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29 Oct 2007

Weekend at my folks.......

Its time for me to stock up on Momma and Pappi love and where else better to stock up than at their house full of respite and laughter.

Man I have had some reet belly laughs this weekend.

Mark, belle and I ventured over this weekend to mark the start of Belles school hols. Momma and Dad live over by the sea in Bridlington and there is always so much to do. The promenade walk, the beach, the amusements, the fair, the town and the sea air. Love it lots.

I love late nights with my mum as we watch old movies or somehow manage to put ourselves through the best of Torville and Deans run of fame. And we love the movie "Whilst you were sleeping". We know the script backwards but its gotta be done, especially whilst eating absolute lard and drinking an endless cup of tea. And we are always discussing our fave scene before it happens. We tell each other the most stupidest jokes, laugh at each others burps and only tonight I was making some cards and thought Id tape some spare double sided tape over my top lip. I dared myself to pull it off like a waxing strip and was horrified to find about 8 whiskers on there. I had no idea I had a discreet feminine moustache and almost died from both shame and laughter. Then mum had a go and quadrupled my whisker score. My eyes widened from sheer horror..... she too has a discreet feminine moustache. We were bent over laughing so hard, I thought my lumpy walnut would explode. Not long after waxing our upperlip area-age, I decided I needed some pop from the shop. Before I went out, Mum looked at me and saw my top lip area and cracked up laughing. It was red raw and practically throbbing. Who cares I thought and went to the shop anyway.

Mark, Dad and I went out on Saturday night for, like, the first time ever since the smoking ban came in. It was great to go out smoke free and in the company of some crooner doing a turn at the Montfort public house. Mark is not a fan of your average rockerfella dressed up to the nines in a black suit with fake red satin hanky in his top pocket, gangster type shoes and a mullet that can only be described as a Rod Stewart style syrup from 1973. Oh he was really putting on the charm to an audience of 5 in the bar before the throng of over 60's piled in for their weekly pint of black and tan (that's stout and bitter to the untrained bar tender). He was the type of singer that, in between each song, made some derogatory "in joke" with a member of the audience that made no sense to anyone and you could tell because he continued the joke with a nervous laugh hoping that everyone would just laugh anyway - you know what I mean don't you? He wasn't half belting out some fantastic 60's tunes of which I knew words to almost all of them. The guy really got the crowd going with his knees trembling a la Elvis and the odd cheeky wink at some passing bird on the way to the bog.

Dad was in his element regaling stories of his youth. I love listening to my Mum and dad talking about their stint from the late 40's to the present but I espesh love the 60's era of their lives. My Dad was in the Royal Navy and travels west from Norway to New Zealand and so he would tell us all about shore leave and the stuff that only young lads out on the beer got up to. I must write this all down in full one day, I just don't want to forget every little thing he did. Oh I was in love with my night out, Im such a people watcher. Espesh as we sat opposite the doors to the loo's which had a step down and had me almost choking on my drink as they tripped down it.

Ive so much more to share about my fab weekend with my lovely, gorgeous parents. perhaps more tomorrow. In the meantime here are some snap shots of this weekend that sums up just the best weekend you could ever have:

PJ's all day Sunday whilst the boys Geocache in the rain (mwahahahahaha)

Momma in her nightie all day too (its like I get vaildation for my slovenliness when she is also in her nightwear on a dreary day) Hum, Momma? You didnt brush your hair - I LOVE IT!

Mark scanning far away shores for our dream holiday next year. Maldives is on the Menu thus far but Im pinning my hopes on a Safari for Belle to enjoy.

My SPS for Her Space- My Space. Fortch I can laugh at myself - I look like I have one tooth!

I love to catch Belles feet dangling off chairs, spesh when she has groovacious socks like these.

And now its late after watching the most funniest movie ever - Rita, Sue and Bob too. As I am a yorkshire lassy, I can vouch for the "feel" of that film. Talking of Yorkshire, my mum burnt the yorkshire puddings today but once doused in beef and onion gravy - they were blummin gorgous.


Carol said...

oh my god! i LOVE geocaching!

sounds like you had a fab time :), wish i could get away with vegging in my jammies :)

Charlotte said...

Make your own ******* tea!
Was it on telly? Did I miss it? Gutted!

Maria said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend.

Thank you so much taking up our bosoms challenge and donating a prize.

Happy Monday xxx

Scrapdolly said...

Hi Kirsty
Stocking up on love like that sounds fab.

I just wanted to tell you i finished my little book and uploaded it. It was a fab class and I love my book. Thank you

Lisa said...

I was watching Gorden Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare the other night and he made yorkshire pudding look so good, I got a recipe off the web and made some. It was really delicious, we had pot roast with gravy to go with it. I will be cooking it again.

How do you make Yorkshire pudding?

Roz said...

Sounds like a brilliant weekend, that pub trip sounds flippin brilliant, I want to go to pubs like that and listen to stories of the old days. Glad you enjoyed yourself sounds so relaxing, give Ellie big squishes from me. xxx

Anna said...

isn't it great in Yorkshire :D
Seems next year is the year for dream hols, I've just booked us a fortnight in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean :D

Jen said...

OOh I'm a sock-lover too (sorry if that sounds pervy). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy those precious moments with your parents. Grab every single one, and blog about them so you don't forget, and you'll have the memories to keep you warm forever. Love reading about them - sounds a bit like me and Claire, even down to one of our fave films LOL. Take care xx

Beth said...

Hiya lovely, oh my, I'm creasing up at your "one toof" pic, made me laugh darl. Lovely pic though anyway, despite you only having "one toof". Hope your doing alright...... XX

Brook said...

I'm glad that you are having such an awesome time! No one can spoil you like momma!

Kerry said...

OMG I am giggling at even the thought of watching Rita Sue and Bob Too. It has to be the best film ever.

I'm jealous of your trip to Brid. We only managed Scarborough this summer and I gotta say Brid is so much better.

Chris said...

Looks like you are having a brill time Kirsty... I've only visited Bridlington once but I loved it. Will be better for you though having fun with your family.
Love the photos... your Mum looks lovely and how cool are those socks :D

Victoria Wilbeck said...

Your one tooth comment has me rolling!!!! You crack me up!

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