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9 Nov 2007

Because pouting makes you look a....

.............. fill in the blanks, I'm sure you know which word is applicable to you!

Met SuzyB at the Trafford centre last night to carry out the swappage of Robocop and Colin Cricut. I initiated Suzy into the Steak Cheese club at Subway. Yum and yum and yum. We had such a riot, I didn't want our rendezvous to end.I could have spent all night chatting to her but I had to get off and go buy me a new bra.


Well, no actually.

I watched Trinny and Susannah t'other night and out of 840 women tried and tested for fitting - 90% of them wore the wrong size. So I went to get measured. And when the measurer in Marks and Sparks had stopped touching parts only I "get to say who can", I fell on the floor and watched in horror as she brought the most hideous of support bras. The cups were the size of Bulgaria and the straps were as wide as the M25. No Kidding. Needless to say I didn't buy one, Id rather diet and buy a bra with cuppage that wont require a whole wash for one bra.

No wonder I have backache.


Running out the door - Im scrapping in the lakes with a good bunch of freinds xx


Nancy said...

Hi from a lurker :)

Did you try the bra on?
I know they can look hideous...
But wearing the right size really relieved my backpain. And there are pretty bras in bigger sizer, I love Prima Donna lingerie, you really should check it out...

Off my soap box :)

The Netherlands

SuzyB said...

No good then hey? LMAO!!

( . Y . ) big nels unite!

Sinead said...

Oh, I feel your pain about the ginormous bra cups! I wore a J cup (yes, J as in JUGS!), though I've been working out like a crazy person and have gone back down to either a FF or an H (depending on the bra).

You should make a trip over "the pond" and come play in America. You always look like you have such a blast when you go on your wanderings! :)

Ann said...

Hey there lol - welcome to the M25 club - Mine have their own postcode you know!!! And what is this about peachy skin and no grey cells? Ya wanna be like me that's it I'm sure!!!

Brook said...

OMG!!!!! You are a riot a minute! Bulgaria...I'm so sure. Still, if you had bought it, then your back wouldn't have hurt..then you would feel like exercizing more and not need to dip into chocolate for comfort as much...thus loosing weight and getting one of those cute little bras. At least that's how it supposed to go...only what do I know, my cup size is as big as Texas. LOL!

Terrie B x said...

Your such an inspiration,I've add you to my blog,hope you dont mind...:)

Lythan said...

Love the pic! Just to say that if you are more voluptuous than pancake (don't like to stare too much at your chest in the photies) then I would recommend Bravissimo. Not cheap. You could get quite a lot of nice paper and embellishments for the price of one bra - but some of them are pretty AND supportive. I think they start at D cup and end at something like ...K

Louise said...

makes me look like i've had a stroke, but makes everybodu else look like they're a lot of fun!!!

Glad you had a good meet up with Suzyb... did you need any tenalady... she makes me howl reading her blogski...LOL!!!

Jen said...

First I must say HUGS for yesterday's post :( Hope you have a fun weekend to take your mind off things. Secondly, I watched that too and really enjoyed it. But I must say, most of the bras for us more well-endowed ladies are what my BIL calls "Soviet bras".... yes, they might support you, but my do they look H-UGLY!

Anonymous said...

OOO noooo Kirsty!!
No to M&S- try Debenhams for your bra fit!!

I am biased coz I work there, but the girls in our store always get comments of "oo this is better than M&S!!"

I won't let them near my boobalas though :lol: i'm too shy!
But after watching Trinny and Suze I might go anonymously to another store;)

Big girls you are beautiful :D

Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and even the "big girl" bras are pretty in debs ;) LOL

darcy said...

Kirsty you need to find a 'Sadie the bra lady' shop, seriously they work wonders, better than M&S ever did. Just google Sadie the bra lady and you will find out about her.

Lisa said...

Hi Kirsty. Couldn't sleep tonight so sneaked onto computer to check digi scrapping site etc.
Have just read the last two months of your blog which had me in stitches and tears with the ups and downs! The love, the heartache and frustrations just jump out. You are an XTRAordinary lady - please don't give up. You are all Belle has got to fight her corner. A friend of mine was told her daughter would never walk or smile due to a very rare brain disease she was born with. Needless to say her mothers love and determination - and the family united against the NHS, the world and many brick walls proved them wrong and she is amazing... Many things are not within her abilities but she is so happy and so special.

You have all that too. Am going to start delving into this a bit more to see if there's anything that could help you.
Love Lisa xx

ps love the digi scrapbooking lessons

Lisa said...

Hello Kirsty,

Just sneaked onto the pc - couldn't sleep - to check on digi scrapbooking and logged onto your blogspot. I have read the past couple of weeks - and it has had me both in tears and in stitches, with all the ups and downs.

You are an EXTRAordinary lady. Don't give up. You are all Belle has to fight her corner, so please bounce back soon.

A friend of mine was told her daughter would never walk or even smile due to a very rare brain disease she was born with. Through her mothers love and determination and lots of family support, she has gone against the odds and proved the doctors wrong! There are many things which are not in her ability but her mum took on the world, the NHS - came across many brick walls. She has spent days weeks and months at Alderthey.

I will research a little bit more and see if there is anything there which may help you.

Till then, much love and happy scrapping.


ps really enjoying the digi scrapbooking course - can't beleive how much i have learned

Lisa said...

have posted 2 comments but for some reason hasn't worked. just trying this for a test.
lisa x

Kate said...

I love trini and suz!!! They've got my rack in control. LOL....I was fooling myself with the four boob thing for a long time. Now I have just the two. :)

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