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4 Nov 2007

I can breathe now

My lovely Bro went away Friday aft and came back again Sun morning and more laughing and sillyness ensued. I LOVE my bro and I LOVE Keriola. Just love them (lots of pics below).

Inbetween them leaving and coming back I went down to one of the most sweetest scrapbooking events ever!. A Trip Down Memory Lane, run by Mel and Jill held such a wonderful retreat that I could have stayed for longer had I not expected my bro today. I went down to showcase some creative photography ideas to budding snappers with their menagerie of different cameras. It can be quite daunting for some people when I come bounding in with two whopping cameras. But its a pleasant suprise to inform those with point and shoots that you CAN achieve beautiful imagery with whatever camera you have. You just have to understand position, lighting and thought. Its not about MY photography that makes a better photographer - its design principles that have been used for hundreds of years by artists, architects, advertisers, magazines, filmmakers and photographers. So after the session, I went to look at most of the girls photos and I was thrilled to see that some of the design principles had been implanted. Janice, from Scrapagogo had a reet nifty camera with results Id have been overjoyed with. Clare, who has always taken such wonderful photos had some bobby dazzlers and Ann (How mad is ANN?! - she is Mafswife on UKS) took some real corkers - in fact I cant let any of them slip through the net of brilliantness. They were all so impressive. I was only go to stay for a few hours but I hung on til 1030pm and drove the crazy 4.5 hours back. Music blaring, windows wide open (although it was a real pea souper, I was choking back the smog!) I might have had a cheeky Red Bull to keep the old peepers open. But I got home at 3am and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I personally want to give thanks to both Mel (who is looking decisively yet deliciously preggo)and Jill and all the croppers for making me feel so welcome. I got through a little pre show nerves down to the fact that everyone was so lovely. And the food? HELLO? slurp. Not forgetting that amazingly stocked shop. An extra special thanks goes to Janice for inch by inch mapping to the petrol station, a hug for Hilary for taking me under her wing, my immediate cropping buddies who I shared tid bits of chit chat with, rachel for just being so ballsy (wink wink.... YOU are an amazing scrapper - shut up!) Katie for inspiring me with glossy accent writing, Lorraine and Nicki Bee for good old convo about dealing with our children with spesh needs (Nicki - you look stunning my freind). It was so good to re-igniteI want to thank the girls from Wales for sharing their table at dinner time (they were the ones that really had an affinity with sheep - ask them if you dont believe me). It was so lovely to meet, briefly, Annette and Sue along with Izzy (such a nice suprise to see her!) and the tiniest but just as important meet and greet with Hannah. It was also fab to say quick hello's to Becks and Debbie. And IF I forgot anyone else I am really really sorry. Oh yes, forgotted the name of another expectant lady but I took this of her as she also looked bloomin gorge! There were more girls there but I had not been introduced to them or they had not been introduced to me. Im a big fat worrier that I am damned if I do and damned if I don't appear to engraciate myself to the point of "Who the hell are you?". Just thought Id point that out, its a super huge worry of mine.

So back to today. Bro and keriola came and Belle was one happy little niece. We just slobbed about, playing Wii, laughing, getting to grips with my brothers issues with wind, copying wedding photo's and making wedding videos etc. It just went so fast. I dont to forget to day even though we did nothing special. We were just together and that's enough for me.. I want to share some photo's of our pre and post weekend. Mum - you see how brown they are? I know, makes you sick!

We love Keriola xx

Ooooh he is just so willing to help me with some showcasing. My bro, modelling for me for some design rules. I love freebie models.
And these next ones sum up my Bro and Keriola. They are so much fun!

And now I must sleep xx


Diana said...

Hi Kirsty I am Diana the newbie photographer who has participated on HS:MS for the past 3 or 4 months and I would like to send you an email about a proposition. You can contact me on if you wish. I will keep your email confidential. Thanks!
Love Di

Cath said...

Sorry I had to think of someone and as I am "stalking" you at the moment your name came to mind.... You have been tagged....LOL

Taniwha said...

OMG! Shut up! Kirsty Wiseman said I was an amazing scrapper, can you say it again, louder so everyone can hear? Hahahaha!

Lovely to meet you Kirsty and your photo workshop was amazing! The bad & good photo examples really helped get things going in my head and then I took some cracking photos of Nic (the other expectant Mum) and she did of me! Thanks so much, I think you've kickstarted me from humdrum to ok photos :)

And you're so lovely too, can't wait to see you in Feb, we'll have a ball hun :)

Nicki said...

It was lovely to see you again too hunny. Glad that you got home safely

Sue Bone said...

Lovely to see you again Kirsty. Great class and no translator needed ;)

Ann said...

Hey there lovely lady - I'm not mad just a tadout of the ordinary! Have just about recovered from the w/e and my nettle rash and sliding down the bannister!! Great to meet you - you are a lovely person xxx don't let anyone tell you otherwise x

Anilu Magloire said...

You are such a great photographer, K!!!!

Roz said...

coooooorrrrrrrrrrr your brother is fit

Brook said...

I love it! It looks like you had an amazing time! Love the lovely photos as always! I bet that I would be peein' in my pants with you!


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