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28 Nov 2007

The dreaded lurgy

Whoa - 24 hours of deathbed existence sure is enough to lose a couple of pounds, gather enough bad breath to out-stink a skunk and collect your thoughts under a snuggly buggly duvet. Pooey icky wick. Cough, splutter and weak cries of "ugh!".

And poor belle is bunged up big style and whilst at the doctors today she also tried on some new shoes that she needs to correct her gait. The poor darling just can't walk in prescribed shoes (imagine a wind up toy soldier who cant bend his legs properly). My heart is too broken to take anymore of the suffering she will experience before the year is out. Luckily the shoes are going back to be tapered on the straps so she gets an extra two weeks grace on the new walking system about to take place. The only saving factor in all of this is that the shoes look normal and not "special". Lord knows that kid doesn't need anymore name calling on top of the usual yarn. She has another round of prodding tomorrow and that's it for this year. Halle-flipping-lujah!


Realising that chicken soup is good for the soul (basically any food is, right?) I treated her to our special menu of Cod in Cornflakes (IM NOT JOKING) with pasta and sweetcorn. Basically you buy fresh boned and skinned cod, dip in flour, dip in egg and coat in crushed cornflakes and then fry on a medium heat for 8 minutes either side. The result? Crispy crumb far better than processed, orangey breadcrumbs of the norm.

She ate a huge piece of fish (isn't it expensive? its more pricey than beef and salmon) and polished her pasta and sweetcorn off in good old fashioned "I need to get better" style. And when did eggs become so expensive too? I paid £1.29 for half a dozen this week. And whilst I'm at it - Caprisun (juice pouches). For a box of 4 it cost £1.85 but for a box of 10 it was £2.29. They were not on offer, apparently this is the normal price for each...... I gather you pay for the sturdy box they come in more than the juice itself. The world has gone freaking bonkers.


What now?

Oh yeah! Studio Calico kit revelation went live at midnight (Kentucky, USA time) and sold out of the add on's in the space of a few hours. You would be an absolute trump beetle to miss out on those kits. They really are the nicest kits this side of the lake.

as promised for the ladies of Chepstow, here is a picture of the advent calender (which I taught at the weekend). One sheet of 12x12 doubles as a perpetual wallet for your 24 pockets of delight. Ive added photos to my tags and gotten belle to write one word on the reverse of the tag so I can look back with fondness. Ive kept the design very traditional and very Figgy Pudding xx

And finally I want to take you to a special place I often visit. Its beautifully preserved, suspended in time and serves as a peaceful remembrance of a wonderful woman who died one year ago today - here. Love to Neets, her family, her fantastic kids and lots of loving thoughts for Joanne xx


k-joi studios said...

how pretty! love your work.

Lynsey said...

Wow wow wow!! I think these LO's pretty much sum up why you are on any design team. So much inspiration in one go. Hope all goes well today with E. Love lynsey

SuzyB said...

Ooooh you've been sick (well I already knew you were sick, but I mean poorly ;oP) Hope it passes soon, its probably another of those steak n cheese subs again.

And oh wow, is that the calendar you would have done at the retreat? I neeeeeeeeeed to make one aww pweese pweese pweese do some 'structions for us peasants? I'll be your best friend and give you my wagon wheel at break time?

Scrappy Nina said...

OMG!! Kirsty - All that work is just gorgeous!! We need a Kirsty book!! Why is there no Kirsty book?? Any publishers looking in?? Think on now!! Get Well Soon Wisemans and Love to all Joanne's family today. XXXX

Polly said...

oooh oooh ooooh oooooooooh ooooooo!
Lurverly!!! I love the 'princess Elli' LO. The brick wall just is such a fabby backdrop on the piccie. FAB!
Sorry to hear about the 'lurgie' YUCK! I hate being ill. I hate the kiddos being ill. Being ill stinks.

a very tired mommy said...

alright, chickie. I lurk like a stalker on your blog.... I have a few things.

First... happy birthday to your sweet girlie. I love looking at all the wonderful pics you've done of her. did you make those cute little pockets?? :) Thanks in advance. :)

Hope you're having a good holiday season so far.

Danielle said...

Kristy I read your blog daily but I'm not sure I ever comment... I always drool over your fantastic designs, and today I am literally speechless over your advent calendar! It is spectacular! I am so inspired, I am off to the craft store tonight if possible to try and make my own! THanks for always sharing your beautiful work with us!

TraceyT said...

so much to look at - love all the lo's the advent calendar is lovely x

Jen said...

Aw :( Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the link to Anita's sister's blog. Thinking of her. Just wanted to say HI and love the calendar and Awww about the shoesies (I'm just glad Claire was little when she had orthopod shoes, cos they were HUGLY!!!)

Nina said...

OMG!'re sooo talented. I really LOVE your work - it's absolutely gorgeous, all of it!

Scrappermania said...

Wow wow wow!! love your work!

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