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25 Nov 2007

Birthday Girl

12 amazing years we have spent with this dolly.
12 years of joy as she smiles a sweet smile with her darling rosebud lips, toothy grin and overflowing heart.
Isn't she so funny in this picture?

(Shades because we had to use flash and she always blinks with the flash!). We love this kid so much.
Our favourite place for a fun night out is Frankie and Benny's and it has been for the her past 3 birthdays. It was her choice to go and do anything she liked on her B'day and although the food is "set menu, fried and run-of-the-mill" she chose this restaurant for her treat. We love the atmosphere and the fact the restaurant stop the music to bring out a cake

for the birthday girl, play Happy Birthday full blast followed by Cliff Richards "Congratulations" as Belle secretly loves the moment but pretends to be embarrassed.

Belle and I - complete with shades but you can make out crinkled laughter eyes underneath - sweet.

I love her cursl so much (and check out the fact I didnt rotate the picture - duh). When the midwide handed Ellie over to me 12 years ago, at 9.31pm I noticed she had tight, wet curls and dreamed she would have spiralled numbers like this. The doesn't even know how lucky she is to have such fabulous hair.

Belle and Pappi - love this pic.

She had so many lovely gifts ranging from bubble bath to Wii games to money and it was such a lovely surprise to receive a gift from SuzyB who also celebrates her birthday today - thank you so much Suzy and we hope you had a superliscious day. Our thanks go out to all our family and friends xx
Happy Birthday darling Ellie - you are loved more than you could ever hope to realise xx

I got back this afternoon after eating this amazing breakfast treat from Louise

to join in with the rest of Ellies day after teaching down in Chepstow. It was a full day of teaching, yesterday, where I taught 2 layout and 1 advent calender class. When I mentioned to Louise, the host of the event, that I was planning to teach an advent calender class she really wasn't that keen. Suffice to say the class loved it dearly (pictures to come tomorrow, I ran out of daylight!). Katie, Louise's daughter made glases with leftover scrap paper. I had 4 young girls at the crop who were so very very adept scrappers. Katie, the teeniest and most cutest is also the most minxiest.

I also taught a class with a lift the flap house (inspired by a Jane Dean and The Freestyle Book layout but with a Kirsty twist) and a layout using die cut buttons from Cosmo Cricket. I was very proud of myself before the event as the layouts were carefully planned just for classes and are some of my favourite this year. I am always made to feel very welcome down at Chepstow, it is a superb gathering of very friendly scrappers and Louise always makes me feel like a princess as a guest at her house. Later in the evening (after the classes) she made the perfect hostess, feeding us crimbly type nibblies and serving cava with orange juice (YUM!).

The best was yet to come as she laid her table like Christmas day spread and served a lamb and caramelised onion pie with cheesy, garlic potatoes and red cabbage and apple.

I died with every mouthful. Thats woman can not only cook but she graces every moment with a laugh and giggle. I really love that crazy Kiwi! I got to spend time with Pam, Ailsa, Helen and Maz and collectively there was enough energy from chatter to feed a section of the national grid. I love great company and I love great food.
So anyway.

The birthday girl is tucked in bed, the Wii is slowly cooling after taking a beating and Im off to finish the final digi class. For the last 5 weeks I have sent out classes to many wanna be digi scrappers and have been mesmerised by the quick learning of them all. I have seen, just in the first two weeks, many layouts created by ex paper scrappers that mimic the confidence of digi scrapers who have been at it for months. I have taught students how to not only digi scrap but also make their own embellishments, make their own brushes, use brushes to make digi patterned paper, how to make blog headers and banners etc. The final class is neat tricks, shortcuts and wee extras to help perfect digi skills. It is here I want to thank Crystal Blake for converting my photoshop lessons into Elements. Thanks Crystal and get well soon (she fell down the stairs last week and sustained injuries that resulted in .... stitches.. YUK :(...)
Additionally I was so pleased with this lady's quick learning and self made papers for this gorgeous layout here.

The full six lesson course will be available to buy on Wednesday (currently the download option is on pay receipt mode - you can buy it now but not as a full package until then). It will always be available to buy and is a 6 lesson crash course to digi scrapping. I explain in basic terms with lots of pictures to guide you into making a page within 20 minutes. After that, its plain sailing.

Lastly I want to thank all of you who made comments with regards to Enid Blyton books. She did have a certain magic and although politically her books in modern times are somewhat viewed as wrong, I will always live through my childhood memories with affection as she contributed to my


Ami said...

Happy B-day to your girl. My oldest is 10yo and I cannot believe how fast that they grow.

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day to gorgeous sweet belle!


LOUSY said...

We just love having you down Kirsty. Thank you so much for such a fab day on Saturday - everyone just loved it. I was tucked up in bed by 9.30 last night - a little less food and certainly no late night NZ Sav Blanc and signing to Dreamgirls at 2am. Come back soon xxxx

Christi Snow said...

HaPpY {belated} BiRtHdAy to BeLlE!!! smiles...

maz said...

Loved the birthday pics and the amazing love that comes from your writing about Belle...lucky girl to have such a yum mum.
.and *blush* thankyou for appreciating my humble digi efforts..anyone..if you're thinking of doing it digi with Kirsty- GO FOR IT!

anita said...

Ooo...say 'happy birthday' to Ellie from me :)

SuzyB said...

Glad Ellie had a smashing day. How spooky was it to read that you went to F & B for her birthday - thats where I went with my mum!! spooooooooooky.

D@nielle said...

So happy she had a fabbo b'day ! That is one cute b'day cake.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy belated birthday! Wishing Ellie the best for her new year. *luv*

Anonymous said...

So lovely to see Belle smiling so widely in those birthday pics!
Is it my imagination or has she smiled so much more readily since starting High School?

Sinead said...

I'm late reading this, but Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie!!

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