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21 Nov 2007

Dairy Free, Gluten Free etc etc

After CrimboI want to change the food of which I think is holding me back on my health. Im not ill but I do feel so sluggish and with this horrible condition Ive got - exercise is not an option. Well exercise is ok in teaspoon amounts but I like to all-out push myself to the edge of exasperation.
So anyway.
Ive been aware that white bread is just a bad old staple so Im going to have to eat wheat free/gluten free alternatives. Whilst in Sainsburys tonight I tried to think of the foods I actually can eat and I cant think of much other than rice and pulses. I can live with those - Ive got a soft spot for lentils right now but not sure about mung beans. The word alone paints a picture of puke, if Im honest.
Im going to totally wipe out jarred sauces and opt for sauces made from scratch, eat a little more veg (yuk - not a veg lover at all), wipe out most meats minus chicken and fish, learn to love soya milk (unsweetened type). Ive seen corn pasta as an aletrnative to wheat pasta, scrummy little bickies that will keep my sugar pangs at bay.
So Im putting out this post in hope you can lead me to some sites that can give me more advice, what I can eat, good replacement ideas and some support


Anso said...

Hi Kirsty :)

Got the message you left on my blog. But I can't find am e-mail address to contact you at. I have done gluten/wheat/dairy/egg/yeast free for well over a year so I'm sure I can give you lots of tips :) Could you PM me on UKS with your e-mail address please?

Take care :)


Kate said...

Hope it goes well for you hun, don't forget good old potatoes and keep the skins on for the fibre.
I eat gluten free and my little boy has to eat a pure food diet. I started my 2nd blog to chart our progress (my lemon pie dreams). Oops haven't updated since AUG!!

I see you have already contacted Anso, she is a good source of help. Please share any good info you find.

Kate said...

Cous cous is gluten free. Tesco sell gluten free pitta bread and you can get gluten free pasta too. Pesto is gluten free, as is houmous. If you're cutting out meats, what about stuff like feta cheese and halloumi? Very yummy. Oh, and we had someone make us a gluten free chocolate roulade last week which was amazing ... I'll get you the recipe if I can.

TopCat76 said...

I can't point you in the direction of any sites exactly, but definitely make your own pasta sauces... just learn a real basic receipe and you can't go wrong. Avoid ready made sauces especially those with garlic as I know from my mum and some friends who have had dietary issues that artificial or jarred garlic is really bad for you. Oh and caffeine - get rid of it if you can! Hope you feel better soon xx

Sally said...

Firstly, good to see you back. I can now officially stop being concerned!

Have you come across the site If you enter what your diet requirements are in there, they will provide recipes for you every week for a year for £11. Fantastic and you get a week's free trial. I hope that might be a little bit helpful???

Anonymous said...

please try bee pollen and royal jelly. I know a man who has been using both for 15 years now. I pegged him at about 38 years old and he is actually 60. He has not had a headache, sneeze, cough etc in 15 years. I have been prepping for a body detox by changing all my foods, cleaning and body products and starting using the aforementioned bee pollen. In the process of prepping for the detox, I quit smoking just like that. Yes, after 22 years, I quit just like that. I was cleansing my body and every time I smoked, I got sick so I just quit. Try the book the 4 week detox plan (can;'t remember the author) but it is the book that got me started to clean healthy living.

Savannah Brentnall said...

You might want to check out Anna Aspnes' blog.

She's on vacation at the moment, but she just switched her whole family to a wheat/gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet bwecause of her kids' sensitivities. She has all kinds of info and links, and a couple of good cookbook links, too.

Good luck with the change. I did it about 2 years ago and I've never felt better. Tons of energy, skin cleared up, lost weight, etc.

Brook said...

My niece who has autism has recently been placed on this diet. We are really working on it at my home as well. We are lucky to have a whole food market near us. We are staying away from things that have been refined and bleached. Making sauces is a great idea because they are so full of sodium. It is soup season, so you can make lots of yummy soups. Good luck!

Anilu Magloire said...

I have no advice but I do offer my support :)
I second what topcat76 said. Any kind of canned garlic is baaaad.
Good luck!

Odette said...

Hi Kirsty, I have had Coeliac Desease for 30 years, since the birth of my youngest son. I am quite used to it by now and find that more and more people suffer from this intolerance. There are a number of forums on the net regarding Coeliac Desease. I live in Quebec and there is also a Coeliac Desease Foundation if you have one in your area (they give yu a great deal of information). Some restaurants also have a gluten-free menu. And if you Google Coeliac Desease, you will get hundreds of pages. Good luck.

pokettiger said...

Check out this wonderful blog:

Shauna has also written a book called Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back...And How You Can Too. It came out recently. She has celiac disease and shares how learning to keep gluten out of her diet has changed her life.

pokettiger said...

Oh I also should have mentioned my husband is vegan so we have a wonderful collection of vegan cookbooks. Here is a list of our favorites:
1) Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
2) 150 Vegan Favorites by Jay Solomon
3) Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hoper Romero
4) The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein

I also just ordered as a Christmas gift for my husband The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Some of these aren't going to take into accounty the gluten free aspect but I think you will still find lots of recipes that will work for you.

Penny said...

Hi Kirsty, I've eaten gluten-free for more than 10 years as I'm intolerant to it. I have loads of food ideas and brands which are yummy and ones to avoid 'cos it's like eating cardboard!!

Feel free to email me if I can help:

(PS I used to be a customer of yours way back and remember the bookazine days??)

Kerry said...

Will be watching the comments on here with great interest as we have been advised by the peadiatrician to do the same with our son.

GP says not to cut it all out at once though. It has to be a gradual process and he definitely needs allergy tests before it is all cut. At the moment we are gradually doing the dairy.

Looked at the gluten free stuff in Tesco - £1.99 for a small loaf of bread ouch!! May have to start making my own.

D@nielle said...

OOoh good for you cutting out sugars and dairy a bit and switching to soya don't forget they have great puddings, and choc milk ;) The brand I use is ALPRO but I'm not sure they have them in the uk ? I'm sure just switching to alternatives in your diet will be half the battle to get your body working with you on this ! I've been drinking lots of water/herbal tea since friday and my skin is already happier :)

Kate said...

Message from Kate to Kate, I think that cous cous is not gluten free. Tis a minefield, I know!

Rottie said...

just read you post regarding a change of diet for yourself.

I would love to point you to a site - I found it fascinating and very very enlightening.

I have used it to detox 3 times when my system has felt really sluggish and the effects are amazing and there is a noticeable weightloss too!

It has altered my diet completely (but I do still indulge in my sins!)

Give it a look see and let me know if you benefit from any of its contents.


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