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23 Oct 2007

She. Is. Excellent.

Parents evening, for us - in the past, was usually the same.

In primary school we got the the same thing - Ellie could do better, Ellie struggles with this, Ellie doesn't sit still (she can't and never has... involuntary muscle spasms you know, they were so insensitive). Ellie fidgets. Ellie is a likable child but she can't cope with the workload. Blah blah blah.

I'm not going to lie about her abilities and I never have, Ive always explained it straight on my blog (for my own prosperity).

Not that she is a let down.

No way!

Just that some kids get it and some just don't.

Ellie generally doesn't.

So I wasn't expecting too much of Ellie at the parents evening tonight. Ellie plods on, we accept that. Anything less we can address but anything more is a bonus.


How many excellents can a child get on a record sheet? (School and address erased for obv reasons)

Those exasperating 5 minutes with her form tutor, Mademoiselle Biggins were precious, joyous, exhilarating. You could have bottled up the beam on Belles face and ignited a thousands flames from it. My child was a champion for those 5 illustrious minutes and remained to be so jubilant afterwards.
Belle works well within her ability. Her ability is very low but she is really trying. She is trying because she loves the school she attends and the school love her. They have amazing systems in place for her, nothing is too much trouble, all questions answered.

My child will grow because of this school. She won't mark time and just "be". sat in a corner trying to keep up is a thing of the past.

Despite some ugly behind the scenes stuff here at home - this evening has put a ki-bosh on the whole damn lot. It kind of puts your life into amazing perspective and allows you to focus on the good things in life.

Ellie is the good thing in my life. Pure, beautiful, unaffected, understated, amazing Belle.

However, one thing is kind of slightly misting the whole affair. There is a lump at the base of my breast bone which is piercingly painful. Its all related to this horrendous chest pain I have had since Christmas. Have to go and give bloods (again) tomorrow to check it out. Am very concerned but nothing on the scale of "I'm going to die". The doctor hurt me tonight when he prodded with his proddiness. I was trying to make light of everything and he was so good that he was drawing various diagrams as to what it could be. I was laughing at his drawings. Doctor he is, artists he is not. He was laughing along with me, easing my concern. I think it was nervous laughter more than anything, on my part anyway. Conversation spins to what I do for a living and I said I was a photographer. (did a shoot today but I was not feeling too brilliant - pulled it off though). So this crazy Doctor started saying he was interested in photography and that he wants a decent camera and needs to go on some course.

I started to think......

"Erm, hang on a momento - I'm the patient..... Please care for me Doctor Prod!"

But we was just so good about everything, he knew my eyes were wide with fear about this lump. Its about the size of a walnut at the base of my sternum. Don't worry about me though!! I'm just saying! Because Im not ill, I'm not sick. I'm just experiencing pain. And he has me laughing. And he can't draw.

Laughter really s the best medicine.

So the shoot today - it was fun. Pain aside, these guys were great

These two (brothers) had me in fits. This is one of those candid shots, which I love. The huy on the left is 15 years old - he is such a big strapping lad. Rugby player, no less!. Hisbrother, in the red is 16 and is on leave from army college. Its nice to see brothers get on like this, it makes my job such a pleasure to see happiness likethis.

The whole family really were a pleasure to be with. And the baby - OMG. Such an absolute heart stealer. I want him. NOW. Will take him as payment for the shoot - I realy would.


cbwetfish said...

That last photo is awesome!!!! Glad to hear good news about your beautiful daughter but sad to hear you are not feeling well. I'll say a prayer for you tonight.

Again, awesome photos. You're lessons on retouching have really helped me. I'm so glad I bought your tips and I hope my friends are taking your class!!!

tg said...

Love, love, love Ellie -- how proud she must be...

Sinead said...

Big kudos to Belle for a terrific report! That's awesome!

(((hugs))) to you about the lump. I hope everything's ok!

Heather said...

Great t ohear how switched-on Ellie's schhol is. And hurrah to her for such a glowing report.

Gentle {hugs} for your pain...

Eleanor said...

1. Well, kiss that darling girl. What a star.
2. Those photos are the loveliest happiest I've seen for a long while, you just bring out the sunshine in people. And that baby, well, what a grand little chappie.
3. Re the chesty breasty boney thingie. How you sound and how you are feeling are poles apart. You must be worried sick. All I can say is 'it is what it is, and they will do what they have to do' and you are in their hands, you have to trust them. I know you have had some letdowns (mildly put) from healthcare professionals over the years and it is scary, but until you know exactly what you are dealing with, you can't fight it. For what it's worth, my hubby had a, let's call it a growth, removed a few years ago, from his sternum. He has no sternum now, but an amazing piece of teflon. And he's fine. A moody git, but fine, lol.
Rooting for you, feeling for you, sending crates of love and support. No need to print this comment, should have emailed really. Stick that chin in the air, point that sweet nose up and know that sooooo many people will be rooting for you.

Carol said...

Ellie - WAY TO GO!!!!! whoo hoo. Your report is STUPENDOUS. well done xxxx

Kirstie, sorry to hear that your blowing under the weather at the minute. Let's hope they get it sorted pronto for you hun x

ger76 said...

Fantastic job Ellie, well done girlie!!

Sending (((HUGS))) your way hun * hope you feel better soon, take care of yourself xxx

Deanne said...

Well done to Ellie for been soo excellent - I can imagine you were all beaming with pride.
Thinking of you and your worries at the moment - I hope Doc Prod is speedy for you in getting you checked out.
My doc is great at explaining things from beg to end, but after he'd explained Rileys heart murmur I was more scared - lol - he saw that and then said - but dont worry!!! lol bless him and bless you Kirsty.

So have to book you for a shoot, we want some gorgeous natural family shots and I would gladly drive the distance to see you x

SuzyB said...

Phew glad you posted, was getting tinsy bit worried about you as you didnt answer my last mail.

Glad that Ellie's school report came along when it did, certainly helps to focus on the extremely brill things in life doesnt it.

Like I said, everyone is rooting for you, keep that in mind when the bad bits come up wont you my sweet.


Christi Snow said...

Thinking positive thoughts for you, hon!!!

I am so thrilled to hear about Ellie's new school...all I have to say, is that it is aout time!!!

Gorgeous photography!!! smiles...

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Congratulations to your sweet girl on her excellent report card!

Hot tea, chocs and a gentle {hug} for you.

naomi_m said...

I'm sooo glad for you that Ellie is doing well. She must feel absolutely amazing. It's schools like this we really need. Ones that recognise that each child can do well within their OWN ability. Go Ellie.
Sorry that you're not feeling good. I'll pray for you. If you need a nurses opinion, just ask!

karen said...

big hugs to you kirsty, will be thinking of you honey,great results for belle, know how you feel there, i have had the same with one of my kids. Those pics are fab one day i will book you for my pics.

Caroline said...

Congrats to Ellie for such a glowing school report!!
{{{Hugs}}} - thinking of you......

Hullabaloo said...

What a superstar your daughter is!! I am always amazed at how short the appointment time is when I am sitting on the Mummy side of the table. On the teacher side it can often seem like you've been talking for ages! I am delighted for her - you can see the pride beaming out of her.
I am sorry to hear you're not feeling great. Hope it all turns out OK. (the whole time I was reading your post about the doctor laughing i had an image of the doctor in the Simpsons who just laughs all the time!) Will keep my fingers crossed that the pain goes away soon!

Karva said...

Well done Belle what a little star. thinking of you Kirsty ((((HUGS))))

Jen said...

SOOO happy for you and for Belle! It makes ALL the difference when the school is like that. In fact, I can NOT understand any school that ISN'T supportive like that! Beautiful photos as usual my dear, but I'm sorry to hear about the nasty lump. Hope they can sort it as quickly and painlessly as my prob was. HUGS and keep my posted, ok?

nagiw01/sonia said...

such kinds words and fab pics we are really happy with them but if we had known you where not well we would have postponed it glad to hear your daughter is doing great at school well done her and you keep up the good work and i hope you are better soon big hugs xx sonia and the crew

Lisa the Lovely said...

Please let us know what you find out! And go little Belle!

Brook said...

How absolutely positively joyous you must be! This school is like a dream come true for your family. It gives you faith in the educational system again.

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