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15 Oct 2007

As promised...

Now that my loving brother and his equally delightful wife have viewed the entire gallery, I can now share some of my personal favourites from saturdays wedding.
What has made me such a proud sister (if not proud photographer) is the response to these photos from them both. So much so that had Belle, myself, Leigh and Kerry were in immense tears of joy this afternoon.
I set their gallery to their "first dance" music (DJ Sammy's cover of Bryan Adams Heaven). The tears rolled once more and will do again and again as I have made their photo album into a DVD too (LOVE my Mac iDVD for that).
I have posted these pictures for all the couples who have booked their weddings with me next year and for our respective families to take a peek of a small number of snaps from the entire shoot. I hope they love them as much as I do.
For wedding bookings for portrait shoots, please visit my website at

A shower of the papery stuff......The top table.....My Momma and Poppa........ love these two yummy beings.The clan of Mccune - and I believe they were TRADITIONALLY dressed under those kilts, wink wink!The ushers and fathers..........
I also happen to have this as a joint favoutite.......
I LOVE THIS ONE - my brothers face is a picture...... (literally!)
In the grounds at their Venue at Tall Trees, in Yarm......
My little cherub - not an official photo but one of my favourites.......
Oh maybe this is another absolute favourite... help!
Ok, little bit arty now....... love that they chose white gold for their rings
Candid shot of my bro - in anticipation of his nuptials!My yummy hubby
The shoes......

And last but not least.... my bro and I at the evening reception.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous Wedding glad it turned out Fairytale- picture-book-perfect for all of you! I'll be back for more.
Erin : )

Hazel said...

Fabulous photos - thanks for sharing. Gorgeous wedding.

Jen said...

Oh Kirst darling they are wonderful! And your little Belle is a picture :) And I was SO excited to see the physio pics. It's a new beginning, isn't it?? xxxx

Brook said...

Everything is gorgeous! You are so awesomely talented. I so wish you were in Texas! I love the cherub BTW! I bet she felt like a princess!

Clare said...

Awwwwww kirsty they are fabbo pictures and how beautiful are the Happy Couple???

Hullabaloo said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos Kirsty and looks like a fab day was had by all! Love the picture of Belle -so happy (and eyes open as you always point out!) Am a tad disappointed in the last photo of you - you promised Zandra Rhodes, feathers and the 80's from your outfit!! It looks LOVELY and not at all what I remember of the 80's colour schemes!! (or maybe that was just ME in the 80's!!?)

Anilu Magloire said...

Amazing pictures, Kristi!! You are one great photographer :)
And those guys in kilts.... Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos-only wish you were in the US because I'd hire you in an instant.

Carol said...

Do you know something Kirsty :), i can't even think of a word phenomenal enough to describe the photographs you take. sigh..............

Jo said...

Gorgeous photos Kirsty - thanks for sharing. Can't wait til May for you to do ours!

Anonymous said...

A fantastic selection of wedding photos Kirsty, I didn't want them to end, they are so fantastic :o)

Anonymous said...

I wish my photos looked half as beautful as these. If you werea round 10 years ago, I would have paid the earth for you to come and shoot my wedding. Sniff.

Bex said...

Youve been tagged hunny x

Monica said...

WOW wow wow!! You re sooo so blooming good with your photos woman you make me positively sick!!! I love every single one of them, and they are such a handsome couple, Mark and Belle looked fab but I have to say I was dissapointed by the lack of the 80 s colour cocktail you ve promised for your outfit, altho you did say that piccie is from the evenong reception so I m hoping for more photos tmrrw. ((HUGS))

Charli said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kirsty. Super super talented - and you're in the North West - even better lol! Well done you - I would love to be taking photos as good... one day...

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you Kirsty.You are such a wonderful daughter and the photographs are just phenominal. Eat your heart out David Bailey - here's one to steal your crown.
Love you always
Mam x x x

Barb said...

Beautiful! Love the shot of the shoes.

Caroline said...

those pics are SO beautiful!

Davinie said...

You rocked the wedding photos! Love the photo of the shoes, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kir,
What more can I add, you did us all proud. Photography has come a long way since the little 'box brownie' some of the top snappers must be quaking in their boots when they see your name.
lots of love
dad xx

Marlou said...

well what fantastic photos Kirsty!!! excellent altogether, and little Belle is beautiful!! as is the bride and groom!!!! hope you are well and Belle too, hugzzzzz

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