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10 Dec 2007

A bit of a do

Just got back from Mark's last christmas ball.

Check out Mark's eyes!!! A very merry evening for him, I suspect! I can't remember - it was taken at 3am! We had such a great time eating seriously delicious food and mixing with real nice people. Belle went off to stay with one of my longest freinds, Lee. She used to be my Sergeant in the RAF and boy did she used to scare me. I think the more we worked with each other and the more we realised that we were humans as well as being stuck with the rigidness of the armed forces life. Despite that we formed such a lovely freindship. That was 15 years ago - bloody hell, never thought Id be old enough to talk about things that happened 15 years ago. Hurts, doesn't it?

Mark has 4 working days left in the Army after serving 22 years. Its taken him to Canada, Cyprus, Iraq, Nothern Ireland, Germany as well as many UK Bases. He has earned himself 5 lil shiny medals and enough respect to last him a lifetime. I know he is relieved to be finally coming out of the Army but I know he won't forget so quick of the comradeship, the memories, the tough and the good times. I myself have not particularly adored being an Army wife but I have always supported him and to see his last few days go with such a party atmosphere is fantastic. He has two more "do's" to go to and then home for good......

And lastly for this freezing Monday night, I have made a kit exclusively for Caroline at Bubbly Funk and you can dowload it HERE

And here is what I made:

Au revoir!


tjc designs Blog said...

Wow I cannot believe he is coming out! fab photo too x

Glee-scrap said...

Conrats to Mark on his accomplishments...he looks like he still has a bunch of good years left in him, yet! Does he plan on retiring, a second career, or becoming your Scrap-Assistant?

Oh, LOVE your "Funky" LO-great colors and journaling! Belle is such a great subject; cutie!

Love & Peace, Erin : )

Brook said...

What fun you must have had. I think it is so admirable that your family has devoted so much time and energy to the service of your country. Congratulations on a well deserved retirement. As for that kit...I am bubbling over with joy! It is bublicious!

Clare said...

Sounds like you both had a lurvely time!!!
It will seem weird for you and Mark when he leaves the forces. I can remember when Dad left the RAF and we moved back to his hometown of Stoke on Trent. It was strange having dad there at normal times everyday and not living on a base was even stranger for a time.
Anyway I am rambling but wanted to say good luck to Mark for his last few days in uniform and for future life in civvy street!!

Derek said...

WOW! What do I have to do to get you to design a kit for me? I'm willing to do just about anything. Except..... Eat brussel sprouts.. Blaa... Thats where I draw the line

Jen said...

OOh what's he going to do now? My bro retired from the Navy at 40, and he found work at the Kellogg's factory in Manchester LOL. He used to look after turbines in ships, now it's turbines (or whatever) in a factory. All the best for the future, Mark. Love the freebie, too xx

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for the goodies! I love them :-).
And love the picture of you and DH. You make a very lovely couple and it looks like you both had a wonderful time.
Being from the US, sometimes your slang puzzles me ... what's a "crimbo"??????? ;-)

DJC said...

May only be a couple of dos left but we are gonna sink a fair few pints!!!
Glad you enjoyed yourself Saturday!
Be good and have a cracking Christmas

Terrie B x said...

great free kit & great buubly funky site, thanks Kirsty <:)

Leslie said...

Whenever I buy an international scrapbooking magazine (I'm in the US), I look for one of your lo's, which never disappoint. So glad to know that you digi scrap too (I'm most a digi scrapper).

Tks for the awesome kit! I love reading about your daughter and admiring your pictures!


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