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22 Nov 2007


for all the advice about gluten/wheat free diets.
I just want to point out that I neither have coeliac or have an intolerance to lactose etc etc. I just feel by cutting out over processed foods and refined flours and sugars, I will feel a lot better for it. Whilst at the doctors the other day he told me something interesting. Chinese food and Mono-sodium Glutamate. NOT GOOD. Apparently offenders of eating take out chinese (which we do, one to two times a month) can stimulate feelings of a heart attack. Ok, I haven't had these feelings but I know after eating a chinese meal I feel so bloated and ick. You compensate that for eaten something really tasty but its isn't really tasty is it? Mark can make a mean homemade chinese with less additives and more taste for less. He recommended eating pure foods to help lift this chest problem I have had since Christmas day last year. Im so glad I documented how Ill I have felt over the year, I was able to tell him the exact times I was at my worst so that it helped him in his assumptions. Hooray for blogging.
I know it might seem boring for most of you talking about food and cutting back but take a long hard look at yourself (for those feeling bloated and sluggish) and ask yourself, like I did, why you feel and look that way. We have only ourselves to blame... sure hurts doesn't it? So after getting the party season dealt with, I will endeavour to cut out the stuff that is full of crap and hope I can whip myself into a diet of proper, non enhanced/processed/over sugared/over salted food. My father is testament to it. He eats lots of good old meat and two veg style meals and is as fit as a fiddle. He wont eat chinese or pasta and ok - whilst he enjoys the odd white bread sandwich and little snack a roo's - the fact he doesn't eat processed foods so much counts for something.
Ok, off my soap box and into the craft room to tie up stuff that's been drying overnight.


D@nielle said...

I'm sure it will help, too much of anything (not just food ;) LOL) is just no good !

Potion61 said...

I was diagnosed as having Celiac when I was 2yrs old and put on a diet.
My parents are very health conscious and watch their diet and take supplements everyday.
Their belief is that you shouldn't eat anything white.
This is something that I follow as well as watching the breads. Even whole wheat bread is processed to some degree.
Next summer on my list is to grow our vegetables and eat organically as much as we can.
I don't think that anyone can go wrong with changing their diets for the better.

Rachael said...

Since Pete has had kidney problems we have tried to eat healthily with a lot less salt. Chinese is the worst for the salt! When we do have it we end up drinking pints of water and get aggitated because of the salt, sugar and additives. I make all my own stocks, soups, biscuits, sauces etc as they are all high in salt if bought from the shops got some great recipes if you are interested - low fat too so an added bonus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty
Yep I feel the same after Mono-sodium Glutamate. Not good stuff. Generally people feel thirsty. Also Saccharin & aspartine (pls excuse spellings!!) are to be avoided. I did have a list of the top ten somewhere? These were all on it along with mechanically produced meat. Bio yoghurts are great along with tying to avoid the above. My insides feel much better since I have.

ps Hubby accidently gave kids the wrong fruit juice (for only two days & I thought something was wrong immediately), but after finding we had given them aspartin & saccharin for two days it took 3-4 days to get the effects (which were noticed immediately) out of their system!!

Brook said...

I'm with you! After the holiday season.....

Jen said...

Sure it will help! Being brought up in France, I cook everything from scratch... Hey, here's a week's school menus from a French school: fruit every day, everything cooked fresh, no chips! If only we could do this in the UK - and all for about 2 quid a day

Sharon said...

MSG....nasty stuff!!! It triggers horrid headaches, almost to a migraine stage. Learned to read food labels to avoid it. Look out for it in cheese flavored items!


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