball all" purpose other than to get caught in your mouth or impair your vision. She also bought herself a Pippa Funnell Horse game for her DS which she hasn't put down neither. I must remember to take pictures of her new slippers too from the Next sale. I do love a Next sale but the time I get there for me, they only have size 6 left and I wont even get my little finger in a size 6. And not an American size six as an American size six is an english size 10. Whatever. Poor mark ended up with new grundies and withstood belle and me rummaging in Claires and various other shops.

We took a trip over to the Mac shop and spied our next purchase. I'm thinking that once Mark gets a Mac he deffo wont go back on a G5 with a 24 inch screen. Saying that, you know, I made my new header on a Mac and when I look at it now (on my pc) its all weird. Head scratching at the moment, must re-work it). So anyway, Macs - they are moderately priced but I have to say the 24" screen swings it for me but then to really butter me up I might have to get the Intuous Wacom tablet. Tee hee. Who are we kidding, we didn't win the lottery yet. Its one shop Id love to work in... all geeky and smart with a cool staff uniform plus access to mac consumables all day long. sigh. Somebody give me a 2 minute trolley dash in there and I'd do serious damage.

So last night? Well I scrapped for me. I have a hoard of stuff I discovered in a pizza box I had left aside in October. Do not ask me how I would notice a few things go missing but in recent weeks I have really had a hectic schedge. I whipped this number up whilst listening to War of the Worlds. I downloaded the entire album the other day and have to say its one scarily magnificent collection of music and "Forever Autumn" is superb. The picture is of Belle snugging up to Mark after a hard days being a Bridesmaid at my sisters wedding 4 years ago.

Talking of my sister, she is paying a fleeting visit to us tomorrow. We don't see each other much and it will be a good couple of hours I can get to squidge my niece and nephew. Belle is quite excited about the visit and is preparing a collection of her gifts for inspection upon their arrival. I love that she gets a lil organised now and again.

And finally winally. 28th Dec saw the launch and complete sell out of the Jan Kits Studio Calico. It awesome to be a part of a team where the kits are hot off the press and the DT girls rock the kits senseless. I live for launch nights reveal, so I can see all my fave scrappers work in one rolling gallery.
New years eve to prepare for... totally ready to sling most of it out as I make way for 2008. Planning on it being a good year for Belle


Brook said...

As always your creations are formidable! (say that with a French Accent so it will sound better!LOL!) I love the new look or your blog it is ready for a new year. I can't wait to see all that you do in the new year! Cheers! Here's to 2008!

Sharitas said...

Happy New Year babes :) Hope it will be just the best!
Aaah - Forever Autumn - my most loved song of allllll time!
I luvs it so much I want it played at my funeral !! Hopefully that will be many many many years from now.

XX Sharon

Shannon said...

I am always amazed at your creative mind. Hope all goes well with your visit tomorrow. I believe will have a rocking 2008!

Lynsey said...

These are so stunning. Have a happy new year!!

my5bratz said...

Stumbled across your blog tonight and LOVE it. Also loved the idea of best 7 of 07 and put it on my blog can't wait til next year so I can choose an extra

Kate said...

2008 will be Belle's year for all good things. Definately!
You're shopping sounds a bit like mine. I don't go running to the big store (I work there anyways and I'm usually running in the oposite direction) I have a plan and it's always something I really need. Not just to grab a bargain.

Happy New Year!!!!!

SuzyB said...

May 2008 be full of smashingness for you and yours and lets make sure we play out more! xxx

Anonymous said...

Guess what?
The world includes some that like girls coats with fur trim as well as many that detest it. My firm, sells loads of girls Rothschild coats online so we know. Next time you are shopping for a nice wool coat for a girl or boy browse our site. We do not do huge sales the day after you shop; we have low prices virtually from day one.

Charlotte said...

Fab layouts, Happy New Year my love xxx

Caroline said...

i loooove those LOs!

Barb said...

I don't do the sales either.

Thanks a million for your Studio Calico inspiration!

china59 said...

Owwww gorgeous los !
I must come over to London one day to do the sales at Debenhams (yeah, I'm one of these awful French tourists ! lol ). I hate the crowd too, but there's no way you can find such pretty plus size outfits in France. I'm always drooling on their website ! lol !

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