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21 Oct 2007

Card makin'

Sometimes I just get sick of scrapping.
Don't get me wrong, I do luuuuuuuuurve scrapping but often I need diversions before I actually think of allowing my BG to jump out of its storage box and commit holy patterned paper suicide in my waste paper basket. Or can you imagine my BG taking a hike over to my Paper Adventures box and mixing with the likes of its horribleness from 3 years ago? My BG would so do that to me, I know it. And imagine having the BG police raiding my house and placing me under arrest for undue care and attention of its well being? Well, sod the BG police today - I made cards (and yes, I made a Christmas card - sh*t!)
As our surname is Wiseman and there are three of us, we always sign our cards from the 3 Wisemans. Love it! **on that note, my cousin's surname is Topp and there are four of them - and they sign their cards from the 4 Topps!** Anyway, I was shopping t'other day in that gorge lil craft shop when I spied the stamp that made this card, it has the 3 Wise Men on camels and I just fell in love with it. And I don't "do" stamps. So to all my family that read this (well, Mum, Dad and my Bro) - you have just seen your card!
I also bought those sandwich embosser thingies from Cutterbug. Holy embossnations! They are super wizzyfabbo and I can see many a card being zyuzed up with this baby. Can I just add that photographing white on a bright day is poo. major poo and I refuse to follow photographic rules when Im in my PJ's at 4pm in the afternoon. Humph.
My Digi classes went out tonight. Im so proud of them because the entire course will focus on beginners right through to advance in 6 bite sized chunks. Crystal Blake converted my photoshop efforts into Elements and she has no idea how much she has been a GREAT help. Loves ya Crystal xx You can still buy the class if you like by taking a look here. The classes will be sent from me direct and not from the site. Once the initial 6 weeks are up, then you can buy the whole tutorial in one chunk direct from the site. And CoCo, I need your email addy hunny xx
This weeks see's Belle getting fitted for her horrible (but essential) shoes. These were ordered 4 months ago and in light of the boot fiasco that I mentioned yest, I got a call from the Podiatry team saying the order had got lost. The fitting coupled with more physio and the fact she breaks up from school on Friday makes me a busy momma and belle a very tired baby. I am becoming very concerned right now because she is sleeping an awful lot after exertion. She always sleeps after physio, for 3 hours I may add but yest we went to do a bit of girl shopping. She walked about 2oo metres in between using her buggy and came home and slept through X factor (which is unusual for her) and slept through Stepmom (one of my favvo movies) before waking up and demanding coffee!. I spoke to Marko about it, because as you know if your baby is a little unwell you think they are dying. Growth spurt came the natural reply and I hope he is right. I do worry about that little girl, so much it make me sick. Sniff.
Oooh check her out, eating chips and drinking coffe - the shame!


Brook said...

I love the LO of Belle and the chips. Sorry about the boot fiasco. My teenager sleeps most of the time that he is home from school! LOL! I'm sure it is nothing to worry about.

sharon said...

LOVE the take on the "Wiseman" crimbo card this year...mmhh don't think "Armstrong" could be adapted to
Oohh what with you and Suzyb I am very tempted to digi scrap ..infact..NEED to ..., your work is an inspiration, keep it up.Sharonxx

SuzyB said...

Oh how gorgeous does she look in that outfit! She looks edible the scrumptious girlie!

Heather Pearson said...

First class looks great and so do your cards but no where near as good looking as your 'Belle'.

Best of luck with the course, you don't need it but wanted to wish you the best anyway.

Dalla Song said...

Woot loving the digi course and can't wait to get some of the wonderful pics you took on the LOs I create :)


ß°þþìë said...

well last night I actually made a LO with cs3(it was my first time opening the program to do digi scrappig) from your tut and man it's fast compared to PSPX. The instructions were easy to follow and I actually taught myself a few things. I loved the first lesson and can't wait to get the next one.. I'm acutally wishing time away.( Bad girl!) Thank you for doing the course

Heather said...

I love her braids and her headband in that picture. She just looks so pretty!

I bet it is just a growth spurt. Remember how tired we would get when we were younger?

I'm glad you had people who were responsive to you at her high school and everything was resolved!

pokettiger said...

Stunning photo of your daughter. Your journaling is beautiful and so touching.

Bobbi said...

Beautiful layout and wonderful photo of Belle! So nice to see her pretty blue eyes in this one. Hope she's OK.

Anonymous said...

Your belle is the most beautiful creature. You are so blessed

Bobs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobs said...

I love Belle's hair like that - she looks so grown-up!

Well done with getting a Crimbo card made! I haven't started yet, being, as I am, in denial that Christmas is so close. Yikes!

CarolineO said...

Kirsty, I see you're looking for Coco's email, it might be a small while before she's online as she's just had a baby girl...all of 12 1/2 pounds!

TraceyT said...

kisty just about finished lesson one - fab instructions, I'm already thinking of all the freebies you posted yonks ago ... i will (by the end of the course) know what to do with them all (thank you to crystal too x)

Sugar & Spice said...

WOW! How gorgeous is your photo of Ellie eating chips!

Gabi Butcher said...

This picture of Belle is GORGEOUS! She is lovely in red.

MiKiko said...

I LOVE her picture and also the LO, all is so great together.!

Marlou said...

Hi Kirsty, what a beautiful layout of Belle , she is beautiful!!!! and how cool eatin chips and drinkin coffee :)
And by the way those cards are stunning!!!! you know me love my card makin!! hugzz to you and Belle!! xx

Victoria Wilbeck said...

Kirsty - I know how you like the three wisemen. Raspberry Rd ( has a free kit called Away in a Manger. One of the papers has the three wisemen. I thought you might like to grab it.

God Bless!

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