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13 Nov 2007

Country Retreat

A fair few months back, my freinds Angela and Roz got a couple of friends together (online) to organise a personal get away to scrap, laugh, eat cake (most important, you know) and be merry.

We came from near and far to meet at a stunning country manor house letting near Penrith (look it has a turret!)with more stash than Basic Grey's warehouse. We got there to Suzanne having completed three milion layouts in one afternoon. I gathered it was war to the finish! With the energy of the creativity we could have made the roast dinner a lot better than the flamin dodgy cooker in the gaff! My friend Jane, who drove us up, was so kind to allow me a quarter of a table portion so that she could house her entire craft room on her three quarter table space. I didn't mind really because I stole lots of her stuff when she wasn't looking. I have one of her paint brushes being held for ransom - I think its only fair. And anyway, Im used to working in a 4cm square area as it is. Pay up Jane or the paint brush gets it!.

Im not sure if I can relay the entire weekends convo. Some of it will make the air blue, some will make you cry and some will make you burst your blood vessels from laughing. And boy, do we hurt from endless laughter. It got to the stage where I had to snort to be able to get some air into my lungs. I just couldnt breathe for laughing. My walnut is throbbing from excessive laughter. I was in tears and floods and pools of laughter so much that I thought Roz might have to dial 999. Cal decided that the game of Balderdash would be funnier with just the most bonkers of answers to the questions, Suzanne is the biggest bluffing bluffer this side of the lie-dom, Angela is the darkest horse on this planet, Lianne only has to look at me and I die laughing, Roz'z belly laughs echo in my own chest and make me laugh even more, Janet was actually the most behaved out of the lot of us and I appreciated that balance but Jane - jayz! She is SO FUNNY - SHUT UP!

I only managed 4 layouts and a mini book the entire weekend but I didnt mind because we had to fit in little fun photo shoots (and yup - we are pouting!). Who said that acting like Elsie wasn't so much fun?. And we are aged over 30 (even 40 for some, but ssshhhhhh!), completely past it, knackered housewives doing the Elsie - bring it on.

Time for Leanne to betty Boop through some cutesy poses:

Roz has got the sucked lemon pout off to a tee:
Jane purring to the camera.... Remember, I have your paintbrush:Some sedate shots from some truly english roses. This is Leanne from the best ribbon shop everSuzanne is so very photogenic. And she also makes the most beautiful and I MEAN BEATIFUL layouts. She also got through to the final of Making Menories Idol this year.

OK - these girls crack me up:Cal cut all her limbs with scissors, knives and my wit (wink wink). Don't you just love her seriously hoody demeanour:Rock on you two crazy nut jobs:And sparklers caught on a slow shutter speed. We got a bit rude with some shapes but here are the more gentler shapes:And finally.

I forgot to post these pictures of the night Suzy and I swapped out cricut and craft robo. If you pardon the pun on die cutting, Im sure you can see that this chance meeting was one of true love.


Roz said...

OMG, get that picture of me off your blog right now, that is terrible, seriously look like I'm sucking lemons or something equally horrible. Thanks for a fantastic weekend, I loved every bit of it. xxxx

Sam said...

Lordy does that look fun or what - count me in next year or all the paintbrushes get it. I only need 2 inches fnarrr!

Lianne said...

Aaargh you cowbag, could've at least sorted out my chins :D I had a fabby weekend, still have a laughter headache, don't think I've ever laughed so much in such a short space of time! Loving all the photos too :)

Lianne xxx

mauri said...

This is just sooo funny!
I can see you all had a blast!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Ha ha ha ha ha *snort* ha ha ha ha *choke* ha ha ha ha ha *oops* I've split my sides laughing !!

Fab photos there Kirsty ... flipping heck, weren't there some beautiful peeps there that weekend !!

Just so that you don't forget - my synopsis of the film Castle in the Desrt.........

Its about a castle in the desert !

tjc designs Blog said...

I have missed reading your blog so much infact nearly as much as I miss you and I am soooooo jealous about your amazing trip but alas I am in hotel in ..... OMG traveled so much recently have a mometary lapse! oh yes Ashford (duh!) and am demoinh in Chartham tomoz really really really wnat to catch up soon, luvs ya x

Brook said...

LOL! I wish I could have joined you! I love the times when my friends from all over America meet together for a retreat! What fun!

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