Ladies Camera Club

25 Sep 2007

She is here (well 75% of her is)

Its lots and lots of fun creating your own website.
You can do what the hell you like with them, add things, twist things, take away things.
You can make them your OWN.
And I have achieved it and I'm so pleased with the results.
I have had 3 sets of eyes scanning for my famous typos and there are 3 thus far.
Lol - typical.
I haven't got all my artwork on there but the purpose of launching it half stocked was so that customers can instantly buy my photo editing class downloads directly from the site after purchase. Before that, customers were having to email me and wait 24 hours for an email. Grrrr - how horrible that must have been. But now its all going to be instantaroony. The Digi Classes can be bought instantly but wont start until 21st October. However, after the first 6 weeks is up, the second release can be bought all in one! This website also houses my photography, the original Kaptured by Kirsty will be pointed here in about 5 days!
The shop will be fully stocked at the end of Sept (awaiting artwork from my DT ..... three very exciting producers of the finest card artistry in this country- ssssshhhhhhhh!) and I have Traci working on a video tutorial using my Windy Woodland Walk range of papers for both Cardmakers and Digi scrappers alike. This is all new and exciting.

Oh - where are my manners - she is HERE

Anyway, I also had a brilliantly bizarre email out of the blue yest. It was from some bird who wanted to know where I live. Yeah - ok, I give my address to everyone! It transpires that I am required for a large campaign based here at The plan is to photograph people at home doing everyday things covering everyday topics. Jeez, why me? Apparently they heard about my blog and wanted to photograph me blogging (RANDOM!) for a book about everyday life. There are 50 top notch photogs (not me - I wish I was top notch) going around the UK taking as many pictures as they can in a week for the book and Im very lucky to be having my picture taken by this AMAZING lifestyle photographer HERE. I BEG YOU to go and see his work. Ok, excuse one of the topics but this guy works on commission and even though one of the topics he covers is a taboo and a slightly *racy* subject, its done very tastefully. And nope, I won't be contributing to nakedness!!! Imagine the horror! Im completely hyped up about this opportunity to have my photo taken by such an artist for a fantastic campaign. **Insert a squeal of delight here** Happy, happy, happy.

And what made me specially happy tonight was that I ordered some stash (mainly hambly but I recommend the bam pop stamps) from Angel Crafts and knew for a fact that it was packed before midnight and will be in its way tomorrow. How flamin quick was that?


Brook said...

Wow! That is jsut so awesome for you!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo girl this looks soooooooooo darn good!


Kerry said...

You made me chuckle. I can just imagine you sat behind your laptop WI Calender Girls style.

Heather said...

Ooh - pretty colours on the home page of your new website!

(And you probably already realise but the link to the swing-photo-takin' photographer has a gratuitous "e" in it - Louis, rather than Louise...)

CoCo said...

Yay - congrats on the's looking fabbo. Also lovin the tune on the gallery on KbyK site - we had it on our wedding video - 'Love Actually' I believe...thanks for starting off my day gushing! It's gonna be a good one. Can't wait till it's all up and running. Well done!

Christi Snow said...

I am so excited for you, Kirsty! The design of the site is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what all you have in store... smiles!

Kae said...

Oooohhhh exciting :D :D ... and possibly lethal for my bank balance lol.


suziqintx said...

checked out the new site, looks great can't wait till you fill it up LOL!

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