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9 Sep 2007

Random Weekend.... loooooooooooooooong post

Blimey - so many things have happened the WE.

Lots of inane, random, boring, fun, lazy and busy moments that make a weekend a totally Wiseman weekend.

On Friday I forgot to post this picture of Belle giving me some real attitude (for fun). In one week at High school Ellie has learned how to ask me my name in French, that Beth is her best friend, she is the Queen of break time dominoes, she loves the pasta bar at the cafeteria and that this means "Wicked" - Bwahahahahahaha.

I asked if she would let me take her photo doing it and she kind of fitted out until I reminded her that sometimes I need to see pics of her like this to cheer me up.

She is hilarious.

Saturday saw Ellie taking driving lessons in a motorised chair. Although the practice one is not essentially hers, she got to grips with using the joystick (which ,really, aint far from using a darn computer hand held thingies for the playstation/). That girl is going to need a speed limit putting on her wizziness. Ellies bespoke chair arrives in 5 weeks which is far better than her "borrowed one". She got to choose the colours and model. I believe this has cost the NHS a great deal of money. I feel its a shame that the Disable Living Allowance Tribunal couldn't liaise with the NHS to find out that Belle is indeed disabled... I think a motorised chair warrants that. Grrrrrr. Nonetheless, we are all in fair spirits this weekend and will gladly put last weekend events way to bed.

Belle had a duvet day today which means pidgies all day. We found her asleep on the sofa (holding her spectacles) after Mark and I had gutted the kitchen and utility roomto de-clutter some total and utter crap that we have accumulated over the years. I think 4 black bags full of junk is making its way to a skip on Marks way home to Base tonight and its funny how relieved I am that we have made some space. I cant bear untidiness and clutter - it chokes me. So if you are feeling somewhat claustrophobic at home this week - I recommend a good declutter as it makes you feel bloody marvellous.

Thought Id share some layouts I did for Scrap Studio last month using Scenic Route papers. It was also the kits where I maded these babies.... I somehow manage to make so much stuff with their kits because everything is so thoughtfully put together. I feel very lucky that mandy asked me to be a part of her team. Try her kit club for one month and I swear you will NOT be disappointed.

Mmmmm, - lil bit wonky...bad photography that day!

Rigmarole is one of my fave words... glad I could use it here to describe belle as she goes about buying the freshest,most softest bread. Remember everyone, buy warburtons bread with 4 days left on the lable...its the law!

This bit of new is one of my most favvo's tonight. For the next 4 months, including this month you can receive free papers which Crafts Beautiful asked me to design for their readers. I was hysterical (happy hysterical) when they asked me if I would do this for them. I also made a number of projects with them too. I cant begin to tell you what its like to work for a magazine I have been reading for YEARS. With the largest craft readership in the UK, I must admit I felt a little scared about getting it right. I based my colours around Autumn, in time for halloween. You can download the papers from here if you want some, but they are optimised for A5 sized paper and not 12x12 digi. They are also CMYK and not RGB.

The Zyuz it up tutorials went out tonight. I have to say that the response was phenomenal and went way beyond my expectation. If you didnt get yours, please check your paypal addresses as some of you didnt put which programme you are running. It is more than likely that if I sent both PDF's they wouldnt have hit your inbox as both of them together are HUMONGOUS in size.

And finally do check this out if you are dying to try Digi scrapping - this one is for those in fear of taking the first step... let me take you by the hand HERE


Adrienne said...

Very cute LO's! TFS!

Christi Snow said...

Kirsty...all those layouts are gorgeous, hon! LOVE your use of circles on them!!! smiles...

ScrapFairy said...

Congrats on the magazine. Wow you really did have a long w/e. I can't believe your daughter,it took me 3 months to learn french in

Ady said...

Great layouts. They are all beautiful. found you on SIStv. Have a great day.

Brook said...

I love the last two LO of your little gal! Gorgeous!

Jenny said...

oohh Kirsty what fantastic news designing papers for CB! I'm totally with you having read the magazine for many years too, congratulations!

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