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8 Oct 2007


Love going away but hating having to ketchup. Bleh, hate unpacking and putting my stuff away, I really want to stay in one place forever. But then Id miss out on fun and meeting new (and old) freinds.
Scrap Camp 2007 was a busy affair - the weekend went so quick. I taught two classes (twice) but failed to take a picture of my projects (promise to do that tomorrow). I used BG Mellow papers (which arrived in the nick of time - phewey!) and Scenic Routes Sumner range. I love these paper so much, Im really going to use them again. I got to meet Grace (who is incredibly dinky, I thought Rhonna Farrer was dinksville!).
She is here mid class surrounded by busy, inked up students. I also met Cleo whose cheeseholing in her layouts is legendary.
She is gorgous, isnt she? She is part of Scrap Studio's DT as well as the sultry looking Ruthy babe here.
Mandy did a cracking job despite some very challenging if not arrogant behaviour from the Hilton plus other hell raising disasters.
Its true of the saying that everything comes together at the last minute. Thanks Mandy for not only giving the girls a good time but also the teachers as well.
I met up with Jane Dean (no picture, boo hoo) whose classes went down a storm as ever. Also I met up with my freinds from Chepstow who alwas manage to blow away the cobwebs and have me bent over with medicinal laughter. Talking of laughter, I havent laughed so hard as when the girls played games including Blind Mans Bluff scrapping and dressmaking using blue roll. Oh my spleen still hurts.
And to top off the whole event, I was presented with the good company of this lil dude - Samuel.
Isnt he just....oooooooooooh edible? He belongs to Michele Grant who I havent seen in like 463 years. You dont know how much love you feel when your arms are filled with a beautiful baby. He is such a good little boy with a shock of black hair and tiniest features. Im sure he has been on this planet before becuase he looks so knowing and serious! Ooooooooo, my ovaries are dancing right now but sadly, we cant have anymore children. But thats cool cos we have this lil lady who is just my BABE.
We went to take pictures in the street (tonight) that leads up to ours as the trees are looking stunning right now. I missed this little girl over the weekend.

She came down with me on Weds as she had thursday off school. Ellie fell in love with little cutie. This is Martha, Mandys dog.
Belle is just fascinated with her. And I mean obsessed. Oh the pain you see in their eyes as they plead for a dog is heart wrenching. But not yet. But then again, she is a beautiful pooch. Oh those heart strings kill me!
So. Anyway.
Ive been doing lots of stuff today - ketchingup, you know? Found this amazing chipboard company via Mandy and had a little chat with them. Amazing chipboard things are about to hit the shops. The are made in the UK at amazing UK prices. They are coming soon - very soon. Excitingly soon. SCREAM!
Finally I want to talk about something that really affected me last night. I feel I have to share because Id like to know how you are affected by things like this. I got home late last night. Mark went back to base and I watched TV as I couldnt sleep. Only I wish I hadnt. Or actually, perhaps I should - which I did. I cant deny that what I watched on BBC4 last night shouldnt have been allowed to be ignored by me. It was literally soul destroying. The lost children of Bulgaria was a documentry about abandoned, disabled children and how horrifically they are "cared" for in cement buildings by "nurses" who do not provide the human touch that children crave or the soothing words an orphan needs to hear to get them through the cold day. Instead they clean and feed (at least thats a plus, right?) the kids like robots and those poor kids are left to suffer in their own bed sores or the rocking motion of their demented bodies. I wept buckets as I saw a child sat in a corridor with the saddest face and the most saddest eyes and I wanted to pack my things up there and then and go to him. He is a beautiful child and you could see it. But he is unloved and uncared for and sits there, in his chair - everyday with no smiles for him, nobody to stroke his cheek and nobody to say hello to. I know this kind of thing happens, im not stupid to think that we live in a perfect world. But seeing that programme hurt me (like it was designed to).
And there was this little girl, well actually she was 13. She was called Vasky and she was so thin. She looked exactly like Ellie (body wise) and she was in so much pain. She was crooked and so fragile and crying and yet so quiet - do you know what I mean? They showed pictures of her at 4 years old when she was entered into the home and she looked like a normal 4 year old. But 9 years in a place like that and its obvious there has been neglect. But what can I do and would me campaiging for it actually do anything about this appalling cruelty? Should I erase it from my mind and live the life we lead with love and comforts and food - should I? I can't. Im racking my brains to try and think of something I can do. I really want to go and take that poor boy from that corridor and collect Vasky from her prison bed and bring them here and give up everything I do to have them. Does that kind of reality exist? I am so affected by it. I just care and I feel like its a taboo thing to do.


Brook said...

I'm glad you had a lovely time.....You are such a meany! You should let little Belle have a puppy! LOL! It is funny that you should mention this group of children. My son was watching a show and it impacted him also. He and a few friends are trying to work with some of the local clubs to have a concert to raise money for these children. He is looking for more information. I really hope that it is a cause he will follow through on... Teenage boys can be quite flakey at times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kirsty I know what you mean!! A few years back it was a doco on the Romanian children that were left in the same type of orphanages. I cried buckets and buckets and worried what type of adults these poor kids will become. Will they be devoid of all emotion and not care what they do to others, because they were never shown how to care?! I cannot not understand how this sort of thing can happen when there are sooo many wonderful couples who want to have children and cannot. Why can't they be able to adopt a child from one of these countries. Blow the red tape...CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN!! I never knew what to do either, but I do know that I let my kids know how much they are loved (even when it is hard to do so!!) as they are our future, and if we don't care for them properly how can we expect them to care about anything. I really hate mans inhumanity to man. Maybe if we sent out loving prayers, just maybe something will change..I hope so.
Janene from Australia

Heather said...

Thans for sharing about the Bulgaria programme.

A website has been set up top help:

From the BBC website you're certainly not alone in your reaction, Kirsty:

"The film is being repeated for those who can't access digital channels. It will be shown on BBC Two on Sunday 18 November 10pm-11.30pm (TBC)."

"Should you wish to contact Bulgarian government, please visit the website "EU Member States", where you will find contact information:"

Di said...

It's not really a taboo thing to do. It's just so hard to let it go. Having said that, there are many people who won't and can't let go and then go and do something about it. Adopt one of them or start a charity etc... People do do things after watching horrific documentarys like that. They suddenly get motivated and can't let go of the things they've seen and so feel the need to step in and rescue those kids.

It was the same in Romania. I had a friend of a friend who saw a similar programme and couldn't let go and did something about it. She (after months of legar ranglings etc..) adopted a couple of the kids from the orphan but she also started a charity and got local business men/women to go out there and fix the orphan up. Taught and trained local "nurses" how to really care for little ones... etc...

So something can be done.

I get affected too. I sit and cry. I'm a mother earth mother LOL My kids are grown up and I ache for another baby still. I ache for children who suffer and need more loving and more care. This country alone has one child a week that dies from neglect/abuse. One child a week! Those things bother me. And while I can give to the charities that help kids like that and the ones in eastern europe, I also know I'm not doing enough.

Sorry. Not sure if that's any help. Just my thoughts really.

Emma said...

Hi Kirsty.

It was lovely to meet you at Scrap Camp! I too loved the Chepstow ladies - what a scream!

I loved your class and will be framing this to go in my scrap studio!

Hope to keep in touch.


Deanne said...

wow kirsty, i thought i watched a heart wrenching programme last night! I watched the lost children of china and that for me was hard enough, so upsetting and the one child policy is just making it worse. I get so emotional about these programmes (like you said as your suppose too)and I truly want to do something ~ but what is it that one person like me and your for example can do! x

Kiki said...

Kirsty, I saw that documentary about the Bulgarian Orphanage a few weeks ago. It makes your heart ache sooo much !! I kept asking myself: where is God for this children? what is their purpose on this earth? The blind boy, I couldnt get over how cute he is, and how normal life he could have if somebody had taken the time to interact with him.
This sort of things make me feel like screaming sooo loud to the rest of the world, to want to jump in and help straight away !! I know that sooner or later Im gonna end helping people who God seem to have forgotten about.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty you are so much braver than I. I could not bring myself to watch, as much as I wanted to, I knew the scenes would drag me to the bedside of my babes & hug them awake.
I recall Anika Rice ( I think ) doing a very similar doc & I was swimming in tears then.

If something can be done I urge you to do it. You have a very loyal following of friends the world over. Your blog is very well known & respected by people from all walks of life. Start as snowball & see where it goes. Perhaps there is something online to help steer you & your posse in the right direction.
Take care.

Phew that was where do I sign!


LovelyMissKait said...

Oh, Kristi, you have me in tears now. I can't stand to see/read/hear of these kind of situations involving children. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be uncommon.

I often wonder what goes through the minds of these people who are supposed to "care", and I use the term loosely, for these children.

These are the same kids that are going to grow up and be our future. While the corporal cars heal, the emotional scars will last a lifetime. What kind of future is that?

Jane Dean said...

I saw that too, it made me so angry and upset. If I could have driven there and brought that little blind boy home I would have done. I felt very useless.

Anonymous said...

You can do something -if it is fundraising or just spreading the word, writing to your MP to see if the gov. can put any pressure on etc. I have devoutly christian relatives who go each year to Romania in their "love" bus (as we teasingly call it) with clothing and goods they collect. Sadly, working with children, I also know first hand, the atrocities which happen to children in this country - in some cases not dissimilar to some of the things you described.

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