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1 Oct 2007

Actual Shopping

Cannot remember the last time I actually went and shopped and used my cash and touched stuff and admired it all. That was on Saturday of course but still, Belle and I got to do the girl stuff with style. I found these dinky resin coasters for 80p (for 4) which will make fabulous mini book covers. Ive used my crop-a-dile through them and yahooooooo... treats! The wooden letters were a steal at £1.50 per piece.
I saw these little wooden thingymabobs and knew they would be perfect for cards and the odd colourful layout - I loves wooden things like this. they feel nice and smell gorgeous.

And I got this lamp in readiness for our house renovations next spring. I want our lounge in very darks browns and jades (think Ro'z bedroom wall paper inspired us on those colours) and the wall paper I have spied is a whopping £56m a roll. Me thinks one wall will be covered at that price. Infact, I might just take a sample and frame it and leave the rest of the walls painted choclate (so I can lick them). This lamp only cost £12, I think I might go and buy it a sister for elsewhere in the house, it leaves pretty flowery patterns on our hideous artexed walls.

I also saw this little boat. The conversion is almost complete and Im so delighted with the ways its turning out. Even Mark gave me a little smile on its progress. men are such imps when it comes to compliments, I swallow them up whenever I can - they are RARE! If its not green, camouflaged, grutning like a heavy drilled sqauddie - then he aint bothered. Its hard to imagine how Mark survies with two flowery fluff girlies in the house. Perhaps its my attempt to tap into that feminine side that men hide in their left kidneys.

Today saw me go back to the gym AGAIN for a Christmas countdown. Ive been going to the gym sporadically over the last two weeks but I decided to give it a "proper go" because I have gotten quite weighty with my chest illness and fatigue. The dangling carrot is Marks last Christmas ball at his Mess function in December and I'm not normally the gushing wife at these sorts of things but of course will support him on his last one (he retires from 22 years in the Army in April and by retirement I dont mean 60 yeas old! Most guys in the Army retire at the age of 40... thank you!!). I do rather fancy a pretty little Monsoon number and at the moment, it looks like Id only get into a marquee. Must press on with the gym and beat myself up a little (ok, a lot!). I came home tonight looking like ribena berry. Honest to god, there were a ton of skinny girls there not even breaking out in a sweat, chewing gum and looking about them to see who was looking at them (mainly the male species). And there was I, puse, soaked to the grey flannel tshirt with delightful matching sweat patches, hair stuck to my face and clinging on for dear life. I will be one of those skinny girls one day, I know it! I feel like I have lost 23 stone but know its only like 2 oz (probably hair loss, from fright of catching sight of my rear end in the mirror).

So did you catch "The Riches" tonight?

I saw an ad for it the other week and I said to Mark "Hey, he looks like Eddy Izzard" and duh - it was. Eddy Izzard just does not DO an American accent. And I just can't take him serious in a serious role. My sister introduced me to the world of Eddy Izzard in his comedic roles years ago and I have to say Im scared of this new Eddie. I'll give him a chance, poor thing. With that I have to say that Minnie Driver plays a fabbo part, can't wait to see how this pans out. They are lovable rogues, if you can say it like that - its doing the rounds in the US so maybe some of my american freinds can tell me how its going. So Monday nights are reserved for TV, that with Thursday and Greys Anatomy....why, I'm almost a couch potato!

Tomorrow see's us at the biggest and bestest part of Ellies exploratory investigation with regards her disabilities....... ever, ever in her life - EVER!. I am quiet excited actually but Belle is a little apprehensive as she has to have electrodes attached to her feet and legs (whilst in a little swimsuit - hope its warm!). She gets to walk across a special carpet and in a room surrounded by computer equipment that will pick up every milimetre of how she walks, transfers it to a computer which will then determine her past, present and future of her abilities. Sounds so very hi tech and I guess it is. This day will surely go down in history and I am going to make sure she gets all the love and support she needs to get through this with a glimmer of hope and a lot of smiles. I just sometimes wish belle could appreciate how important this is for her and although it doesnt really matter (to her its another "poke about" and feeling quite used) It might just help her frame her little self and be more interested. What goes through that little girls mind is beyond reasoning and I must allow her to have her thoughts for her own memories. But as you can appreciate that as a Momma, you wish you had insight. Whats a momma to do, ey?


Brook said...

OK- the finds are marvy! I feel your pain on the guy front, I am the only girl. I love Eddie and the Riches. I love him a lot more than really is a terrible concept, but somehow he is loveable enough to pull it off. Sad thing is there really are groups of people like he and his family. Children never really understand how important things are to their future.

Kerry said...

Good luck to your little one. Hope you get some answers today.

Gorgeous buys.

Have you seen the film Eddie Izzard was in with Uma Thurman a year or so ago (something about a female superhero). I didn't even recognise him. He really pulls off the more serious role.

Kate said...

Good luck, wish you everything you wish for yourself (and Belle!)

CoCo said...

Best of luck Belle.....

Jackie said...

Fab LO as usual Kirsty. Please tell where did you get those scrummy coasters and wooden shapes. I so want some.........

Gail said...

Really nice bits of stash..the boat is so sweet! Good luck with Belle's tests. The layout is perfect.

Chris said...

Oooooh fabby goodies Kirsty... lovely eye candy:)
Huge thank you too for my Popadoodledoo action pack... I am sooooo excited with it. I have 'popped' some pics on my blog if you wanna check them out... can't wait to play with it properly :0 it's amazing :)

Victoria Wilbeck said...

I read your blog all the time and I must say you are a hoot (over here in Texas that's a good thing)! I wish you were my next door neighbor because I would love to hang out with you. And your precious pea, Ellie, oh how I wish her nothing but blessings. I am looking forward to hearing good news about her most recent test. Your such a good momma to stay on top of everything and to fight for what she deserves. Keep up the good work and I'll keep up the praying!!!

Marieke Vermeulen said...

Good luck! did some great shopping. And your layout is great! You used such beautiful colors!


Anna said...

good luck tomorrow Ellie!

Hullabaloo said...

Hi Kirsty -
Hope Belle got on well today (at least she got a lovely warm day for pottering in her swimsuit!) Hope this leads to some answers for you all.
On a totally different note.... Spill the beans - where have you been shopping? Those coasters would be good for a Minnie Mouse layout!

Anam_Kihaku said...

hello girlie - just so you know one of your photographs have been credited in print as part of one of my layouts in Somerset Memories magazines this month - details on my blog for anyone whos interested.

I don't know if you will put this on your blog or not but i thought i'd tell you myself.

btw: they have had the layout 18 months and you already gave me at the time the publishing permission for all those photographs you took.

Ruth said...

I'm still here!!! Just having too many things to do and not enough time to do them all in. Maybe I should cut out working and then I'd have PLENTY of time to catch up with HS-MS and YOU. Drop me a note later if you get a chance to tell me how Ella Bella did today. I'm thinking of you!!!

Kay said...

Greetings from sunny FL from an exiled Scot who can't even remember how she found your blog, but reads it lots! Sending tons of good wishes and positive thoughts Belle's (and yours) way for tomorrow.

I watched "The Riches" for a little while when it was on here, but didn't love it. Like you, I thought it was too hard to get used to Eddie's accent and too weird for him to be so serious. 'Course, I thought that about Hugh Laurie in House too, to begin with. Kept waiting for him to say something funny, but I'm kind of over that now. House is on tonight here.... and I'll be watching :)


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