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11 Oct 2007

At long flamin last!

Can you believe what this lil lady is doing?








Im just besides myself. Actual and real and much needed and long awaited physio.

We moved here 4 years ago and NOW... JUST now she is getting it. HOORAY for physio and hurrah for Belle learning to use the RIGHT muscles to get up the stairs. This picture is so new to us (Mum, can you see her doing it... can you?)

Belle generally goes up on all fours and down on her bottom. Or if I push her, right leg dominant going up and left leg dominant going down (two hands on the banister).

Its not really safe for belle to go up the way you or I do it because her muscles and bones are just not "right". Forcing her to walk up the stairs like you or I would only compounds the problem. But waiting 4 years to suss out her weakest muscles is a tad too long isn't it?

No matter, here we are, in physio.

The trampette is not like Belles trampette. This one is firm with no "give". Its how its supposed to be - belle was not impressed! To make a bounce, it would mean her using new muscle groups.... she isn't ready for this yet!

And for the blog police - I ask belle if I can publish these photo's. Remember, this blog is for MD sufferers too.

This is a picture of her in the lift on the way out of physio........ pmsl!

So anyway, after 20 minutes hard grilling Belle falls asleep in the car on the way home and has a snooze for half an hour when she gets back. It really knackered her, little lamb. She woke this morning with a little aching feeling, the lil thing had used some new muscle groups. Im liking this - new muscle groups!!!! HOORAY!

So Belle has a new programme at the physio for the next few weeks to work on her balance (which is screwed) and then she starts rebound and hydro therapy at the same unit. Lets skip all the way to happyland, shall we? Im hoping her aches disappear for Saturday as she is a bridesmaid at my brothers wedding. Good times coming for us, so excited.

Anway, I prommed to show you the layouts I did for Scrap Camp. This one below was using the one and only BG Mellow range. Technique was to use as many as possible on one page - techniques that is!. Ripped, rolled, paint, inked, sewed, acetate, decoupage, mounting, ribbons, buttons and die cuts. I kept it pretty simple to appeal to all styles, I really like it. Duh, I would say that!

And this wee book here using Scenic Route Sumner range. Its made with paper bags as pages interleaved with Kraft cardstock and hand made tabs across the top. Its such a cutie book and dead simple to make.

And that my freinds is it.

Im off wedding attire shopping in the morrow with a new hair cut, spray tan and lash extensions (or perhaps not, Im photographing the wedding and they will only get stuck in te viewfinder). Anyhoo, shopping is shopping and one needs her beauty sleep to prepare for it.


Kerry said...

Glad she is finally getting what she deserves. I just wish the NHS wouldn't take so long about things. We have been on the OT waiting list for 11 months now with no promise of an appointment for a long while yet. You would think kids would get priority. After all they are just starting out in life.

Love the Mellow papers. I got some yesterday and the little people are just so cute.

scrappa jack said...

Glad to see things are now moving for Ellie. Including new muscle groups. I am sure you will update us as to her progress.
Hope you have a great time at your brothers wedding.

Suzie said...

Silent blog stalker here, but I just wanted to say I'm so pleased that your lovely Belle is getting the help she needs ... finally!! Long may it last, and I'm sure you will see no end of improvement in her ability!! (Love the face in the mirror pic - LOL!!)

Caroline B said...

Awesome stuff!!! Glad good things are finally happenin for you & Belle. *jumps up & down & does happy dance*
and gorgeous pics & layouts as always *hugs*

Kiki said...

Im very excited for Belle's Physio !! Well done little lady!!!
Good luck attire shopping :o) Gorgeous LO & book too. x

Charlotte said...

That is MAJOR! Love your little girl's determination, wish her all the success in the world with it xxx and have a fab time on Saturday! (*sobs that your gorgo bro is officially out of bounds*)

Melberry said...

Congratulations and best wishes on your little sprite's progress!! What a banner day. Thanks for sharing that good news, and the photos. She's such a cutie, and it takes a lot of courage to persevere. Bravos to you all. Melanie

Heather said...

Hurrah - glad Belle had a positive physio experience.

And your bro's wedding has come around already?? Looking forward to seeing some photos.

Brook said...

I love the SB LOs, but what I am really excited about is the therapy! If she was feeling it the next morning....that is awesome! She is using new muscles. I love it!

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

HIPPIP HOORAY !! HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !!HIPPIP HOORAY !! FOR ELLIE- the only thing is ... now that i see Ellie getting in to shape, there goes my excuse - well done!! Please tell her that I think that she is a very insperational young woman!! The world could do with a lot more Ellies!!!! (plus her mom aint so bad either ;o)

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